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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 166 is the one hundred sixty-sixth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Mobius 25 Years Later - Tempus Fugit": The most requested storyline in years has returned with answers to the future! The planet Mobius is ruled with an iron fist by King Shadow with his chief enforcer Knuckles the Echidna. Can an old friend and a kid find the once great hero Sonic, and will Sonic be the once great hero he was after all these years? PLUS: "The Chaotix Connection": Renfield T. Rodent is setting up in Station Square, causing Knuckles the Echidna, the Chaotix, and Rouge the Bat to investigate due to Renfield's previous connections with Robotnik.

Featured stories

Mobius: 25 Years Later Part One: Tempus Fugit

The story starts with Tails over the portal in Angel Island deciding to round up the "Triple Threat" to end King Shadow's reign over Mobius. He first heads to the Guardian tower where Knuckles, Shadow's chief enforcer, is training his daughter Lara-Su. Tails revealed that he knew of the other time-line when things were peaceful. Tails tries to persuade Knuckles to join him, but Knuckles threatens Tails saying that he'll arrest him if he doesn't get out.

Tails leaves to see Lara-Su, who heard everything, sitting on the step outside. She reveals that she too remembers the other time-line, and as Guardian, wishes to correct it. She and Tails then go off to find Sonic, the true king of Mobius.

Meanwhile, in the catacombs under Castle Mobius, King Shadow is torturing Rotor to make him tell him everything he knows. Shadow gives up for the moment and exits Rotor's prison and commends Lien-Da for capturing him. She says that the one to be thanked is Cobar as he made the device that allowed her to remember the other time-line. Shadow says he did "thank" him fourty-seven times about the head and shoulders. Shadow then orders Lien-Da to "thank" Rotor should he give any more information. The Dark Eyes then inform Lien-Da of what Lara-Su is doing with Tails. She tells Shadow and he then orders Knuckles to see to it.

Meanwhile, Lara and Tails find Sonic and discuss old times. They then discuss their plan to overthrow King Shadow, but are then arrested by Knuckles.

The Chaotix Connection


In Station Square, a kid is handing out flyers for the grand opening of Casinopolis. Rouge takes one and is surprised to see Renfield the Rodent is opening it. The next day, Rouge and the President have a video call with the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix to update them on Renfield's whereabouts. Mighty says Renfield was in jail on Angel Island, but since Eggman took it over, he probably set him free. Sally decides to leave the case with Knuckles and the Chaotix. Sonic offers help if they get in trouble, but Sally cuts him off and says Bunnie will help them if needed.

Back in Station Square, a truck is unloading the last slot machines for Casinopolis. Renfield watches the truck unload with glee on a monitor and comments about paying his "Early Parole". Meanwhile, the Chatoix arrive at the Casino with Rouge accompanying them. Julie-Su comments about Rouge being with them despite not being a Chaotix. Rouge replies "I'm just proving iv'e gone legit. Of course you wouldn't see that...but Knuckles does!". The two almost get physical but Knuckles breaks it up and tells them to save it for later. Knuckles then convinces the doorman to let them in before they open, saying they have business with Renfield. Knuckles notices Mobians are the only workers and tells the Chaotix to blend in with them. Mighty suggests looking around the food to see if Renfield is up to his old tricks. Knuckles agrees and tells them to split up and regroup every few minutes.

Soon, Knuckles finds a secured room and sneaks in after one of the Mobian workers open it. After some snooping, he finds the foreman talking to some workers. The foreman says everything is ready and tells them to contact Dr. Eggman. Knuckles then reveals himself and the Foreman send the workers after him, to which Knuckles easily disposes of. Back in the Casino, the Chaotix can't find anything unusual. As people start to enter, Mighty goes to check out the food while Vector checks out the slots. While Mighty eats a Chili Dog, Julie-Su suggests to get more aggressive since Knuckles is late for his check in. As Knuckles fights the Foreman, he realizes his is one of Eggman's Auto Automatons. Immediately after, he is knocked out by a flying fist from the foreman. He informs Renfield he has one of the Chaotix and then takes Knuckles to him.

Mighty concludes the food is not toxic and Rouge suggests the machines might not be safe. Many of the Station Square inhabitants are hypnotized as is Vector. Rouge and Espio then get hypnotized after glancing at the screen. Things are not looking well as Knuckles is tied to a crate. Renfield wakes him up and shows Knuckles the Chaotix have been scanned. He explains the machines scan the minds of whoever is using it and the data is transferred into an Auto Automation of the person. Renfield says after Station Square has been turned into Eggman's army, he will be free to go. Renfield then notices two of the Chaotix are not scanned. Julie-Su then reveals herself and shoots the foreman with her proton gun. Renfield is not alarmed as he has enough data for a small army of robots. Julie-Su then tells him she pulled the plug so the data can't be transferred. Renfield is still confident he can create an army of mindless robots, but Mighty comes in with a giant metal ball and tells him he destroyed the factory. Renfield is then arrested by the Station Square police and swears he will get his revenge. Knuckles thanks the Chaotix for doing a good job as Rouge and Julie-Su get into another argument. The President then assures G.U.N. will destroy Eggman's devices and thanks the Chaotix for their help.






  • Mighty remembers Renfield poisoning the food at his amusement park in Knuckles the Echidna #15, "The Chaotix Caper Part Three of Three: Picking Up the Pieces".



The Chaotix Connection

Sally: The Chaotix have the greatest Connection to this case. Knuckles, I'm Leaving it up to your team.
Sonic: AND when you need to get bailed out...
Sally: I'll send bunnie! Chaotix, Go!
Renfield: Let it never be said; Renfield T. Rodent didn't put on a good show!


  • The name of the first story is latin for "Time Flies".
  • Despite Light Mobius Sally appearing on the cover, she does not appear in the issue.


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