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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 183 is the one hundred eighty-third issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Desperate Times": Sonic and Julie-Su have been abducted by Knuckles' father, Locke, who wants them to find the one weapon that will destroy Enerjak. But why don't our heroes want to use it? And can they even get a shot in edgewise as Enerjak and Dr. Eggman's army square off? It's a clash of the villainous titans that's sure to rock Sonic's world! "Ashes and Dust": This is it, the answers you've been waiting for! Learn the dark secrets behind Enerjak, Angel Island, the Guardians, the Dark Legion... and more!

Featured stories

Desperate Times

Locke and Julie-Su are arguing over the Knuckles/Enerjak situation, with Locke stating that they should destroy Enerjak by using a weapon made by the Brotherhood of Guardians, but Julie counters that Knuckles is obviously not in control of himself and that they should be helping him, and turns to Sonic. Sonic takes Locke's side, saying he wants to take a look at the weapon (much to Julie-Su's anger). Locke then uses his Warp Ring to get them as close to the ruins of the Grand Conservatory as possible, only to be greeted by Dr. Finitevus's henchmen: Scourge the Hedgehog, Fiona Fox, and the Destructix.

Meanwhile, in New Megaopolis, Dr. Eggman is overseeing Enerjak's power being depleted by the Egg Grape Chambers when Snively enters the room, informing him of a stowaway from New Mobotropolis he found. Dimitri introduces himself and offers his services to help de-power Enerjak before it's too late. Eggman says he has everything under control. Suddenly, a huge energy surge is detected in Enerjak's Egg Grape. Dimitri exclaims Enerjak has awakened. Enerjak unleashes a huge energy blast that destroys the entire Egg Grape chamber and a section of New Megaopolis. Eggman orders Snively to prep his Egg Mobile and to send in the Egg Fleet.

Back on Angel Island, Sonic, Locke, and Julie-Su are fighting a losing battle against Scourge, Fiona and the Destructix. Su asks Locke to use his Chaos Powers to fight them off, but Locke can't because Dr. Finitevus blocked his connection to the Master Emerald and he can't draw energy from the Chaos Force like Knuckles. Help soon arrives in the form of Knuckles's and Locke's old mentor, Archimedes, who breathes out a wall of fire between the heroes and Finitevus's henchmen, allowing the trio to get into the safety of the Grand Conservatory. When they arrive inside, Archimedes tells Locke the weapon is safe, but they are as much to blame for Knuckles's transformation as Dr. Finitevus and they shouldn't use it. While they were talking, Sonic grabbed the weapon just as the Destructix arrive. To everyone's surprise, Sonic destroys the weapon and says that was his plan from the beginning. Without any reason to stay, the Destructix retreated along with a grumbling Scourge who had suggested smashing the weapon earlier. Locke then grabs Sonic and yells at him for the weapon's destruction, only for Sonic to retort that he has his own plan. Sonic rushes out of the Grand Conservatory and to the Chaos Chamber.

Enerjak looking over the ruins of New Megaopolis.

During all of this, Enerjak was busy destroying New Megaopolis and all of its forces with relative ease. Snively tells Eggman 90% of their ground forces have been lost and most out the outer city is destroyed. Eggman reassures him the Egg Fleet will destroy Enerjak. The Egg Fleet launches a horde of missiles at the demigod. Enerjak commands the missiles to stop and "return". Eggman watches in shock as his entire fleet is destroyed, only to look away when Dimitri tells them to head to his bunker. Enerjak looks upon the destruction satisfied, as he was planing on punishing Eggman anyway.

Enerjak then teleports to the Master Emerald Chamber to regain the energy he'd lost because of the Egg Grapes. Just as Finitevus begins the chant that will grant Enerjak's power, Sonic comes out of nowhere to spin-dash into Finitevus and jump on top of the Master Emerald. Sonic tells him he will neutralize Knuckles just like he did with Perfect Chaos. Dr. Finitevus realizes the hex placed on the Master Emerald may corrupt Sonic like Knuckles and lets Sonic transform into Super Sonic. However, the hex for some reason didn't have any affect on Super Sonic, as he tells Knuckles he's gonna beat the evil out of him.

Ashes and Dust

Hours before Sonic initiated his super transformation, Dr. Finitevus caught Scourge transferring energy from the Master Emerald into a Warp Ring, which the hedgehog revealed was an escape plan for him in case the doctor's Enerjak plan went south, not that he understood it or knew the doctor's motivations behind it. Upon hearing this, Finiteuvs explained to Scourge the coming of the White Comet and its outcome, how Edmund and Dimitri attempted to bring Angel Island back to Mobius which led to the creating of the first Enerjak, and the history of the Brotherhood of Guardians and the Dark Legion's war with each other for centuries. He then explained how he experimented on the Brotherhood before tossing them in the Twilight Zone and how he restored Remington back to health to use as Enerjak before deciding to use Knuckles. Scourge then asked why he'd bother to bring back Enerjak at all, and Finitevus said it all started with Enerjak and it shall end with Enerjak. He would finish the warring family and all of cleanse the world with emerald fire.


Snively: S-Sir, we're reading a sudden surge in energy!
Doctor Eggman: Are you doubting the ability of my Egg Grapes, Snively?
Dimitri: Sweet merciful aurora! He's Awake!


Concept artwork

Preview pages



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