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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 165 is the one hundred sixty-fifth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

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It's good cop, bad cop as larcenous Rouge the Bat, one of the most popular and deadly characters from the Sonic games and TV shows, seeks Sonic and the Freedom Fighters' help against a diabolical new group: The Destructix! It's a battle that will put Tails' life in mortal danger! Meanwhile, Rouge has her next item to steal, and you will never believe what it is!

Call of Duty

Another exciting new Knuckles back up tale featuring a decision that will change his life forever!

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Knuckles, Julie-Su, and Vector are in an interrogation room at Freedom HQ starting to question Rouge the Bat. Vector reviews why she's here, saying Sonic and Tails saw her pop out of a Warp Ring over Freedom HQ. Julie-Su asks where she got a warp ring. After refusing to tell how she found it, Knuckles says they came to them seeking protection and they can't protect her until they know what they are up against. Rouge then jokes the lightbulb isn't the only bright one in the room. Vector then threatens to put her in a holding cell. Rouge claims she didn't do anything illeagal, to which Vector reveals a file of "dirt" on her. Rouge asks who tipped them.

The story flashes an hour earlier where Sonic is convincing Fiona to reveal some of Rouge's past with Mighty and Ray taking notes. Fiona says Rouge is the best of the best at everything and anything she does. Back in the present, Vector states Fiona told them Rouge fought in an illegal fighting tournament and took treasure, ancient and illegal with flashbacks of each. Rouge agrees to tell them where she was since the last time she was in Knothole. In a flashback, Rouge explains she and Scourge escaped shadow's trail via a Warp Ring from Doctor Finitevus. He helped them escape so they could get him into the Egg Grape Chamber. Once they were in, they helped the Destructix escape. Finitevus brought them back to a base guarded by the robot Isaac. He wanted to steal the robot's data, but most of the data was corrupted or erroneous. Rouge found out Finitevus wanted to take control of dozens of nuclear missiles. After she disabled all of them, he stole one of his Warp Rings and came to Freedom HQ. Knuckles then asks if she followed, to which she replies "Probably".

Outside of Freedom HQ, Sonic is comforting Fiona about revealing her past. He says it doesn't matter what happened to her in the past and everything has worked out. Before Fiona can mention something else, Sonic notices Tails standing very nervously against a tree. Sleuth "Doggy" Dawg then reveals he is hold Tails' tails and aiming his gun at Tails' head. As Sonic tells Sleuth to let Tails go, Scourge grabs Sonic and the two get into another duel, much to Sleuth's dismay. Fiona asks Sleuth what he wants. Sleuth replies "I'm here for a traitor...and something she stole.". Fiona reminds him he sold the Freedom Fighters to Robotnik. He snarkly replies it's ironic for her to call him a traitor. Meanwhile, Scourge and Sonic are fighting in a evergreen forest. Sonic questions why Scourge is fighting him now. Scourge replies by punching him in the face and he is doing it for revenge and to see his girlfriend, Fiona, and teases that her romance for him isn't real. Sonic then homing attacks him into a tree and calls him a liar. Before Sonic can lay another punch on Scourge, Fiona interrupts and says she and Sleuth made a deal. If they give back the Warp Ring Rouge stole, they will leave. Sonic speeds back to Freedom HQ and returns with the Warp Ring. As Scourge and Sleuth leave, Sonic asks Tails if he is ok. Tails says he is and apologizes for getting held hostage. Fiona then tells Sonic whatever Scourge told him was a lie. Sonic says "It's cool" while he and Tails look at her with suspicion. Fiona and Sonic hold hands as they walk back to Knothole.

At Freedom HQ, Knuckles leaves the interrogation room angry, saying the whole thing was a waste of time. Vector tells Knux to calm down and they got information of Finitevus. After they leave the room, Julie-Su knocks the chair out under Rouge. She grabs her and warns her to stay away from Knuckles as he is her soulmate and is someone that is precious to her. Rouge grabs hold of Julie-Su and tells her stealing precious things is her specialty. Rouge says she can try to stop her, but she has nothing to worry about if Knuckles is true to her. Before Julie can curse at her, Rouge kicks her to the ground. As Rouge leaves the room, she says she looks forward to their next visit.

Call Of Duty

Knuckles arrives at the Freedom Fighter's lab with Rotor waiting for him. Rotor explains his father is on the main screen, but he doesn't know how since there is no signal. He explains there is an energy signature, but nothing he recognizes. Knuckles says Chaos energies are had to explain, but Guardians like him can use it for anything. Knuckles goes to the screen and says to Locke "I didn't know we were alowed to use the Master Emerald to make long-distance calls.". Locke tells him if he was doing his job he would know and tells him to come home. Knuckles says he can't and when Locke asks him to send the Chaotix he says they are aren't his to send. Knuckles explains the Chaotix are his friends, not his soldiers and they follow him because they wanted to. Locke replies "Good. That means they will follow you here.". Knuckles demands Locke to tell him why he thinks he needs him.

Locke tells Knuckles his people are suffering under the constant threat of General Kage despite the last blow he gave them. Confused, Knuckles says the Dark Legion should be helping him fight them off. Locke explains the Dark Legion are in a Civil War against Lien-Da's Flame Legion and an an unknown echinda's Frost Legion. Knuckles asks why he doesn't know who the leader of the Frost Legion is. Locke says his time has been mostly protecting the Master Emerald and looking for the Brotherhood of Guardians. When Knuckles asks if he will look for Charmy's family just as hard, he says he can't find any of them without his help. To Locke's surprise, Knuckles refuses to come back to Angel Island. Knuckles explains all of Angel Island's problems stem from Dr. Robotnik. Knuckles says Locke taught him not to approach a problem head-on and to look at all sides of a situation. He says the best route to save Angel Island, and everyone, is to defeat Robotnik.

Angry, Locke tells Knuckles he will be "righting wrongs" that don't have to do with Angel Island. Knuckles replies the Brotherhood did that for years. As to two stare at each other, Locke tells Knuckles he has to come back and he can't guarantee the safety of his mother or her family. In a flash of rage, Knuckles punches the screen in response to Locke threatening to break his promise. Knuckles apologizes to Tommy for breaking the screen and Tommy says he will fix it. Tails asks Knuckles to wait a second before he leaves. He says Knuckles is right for staying in Knothole and he decided to make Mobius his Island to protect. Knuckles thanks Tails and says he is going to talk to Julie-Su. To himself, Knuckles says "I will return to Angel Island, day." Meanwhile, Locke sits and guards the Master Emerald, disappointed in what has happened.


Sonic: Not that i'm not glad to kick your butt, but what's the occasion, Scourge?
Scourge: First--A little that you don't have a Shadow to hide behind! Second--I wanted to see my girlfriend again. I love how she plays it like you two are for real.
Sonic: LIAR!
Rouge: You're welcome to try to stop me. After all, if he's so true to you, you have nothing to fear. Right?
Julie-Su: Let me go, you b--
Rouge: Bat. Remember it.


  • The second story has the same name as the first-person-shooter game series Call of Duty.
  • This issue states that the data from Isaac is corrupted. This was deliberately put in the issue to leave the history of Mobius a bit more vague, as Isaac detailed the history in Sonic the Hedgehog #148.
  • Espio's eyes are miscolored blue.
  • On the page where Rouge finishes explaining how she got a Warp Ring, her torso is miscolored white.
  • On the page where Sleuth and Scourge retreat, Tails is mistakenly drawn with two mouths.


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