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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 182 is the one hundred eighty-second issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Fallen Angel": New Mobotropolis is rocked by the rampaging Enerjak, and even the combined might of Sonic and Shadow may not be enough to withstand his attack! Will this latest onslaught cause Shadow to go too far, and how will the odds change when Eggman throws down into the battle? "Albion's Shameful Secret": The tragic origin of the mysterious villain Dr. Finitevus is revealed... and it just could spell the doom of our hero!

Featured stories

Fallen Angel

Knuckles reveals himself to be Enerjak in front of the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix. He invites them to join his cause to reshape the world in his image, one free of technology and suffering. Sally tells Knuckles to stop his quest and reminds him his power destroyed the groups of Angel Island. Nicole says she knows he has had a bad history with technology, but she can bring great things. Julie-Su pleads to Knuckles to stop, reminding him the last time he was overcome with chaos power it caused pain and suffering. Disappointed, Knuckles puts his helmet back on and attempts to show the good his power can do by removing Julie-Su's cybernetic parts. Before he can do so, he is knocked down by Sonic.

Shadow unleashes a Chaos Blast on Enerjak.

Sonic gets Su away from Enerjak and asks Sally if she's seen Knuckles and if backup is on the way. Sally says yes, but before she can tell Sonic Knuckles has become Enerjak, he spin-dashes to the demigod. Just as Sonic begins the fight, Shadow teleports to New Mobotropolis and punches Enerjak in the face. Shadow states G.U.N. has sent him here to face Enerjak. Enerjak throws Shadow into the library and grabs Sonic. Sonic throws a few more insults at him before he is thrown into the library as well. Sensing Enerjak has great chaos powers, Shadow orders the area to be cleared and removes his Inhibitor Rings. Hiding behind a tree, Sally complains Shadow will destroy the city before Enerjak does. Nicole shuts down her physical form to protect the city, but states she does not have enough power to activate the city's shield.

Dr. Eggman watches the fight in New Megaopolis, memorized by the amount of power Enerjak has. He says Enerjak has more than enough power to start his next project. As Snively works on the new Egg Grapes, he complains Eggman should just wipe out the Freedom Fighters now. Eggman leaves to launch the Egg Fleet as Snively finishes the Egg Grape for Enerjak.

Enerjak nearly knocks Shadow out. Sonic suggests they work together to defeat Enerjak. Shadow refuses to back down and throws a Chaos Spear at Enerjak. Enerjak swats it away and launches a Thunder Arrow arrow at Shadow. Sonic spin's into Enerjak's head, showing him it is Knuckles. Shadow reminds the stupefied Sonic not to lose his resolve. Sally tells them they are not alone, and commands the Freedom Fighters, Chaotix, and all the citizens of New Mobotropolis to attack Enerjak. Knuckles closes his eyes and uses his powers to freeze everyone in place. Enerjak airs out his disappointment that his friends would turn on him, and he would of been gentle to them and the city had they accepted his offer. He explains Doctor Finitevus convinced him the world must be purged with fire. Sonic interrupts him, says he is not like this. He says Knuckles is a punch-first, ask questions later kind of guy and wouldn't reshape the world with chaos powers. Sonic concludes Dr. Finitevus must of messed with his brain. Enerjak says he can change this corrupt world and no one can stop him.

The Egg Fleet arrives and shots dozens of teleporting beams at Enerjak. Soon, he is overwhelmed by them and is teleported to the Egg Grapes. Eggman arrives in a hologram in New Mobotropolis and thanks the mobians for the distraction. Sonic says kidnapping Knuckles was not a part of the deal. Eggman replies he saved the city and in return he as a new battery to power his new project. Eggman leaves, promising he will destroy New Mobotropolis one day. Sonic asks Sally what their plan is to save Knuckles. Sally is not sure they should save him, as Enerjak can still destroy the planet. As Sally and Sonic argue, a Warp Ring appears and someone grabs Sonic and Julie-Su from the other side.

It turns out to be Locke, who needs their help. He knows how Dr. Finitevus has transformed Knuckles, and he even blocked him from using the Master Emerald to save his son. Since none of them can use the emerald, Locke tells them the Brotherhood of Guardians created something to counter Enerjak if he returned. Sonic tells Su with the "gizmo" Knuckles will be back to normal in no time. Locke tells them them the Brotherhood crafted a weapon, and they will help him destroy Enerjak.

Albion's Shameful Secret

In the ruins of Albion, a hologram of Gala-Na, former High Councilor of Albion and a member of its Executive Council is playing on a device held by someone. She states the city used to be a cradle of technology and science, but it is all lost now. It began when Knuckles lost control of the the Chaos powers that were engineered into him. A promising scientist named Dr. Finitevus created a Chaos Syphon suit to reduce Knuckle's power, but the energy was too much and mutated him. Although his transformation gave him enhanced physical and mental traits along with Chaos powers, Finitevus began to have thoughts of condemning the world and society. Some theorized Finitevus became Knuckle's "photonegative", but Gala-Na dismissed this. Soon, Finitevus used his powers to create dangerous inventions and the council decided to euthanize him. Unfortunately, the doctor escaped and the council could not find him. Dr. Finitevus would sabotage Albion's defenses and lead an invasion force from the Eggman Empire. The invasion force leveled the city and captured many of them within hours. Gala-Na then turns and says she has been discovered and pleads to whoever is watching to stop Finitevus before the world is reduced to cinders. Gala-Na says she's sorry, and the hologram cuts out.

It is revealed that Locke watched the hologram and it was given to him by Remington. He thanks Remington for showing it to him and asks if the refugees of Echidnaopolis and the Dark Legion will be alright. Remington says the two groups are starting to band together and they may build a new life for themselves. Locke tells Remington he is a good man and he will lead the Echidnas with success. Locke will take care of the rest.


Sonic: Actually... Jumping-jak. Ener-tube. Flap-jak. Ener-state. Ener-jak-in-the-box. And come to think of it..."Enerjak" sounds like some kind of sports drink. Now I'm finished. (gets thrown into a building)
Sonic: (to Shadow) All right, "Ultimate Light Show," we're all very impressed. Now, how about we work together on this guy?
Sonic: (as he knocks Enerjak's helmet off) Boom! Head shot!
Gala-Na: I have been discovered. Please, if you can, find and stop Dr. Finitevus. He will not stop until the world has been reduced to cinders. Save yourself from our mistake! I'm sorry.


Cover artwork


Interior inks


Preview pages



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