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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 184 is the one hundred eighty-fourth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“Chaos Angel”: The thrilling conclusion to "Enerjak: Reborn!" The world has been ravaged by Enerjak, and now it's up to Super Sonic to stop his onslaught! But when even Super Sonic isn't enough, who will make the ultimate sacrifice to stop Enerjak and save Knuckles? The exciting answer lies within! "Anything": Witness Lien-Da at her most desperate, making a dark deal to regain her power! But... will there be a dastardly catch?

Featured stories

Chaos Angel

An explosion erupts from inside the Chaos Chamber, seen from New Mobotropolis to Albion. Super Sonic and Enerjak then fly from the chamber with Super Sonic taunting Enerjak. Enerjak gets fed up, and tries to blast Super Sonic with an energy beam, but it has no effect on him due to his invulnerability.

Meanwhile, Julie-Su and Locke are watching the battle from Angel Island's surface, the former in shock that Sonic the Hedgehog survived a very powerful attack, the latter still bent out of shape over his ruined plan. Julie-Su immediately tells him he had many chances to destroy the son he hated, which shocks Locke. Just as he is about to say his piece, Archimedes tells him that they were just as guilty for Knuckles' state, if not more. Julie-Su and Archimedes then proceed to the newly created Shrine Isle, leaving a stunned Locke behind. On another part of the island, the Destructix are watching the two opponents trading blows. Sleuth immediately tells the other members they are done on the island since Dr. Finitevus only paid them to keep watch over the Anti-Enerjak Weapon that Sonic destroyed, and commands the Destructix to fall back. As the members leave through Sleuth's Warp Ring, Fiona asks Scourge if he is coming, which he replies that he has a better idea. He states that he is been wondering who he is now and what he can do since his brief discussion with Sonic in the forest. He then takes out his Warp Ring (which was supercharged with energy from the Master Emerald) and activates it, stating he knows where to find those answers, and goes through it with Fiona in tow.

In the air, Super Sonic and Enerjak are still battling over the island, with the former still trying to get through to the latter. Enerjak then attempts to finish Super Sonic by teleporting him underground, but Super Sonic then emerges, Spin Dashing him. Enerjak then fruitlessly uses Thunder Arrow, but it proves to be ineffective, and they then physically attack each other. Super Sonic then realizes that his positive aura has had little effect on the dark magic Knuckles is under.

Meanwhile, on Angel Island's surface, Julie-Su and Archimedes confront Finitevus, the former demanding that he return Knuckles to normal. Finitevus then states he cannot even if he wanted to, explaining that he "locked" his hex and that only a life sacrifice can break it. As Julie-Su approaches the Master Emerald, Archimedes stops her, saying he will do it. Locke then appears, saying that Knuckles will still need of Archimedes' consul, and that he wanted to be the one to save his son. Finitevus then intervenes by attacking the trio. After a brief battle, Archimedes teleports Finitevus away, giving Locke time to perform the ritual. Before he does, he tells Julie-Su the reason for the Brotherhood's methods. He then gets on the Master Emerald and performs the ritual to break the hex, sacrificing his life in the process. With the hex gone, Super Sonic is able to pull of his plan and purge Enerjak's spirit from Knuckles. Sonic then lowers Knuckles on the island, where he is told by a tearful Julie-Su of his father's fate as an enraged Finitevus reappears, only for him to be attacked and knocked onto the edge of the island by a vengeful Knuckles, who demands he get back up. Instead, Finitevus lets himself drop and escapes in one of his Warp Rings. Julie-Su then tells Knuckles they need to return to New Mobotropolis, but Knuckles refused, stating that he is the last Guardian of Angel Island, and that he will protect the Master Emerald alone if he has to.


Lien-Da has approached Dr Robotnik for help. Ever since, Enerjak has used his magic to remove the Dark Legion's cybernetics and made them normal. Lien-Da asks for Dr Robotnik to give them back the cybernetics and in exchange will become Dr Robotnik's new ground forces. Dr Robotnik appoints them as his new Dark Egg Legion. Lien-Da is glad that she's finally the grandmaster of the Dark Legion, but Dr Robotnik gives it to Dimitri.


  • On the initial main cover for the issue, Super Sonic's eyes are colored green.


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