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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 174 is the one hundred seventy-fourth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Union": It's the biggest event in Knothole yet as two Freedom Fighters make the ultimate commitment! Which two long-time lovers will finally tie the knot? More importantly, will the secret Espio learns undo the happy matrimony? It's wedding bells and warning bells in the lead-in to the big issue #175 special event!

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Uncle Chuck and Sonic the Hedgehog, sporting a tuxedo, gets ready for the big wedding between Antoine D'Coolette and Bunnie Rabbot, as Sonic is the best man for the groom. Miles "Tails" Prower then comes in and Sonic goes along with him around Knothole Village.

The Chaotix comforting Antoine.

The two enter inside Antoine's house, where the Chaotix comfort a nervous Antoine. Sonic asks Knuckles where has Espio gone to, and Knuckles replies Espio is on a mission and that he should be back before the ceremony.

Meanwhile, at New Megaopolis, Espio scouts through Egg Pawns and Egg Flappers as he enters inside a robot factory.

Back in Knothole, Sonic wants to congratulate Bunnie, but Rosie insists on making Sonic go somewhere else, until she sends out Amy to distract Sonic. Inside, Bunnie finishes putting on her wedding dress as Sally Acorn and Rosie tell her she looks beautiful. Sally tells Bunnie she is marrying a good man, and Bunnie thanks Rosie for keeping her at Knothole during the First Robotnik War.

Back at New Megaopolis, Espio enters the robot factory, avoiding any hazards or robots. He then finds a a battle suit and questions its purpose.

Sonic and Sally remembering their previous "dates."

Back in Knothole, Sonic and Knuckles are waiting for Espio to arrive until they find Julie-Su. Knuckles comments on Julie-Su's dress, and she tells the two that she hates wearing dresses. Sonic then asks if Knuckles and Julie-Su are going to get married anytime soon, but Knuckles replies that they don't need a big ceremony like what Antoine and Bunnie are having. Sonic leaves them be and heads towards Castle Acorn to check up on the Royal Family. Sally comments on Sonic being late, but Sonic and Sally then tease each other via calling each other names. King Max and Alicia Acorn then remember when they were young and how they used to tease each other like that, but Sally denies being teased, while Sonic admits it. Elias Acorn comments on how Sonic is practically family to them, and how he almost was at one point, which causes an awkward moment for Sonic and Sally. Suddenly, the Prower family, Amadeus Prower and Rosemary Prower, enters the castle, greeting the Acorn family. Elias thanks Amadeus for hosting the honor guard for the wedding. Tails tells his father that only one person is missing...

The citizens of Knothole celebrate the wedding.

Espio is still in New Megaopolis; looking through the files of Eggman's upcoming plan. Espio is shocked after reading the files, and he runs out of the factory as fast as he can. However, his haste alerts security systems.

Meanwhile, at Knothole, evening passes by, and the wedding begins. Elias gives the statement of how both the groom and bride both won and lost things during the war with Eggman, but now the two can form a union with each other. Elias then wastes no time and declares the two to form a bond between each other.

In New Megaopolis, Espio escapes the factory, only in his haste to get spotted by several Egg Pawns, Egg Flappers, and Egg Hammers. He is unable to avoid them before getting surrounded.

Antoine and Bunnie then exchange wedding rings, and Elias declares them as husband and wife. The citizens cheer, as never before has there been a pleasant day like this.

Espio then tells a mysterious figure that the Freedom Fighters will rescue him, and that his plans will never succeed. The chameleon is then apparently vaporized. Eggman is revealed and gloats that they will never see it coming.

See Ya' Later Chao Part Two

Sonic and his friends are enjoying a nice day at the Garden of Chao, when suddenly Robotnik appears and ruins the fun. Eggman says he detected high levels of mystical energy and plans on drilling for it. Sonic explains the energy is the Chao Garden and there is nothing for him. Disappointed, the Doctor settles for wanton destruction and drops the drill. Knuckle catches it before landing in the lake. Tails throws Sonic a the drill, but Sonic bounces right off. Tails comes up with a plan to destroy it. He breaks off the mainframe of the drill and tweaks the stabilizers to overcompensate. Sonic spin attacks off a hill into the drill, causing it to crash into Eggman's jet.

Eggman gets away, but Sonic and Knuckles celebrate anyway. Tails ends their celebration by showing the Chao Garden still got destroyed by the collision. The gang then relocates the Chao to the Lake of Rings in Knothole. Sonic shows his parents the new Chao Garden. Bernadette says she's proud of him for a good idea. Sonic notices his dad might be hanging around his Chao a little to much...


Antoine: W-W-With th-this ring, I-I-I th-thee wed!
Bunnie: With this r-ring, ah thee wed.
Elias: I now pronounce you husband and wife!
Espio: It will never work. They'll see you coming. They'll rescue me.
Eggman: HA! You must not have read the report clearly. *vaporizes Espio* They don't stand a chance.


Ian and Aleah's characters at the wedding.

  • Writer Ian Flynn and his wife, Aleah Baker, make cameo appearances at the wedding in the form of their "Mobian" characters.
  • The cover artwork for this issue was drawn by artist Tracy Yardley. The credits mistakenly credited Patrick Spaziante for the cover.
  • In the opening panel, posters for Sonic Drift and NiGHTS can been on Sonic's wall.
  • The final page was not intended to be a full page splash. During development, Ian Flynn miss-numbered the pages, causing the story to be a page short. This was not noticed until Tracy Yardley did the pencils and created the splash page to make the required amount.[1]


Cover artwork

Preview pages



  1. Tracy Yardley (15 April 2020). Tracy Yardley! on Twitter. Retrieved on 17 April 2020. "Fun story about this page. It wasn’t suppose to be a splash at all, but somehow @IanFlynnBKC mid numbered the pages on the script, actually writing only 19 pages instead of 20 (or whatever number it was supposed to be) 1/2 Ian missed it, the editor missed it and I didn’t notice the first time I read through the script. It wasn’t until I was drawing the last page that I realized we were a page short , so I got to draw a fun splash page. Good times 2/2"

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