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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 172 is the one hundred seventy-second issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Truth of the Heart": Just in time for Valentine's Day, we ramp up the romantic intrigue... but don't worry, as always the stakes are high in the world of Sonic! As more of Fiona Fox's mysterious past is revealed, Sonic must face shocking secrets that will leave him torn between his new girlfriend and the friends he has loved and fought for all these years. Not only that, but one of her revelations sets off a series of events that will lead to one of the most senses-shattering cliffhangers in years! Which of Sonic's allies will be pushed to the brink? This is one issue you won't want to miss! SCRIPT: Ian Flynn. ART: Tracy Yardley (pencils) and Jim Amash (ink). PLUS: "Worth the Effort": Sabrina the Teenage Witch artist lends her artistic talents to Sonic the Hedgehog as Amy gets trained by one of the best warriors ever, Knuckles' girlfriend Julie-Su. But will Amy's infatuation for Sonic put both of them in danger?

Featured stories

Truth of the Heart


Outside Freedom HQ, Amy runs and lunges at Fiona Fox with her hammer, with Fiona asking what was going on. Amy then reveals the reason why she was upset: she was looking for Sonic and thought he was with Fiona. She then asked Tails if Sonic was with Fiona and he told her about Fiona's dark secret: she had been cheating on Sonic with Scourge the Hedgehog. While dodging blows, Fiona admits that she and Sonic were not in a serious relationship, though she briefly slips in a smug grin before jumping and landing on top of Amy's hammer and telling her Sonic would not believe her anyway. To the surprise of both, Sonic (who had been watching the scuffle) casually butted in and told Fiona that he wanted to talk.

As they walked, Sonic confronts Fiona about disappearing lately, saying she might be up to her old ways. Fiona then reminds Sonic of all the times she has helped the Freedom Fighters lately. Sonic tells her he knows she has helped them out, but he also knows Fiona wasn't interested in him until after Scourge impersonated Sonic. Sonic pushes Fiona to clear things up. Fiona says she tried to be a hero and maybe she could find a "middle ground". Scourge then intervenes and confirms Fiona was interested in him first. Fiona explains when she found out Scourge wasn't the real Sonic, she tried to find the same attraction in the real Sonic, but he wasn't as fun as Scourge and too much of a hero. Scourge then teases Sonic on his failed love-life and how he always tries to be morally straight. All of this makes Sonic furious.


Tails is cruelly cast aside by Fiona.

Tails, after watching the events from afar, suddenly intervenes, begging Fiona not to date Scourge and trying to appeal to her good nature. She gently tells him that despite his intellect, he didn't realize one thing - "you can't count on anybody." before slapping him across the face, which Scourge laughs at. Sonic immediately runs to Tails, who tells Sonic to "just get em'." Fiona then cites Sonic of his abandonment of her back in the mining camp. An enraged Sonic protests and charges at Fiona, but is suddenly attacked by Scourge, who despite admitting his past relationships, likes Fiona because she chooses to be with him and evil. Sonic attacks him with a spin attack, but Scourge ducks away, causing Sonic to end up under a broken tree. He then confronts his counterpart, saying that the two are no different and that all it would take for Sonic to become evil was "one bad day". Sonic then trips Scourge, countering that Scourge would be just like him if he showed selflessness and "a little bit of decency". Scourge was rendered speechless by this, but Fiona kicked Sonic away before they could say anything else.

While helping Scourge up, she calls Sonic weak and that it's all about "survival of the best" before being interrupted by Amy and Tails, who teamed up against the two. Outnumbered, Fiona and Scourge then leave the scene via Warp Ring. Tails feels dismayed by Fiona's departure but admits that he could always count on Sonic and the others to do what's right. However, he suddenly runs off, saying he needed to see his mother before showing signs of sorrow. Antoine then appears, asking what is wrong with Tails and Sonic explains Fiona's betrayal to him. Antoine then says he too has something important to take care of and walks away, with Sonic and Amy wondering what he means...






  • Scourge's dialogue to Sonic about "one bad day" is lifted directly from the Batman graphic novel The Killing Joke.
  • When Fiona mentions the time when Sonic accidentally left her imprisoned, the editor's note stated that this was recalled in Sonic the Hedgehog #28. However, this event actually happened in  Knuckles the Echidna #28.
  • When Scourge tells Sonic he "couldn't hold on to a princess", the footnote says that Sally broke up with Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog #132, but it actually happened in Sonic the Hedgehog #134.
  • This was the final story to feature Fiona in her Freedom Fighter outfit.

Worth the Effort


Early morning at Freedom HQ, Julie-Su passes Vector asleep on the sofa. Julie-Su heads to Amy's Room and wakes her up. Amy, tired from just waking up, follows Julie-Su on their personal training course. Julie-Su complains about Amy not being fully awake and reminds she wanted to do training with her. As Julie runs along a bridge, Amy unknowingly falls into a nearby river, waking her up. After Julie-Su helps her out, Amy begs to go back to change her wet clothes and boots. Julie-Su refuses and continues Amy's training.

Amy in training

Julie-Su helps train Amy.

Hours later, Julie-Su gives Amy a pole training fight to help her acrobatic skills. Amy attempts to hit Julie-Su with her hammer, but Julie-Su easily avoids. Amy loses her balance as Julie-Su attacks, but Amy swings her hammer, claiming she was 'playing possum'. Julie-Su lands on her hammer with her foot close to Amy's face and Amy calls time-out. Julie-Su then asks Amy why she wants the training. Amy tells her that she wants to be the best Freedom Fighter to make Sonic notice her and become his equal, like Knuckles is with Julie-Su. Julie-Su then goes on to tell Amy that she doesn't need to change herself for Sonic, but Amy takes this differently and tells her that when she's the best Freedom Fighter, Sonic will be good enough for her. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles arrive on the scene and invite Julie-Su and Amy to help them fight Dr. Eggman again. Julie-Su and Amy set off with them.





Scourge: (to Sonic) As for you... I've got you figured out! I know why you hate me.. It's that all it takes is one bad day, and you'd be just like me.
Sonic: No, that's not it, Scourge. It's because all it would take is a bit of selflessness... a little bit of decency... and you'd be just like me.
Amy: Can't I at least change boots?
Julie-Su: No! Dry off by running.
Amy: But wet footwear is bad for your feet!
Julie-Su: Oh, cry me a riv--


  • This issue's cover parodies tabloid magazines that over-emphasize the truth.


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