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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 180 is the one hundred eightieth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Preparations for War": Enerjak, the ultimate evil is reborn! His return may result in an unlikely alliance as Sonic and Eggman consider a truce... at least one long enough to prevent the destruction of the entire planet! PLUS: "Sonic Rush Adventure": Straight from the thrilling new Sonic video game of the same name, Sonic and Tails embark on an action-packed adventure and face a mysterious new threat!

Featured stories

Preparations for War!

On the outside perimeter of New Mobotropolis, Sonic is seen battling Dr. Eggman in his Egg Nautilus, the doctor intent on using his machine to inflict Nicole with a virus. Sonic comments on how Eggman is wasting his time, and should be fortifying his bunker, due to the return of Enerjak. Upon hearing this, Eggman ceases his attack, admitting that he only possesses an incomplete file on Enerjak.

Meanwhile, before the Council of Acorn, Nicole updates Sally Acorn that Sonic has successfully stalled Dr. Eggman, while King Elias allows Dimitri to explain the history of Enerjak. Dimitri summarizes his former experience as Enerjak, the loss of said power, his turning to the Dark Legion for cybernetic aid, and permitting Dr. Finitevus to disassemble him in hopes of restoring his former power. Sir Charles Hedgehog inquires as to who Enerjak is at the present, with Dimitri replying that he does not know, he only had time to seek aid after Finitevus betrayed him. Sally volunteers the Freedom Fighters to investigate Angel Island, but the Council denies the act, being at a disadvantage without the use of the city's nanites. Dimitri suggests sending the Chaotix, but the King dismisses the idea, stating that the Chaotix are entitled to the same protection as the entire city.

Through a nearby ventilation shaft, Charmy Bee is seen spying on the Council's meeting, updating the Chaotix on the situation. Julie-Su orders him to remain until Dimitri leaves, and expresses her concern to the team how Knuckles had left for Angel Island alone, possibly rendering him vulnerable to an assault by Enerjak. Discontent with remaining in the city, the Chaotix decide to set out for Angel Island alone.

Back outside of the city, Sonic finishes explaining all he knows about Enerjak. Eggman concedes that he cannot allow anything to threaten his empire, nor his "right to destroy" New Mobotropolis. The two decide to call a temporary truce until Enerjak is neutralized, with Sonic begrudgingly reminding the doctor to resist any backstabbing attempts this time, given the severity of the situation. Eggman proceeds to pilot his craft back to New Megaopolis, ordering Snively to modify the remaining Egg Grapes. A disgusted Sonic returns to the city, only to be informed by Nicole that there is trouble at the airfield. Gritting his teeth, the hedgehog races to the location, only to find the Chaotix brawling with the Royal Guards, Julie-Su demanding that they stand aside.

On Angel Island, Scourge the Hedgehog and Fiona Fox wander above Haven Two, calling for Dr. Finitevus. Despite the doctor insisting that he was not to be interrupted, he changes his mind when Scourge reminds him that he had been sent out to report any activity by other residents of the island. Scourge informs him of Kage Von Stryker's movement of the Dingo Army, theorizing that it may be for the purpose of wiping out the remaining echidnas which the Destructix have been protecting. Fiona follows up with an update on the Flame and Frost Legion, who are determined to stop Finitevus from enacting his current plan. Finitevus snarls, declaring that neither force could stand up to the power he is ready to unleash. The doctor enters the Warp Ring to return to his lair, leaving Scourge the decision to continue protecting the echidnas up to his own discretion.

Back at the airfield, Sonic evades attacks by the Chaotix, explaining that while he, too, is eager to act, they need a solid plan first, and requests that the Chaotix cease their fighting. Julie-Su retorts, angrily accusing both the Council of wanting to keep them trapped in the city, and Sonic, on his request for unity, despite having to obey the demands on Council. Sonic admits defeat, saying that much as he dislikes the idea, he refuses to continue fighting the rebellious team. Sally arrives immediately afterward, agreeing with Sonic, but also adamant in having the Chaotix remain in the city. Julie-Su grows defensive, figuring that the princess would rally the Freedom Fighters to stop them, but Sally explains that she has come to reach a compromise between both parties. She goes on to say that Enerjak will target the most important parts of Mobius, New Mobotropolis being one of them, and they are in need of as much backup as possible. Julie-Su argues that this won't aid them in finding Knuckles, with Sally reassuring her that Nicole has dispatched a probe to Angel Island. Julie-Su replies that a camera will not be of much help, to which Sally then reveals that she has been given permission by the council to send Sonic and Tails to the island. Julie-Su apologizes for her hasty actions, and Sally recommends that they meet up with the others, while Sonic orders Tails to prepare the Tornado.

On Angel Island, a sudden tremor begins emitting from beneath the surface, startling Scourge and Fiona. Suddenly, a blinding beam of energy crashes through the surface and penetrates the skies, before settling down and rendering the two awestruck at the sight of Enerjak standing before them.

High Stakes on the High Sea

Meanwhile, on another day and another adventure... A Sonic Rush Adventure adaptation follows Sonic and Tails as they have been caught in a storm and have crash landed in an unknown place. Marine the Raccoon appears and appoints Sonic and Tails as her new crew. Marine tells them that the place is Seagull Island and she is the captain of the crew. She tells the pair that a nasty group of pirates have appeared on the island and are looting while searching for treasure. Marine pulls out a Chaos Emerald, only to have it taken by an agile robot named Johnny. Sonic is pretty impressed with Johnny's speed, but goes along with 'captain' Marine off on their new adventure.


  • This is the first appearance of Enerjak since Knuckles the Echidna #9.
  • This issue's backstory features the comic tie-in for the Sonic Rush Adventure video game.
  • Marine reveals that she has obtained the Green Chaos Emerald. It is unknown how this happened, since she lives in an alternate reality, and all of the Chaos Emeralds were transported to the Special Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog #169. It is unknown if writer Ian Flynn will explain how she obtained the Chaos Emerald.
  • Sally's eyes on the fourth page are miscolored green.
  • Marine is portrayed in the adaption without an Australian accent. This is because it had yet to be finalized by Sega when the adaptation was written.[1] This is the only story to make this error, and all subsequent appearances of Marine include her Australian accent.
    • Another error that was also made as a result was that Seagull Island was actually supposed to be Seagull Beach that was located on Southern Island. This was confirmed to be true by Ian Flynn on his Ask Ian Q&A.[1]


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