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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 179 is the one hundred seventy-ninth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"House of Cards Part 2 of 2": It was civil war before - now it's personal! The long-lasting friendship between Sonic and Tails has reached its breaking point! Can Sonic do what's needed to end the hostilities? Meanwhile, Tails' parents make their move, but how far will they go? On the flip side, how far will young King Elias go to protect his kingdom? The world of Sonic and his friends will never be the same!

Featured stories

House of Cards Part Two: Royal Flush

Sonic and Tails are brawling in the detention center, much to the entertainment of the inmates. Sonic tells Tails he's making it hard to hold back, but Tails said Sonic has had this coming for a long time. Sonic is confused on what he actually did to make Tails so mad. Tails goes on how he wouldn't understand because he never listens to him. As he hold Sonic down, Tails tells him he just needs to pin him down so his family can "...finish what they started".


Elias and Amadeus face off.

Meanwhile, at Castle Acorn, Amadeus and Rosemary Prower are breaking in. Rosemary is still worried about Tails, but Amadeus assures her he will be fine. He says they should be more concerned on how easy they are getting into the castle. Amadeus is beginning to suspect this is an invitation for a confrontation. In the royal bedroom, King Elias is talking to his wife Megan and Nicole. He tells Megan to go into the nursery with Alexis while he confronts Amadeus. Elias then commands Nicole to keep his father asleep during the whole ordeal. The prowers enter the room, with Amadeus saying they're expecting them. Alexis admits when he herd they escaped they would come to to the castle to face him. The king proclaims his father died nearly three times while defending the kingdom and kids spent their entire childhoods defending the Acorn name. He will not belittle their efforts by giving up the throne. When asked by Rosemary if the mob yesterday meant anything to him, Elias answers giving up the kingdom to an angry mob makes no scene. General Prower and King Elias engage in a sword fight, both claiming they will defend their people.

Back in the detention center, the inmates start to take bets on who wins. Tired of hearing their banter, Sonic takes the fight outside. Tails pursues and tells Sonic he's doing what he always does: leaves him in the dust. Sonic reminds Tails he left him home on most of his missions for his safety. Tails replies he used to believe that, but he remembers how he teased him for staying behind and not believing the stories about his own adventures. After taking a punch, Sonic says he teases everyone and he does not mean to hurt everyone's feelings. Dodging a spindash, Tails ignores what he says and remind Sonic he let his dad rot in jail. Sonic tells him he was trying to oust the king and it wasn't even for a day. Sonic says he's skewing everything he's done to help him.

Overcome with emotion, Tails yells at Sonic "So you hooked up with Fiona to protect me?!". Sonic quickly realizes this is the real reason Tails is lashing out. Tails blindly throws punches while saying Sonic went out with Fiona even though he loved her. Tails tells him he thought he was his brother, but everything he cares about he takes away. Calmly, Sonic replies if that's what he thinks,"...then go to town on me.".

Elias and Amadeus are still fighting in the castle, when a wall suddenly rises from the floor, stopping their duel. Nicole comes in and tells Elias while she kept his parents asleep, he didn't say anything about his sister. Sally comes into the room, disappointed in the two. Nicole lowers the wall as Sally talks to them. Sally reminds his brother he never wanted to rule but is now, because of Max, defending it. Sally turns to General Prower and points out the people never asked for a bloody coup. She tells them she was the de-facto ruler for years and worked with the Knothole Council when they made big decisions. Sally says rule does not have to be one way or the other and asks the two if they are ready to talk.

Back outside the castle, Tails thinks Sonic is trying to trick him. Sonic says he's being honest. He admits Fiona meant the world to Tails, and the she was never interested in the young fox. Sonic hopped if he dated Fiona, he would move on. In retrospect, Sonic says this was selfish of him since he was still hurting from his breakup with Sal. He just went with it like everything else: he just does. Comforting Tails, he says hes been a jerk. Though he didn't mean it, it doesn't change the fact he was. Sonic apologies to Tails for hurting him. Tails asks if he means it, to which Sonic replies he's not the lying type and he doesn't want to keep getting punched. Tails admits Knuckles taught him a few things before he left. Sonic grabs Tails, give him a noogie, and asks for him to say something next time instead of angsting his feeling up. Tails laughs and Sonic lets him go. The two reconcile, though Tails wants to talk more. The two realize they need to make sure Amadeus and the King don't hurt each other and head to the castle.

Sonic and Tails barge into the royal bedroom and are surprised to find General Prower and King Elias having tea. Sally tells the duo they have come to an agreement. Amadeus says an elected council of six citizens with the king presiding as the seventh member will make up the Council of Acorn. Not long after, the royal family looks on from the castle as elections are being held. Maximillian Acorn leaves Elias and Alicia without saying a word, much to Elias' dismay. Alicia cheers him by saying he has taken a great burden with stride and he is the king; Max will accept his decisions in time.

Sonic, Tails, and Sally watch as people vote. Sally is surprised Amadeus didn't run for office. Tails explains he thinks he's the sword of the people, not the voice. As they ask why didn't they run themselves, a figure in the distance asks where he can find Knuckles. Sonic turns around and is disgusted by what he sees. The floating orb introduces himself as Dimitri, and he mind find Knuckles to tell him Enerjak has returned.


Bean: (after Sonic gets punched into the front of his cell) That was awesome! How do your glutes feel?
Sonic: Shut. Up. Bean.
Sonic: You're making it REAL hard for me to hold back, bud. I can understand wanting to help your family. But I'm NOT cool with you attacking me!
Tails: Tough! You've had this coming for a long time!
Tails: (to Sonic) I thought you were my friend! I thought you were my brother! But everything I care about, you take away from me!
Sonic (to Tails) I've been a jerk to you, man. I didn't mean it, but that doesn't change the fact I was. I am truly sorry I hurt you, little bro!



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