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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 164 is the one hundred sixty-fourth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The Darkest Storm - Part 3: Downburst

The cataclysmic conclusion of this epic tale finds a fallen hero and a hidden villain revealed! Can Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles stand up to the combined forces of mystical Ixis Naugus, megalomaniac Mammoth Mogul, and the world's most evil science geek, Robotnik? The most shocking story development since Sonic's #50's death of Princess Sally!

Sonic Riders - Part 2

Sonic gets help from Tails and Knuckles against the Babylon Rogues.

Features stories

The Darkest Storm Part Three: Downburst


Anonymous again goes over his plan to destroy Knothole and Sonic once and for all. Anonymous states his actions have lead up to Ixis Naugus and Mammoth Mogul teaming up to attack Sonic and his friends, according to his plan. In Knothole, a huge battle is taking place between the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Chaotix, Elias Acorn, Merlin Prower, and Sir Connery against Mammoth Mogul, Nagus, and the Destructix. Elias and Sonic work to get the Crown of Acorns and Sword of Acorns back from Mogul. After ducking under Mogul, Sonic takes the crown off him and places it on Elias to remove Mogul's taint. The crown shocks Elias and Sonic, to which Mogul explains Elias was not around when the Source of All was created, therefore it is his. As Mogul takes back the crown, Sir Connery aproches him; stating the Ancient Walkers charged him to purge the world of Dark Magick. After slaying Domoleces the Elder and many before him, he though he accomplished his task. Connery states that he one more task at hand. Sonic is encouraged by his words and is eager to help, to which Mogul tells him to stay out of this and traps him in a fist of soil.

Mammoth Mogul says to Sir Connery his Patron spirits are no longer with him, to which Connery replies "Nay...They are with me in my final act.". Connery tells Mogul the walkers gave him the Sword of Light, which is blessed to destroy darkness as they exchange blows. Connery then summons all of his magic, channels his life-force into the blade and destroys the Sword and Crown of Acorns in a mighty magical blast. Sonic an Elias are shocked to see Connery reduced to ashes by his effort, with his garments and the Sword of Light remaining. Elias remarks Sir Connery gave everything to destroy the corrupted Source of All. Ixis and the Destructix come to Mogul's aide, with Mogul stating the loss of the Source of All means nothing and he still commands great power. A voice replies "What a Coincidence! So do I...". The is revealed to be Dr. Eggman arriving in Knothole with is Egg Fleet. He fires upon the villains as Sonic and his friends flee. After the villains are corralled, Eggman unleashes a bean to teleport them to the Egg Grape Chamber. Anonymous remarks stage three has been completed.

Eggman lowers his ship to the ground with Sonic telling the Freedom Fighters "We're not finished!". Eggman tells Sonic to calm down and he isn't after him today. Sonic doesn't belive him; Eggman explains Ixis and Mogul were a greater threat than Sonic, as he already lost a lot because of them. Sonic then asks what Eggman is going to do about him and his friends, to which Eggman replies "What about you Sonic? Look at my Egg Fleet! I could wipe you off the map! But not yet.". Sonic tempts Eggman to strike now, but Eggman says he will crust him on his terms alone. Sonic tries to grab Eggman, but he lifts off before he can put his glove on him. Sonic and his fellow Freedom Fighters watch as the Egg Fleet return to New Megaopolis.

Anonymous monologues time has passed and Sonic was not destroyed as he hoped, but otherwise everything went to plan. Sonic, Merlin, Tails, Sally, Knuckles, and Elias gather around Sir Connery's gravestone at the Knothole Graveyard. Elias remarks he wanted the old kingdom back, but so much was taken away. Merlin says Connery gave his life defending the kingdom and the planet, which there is no greater honor. Knuckles promises Connery he will repay the debt of him saving his life by protecting the world. Elias contemplates ending his quest to restore the kingdom, to which Sonic replies quitting the kingdom would not be what Sir Connery wanted and would dishonor his sacrifice. Renewed with confidence, Elias proclaims the Kingdom of Acorn will be as valiant as Connery was and the Sword of Light will be passed down the Acorn line as a symbol and testament to his bravery. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Merlin ponder what higher power will protect them now since the Ancient Walkers are lost. Knuckles says he will consult his mother about Aurora and Tails states Athair's spirit is still with them. Sonic says they can make do as long as they have each other. The group heads back to Knothole Village to eat at Chuck's.

Back in New Megaopolis, A.D.A.M. tells Eggman Mammoth Mogul is protecting the Destructix and Naugus from the Egg Grape Chamber's biofield detector. Eggman tells A.D.A.M. to let him suffer. Although he lost thousands of Mobians when the Egg Grapes were activated, his new catches will be fine. Eggman also states since the Void and the Zone of Silence have been fused together, the power he will obtain will be more stable and useful. Eggman leaves the chamber to get some shut-eye. Once he leaves, A.D.A.M reveals he is Anonymous and it will be too late before Eggman makes the connection.







  • Knuckles remembers Sir. Connery saving his life in Sonic the Hedgehog #45, "Knuckles Quest 3: A Land of Dark, a Knight Of Virtue!"

Sonic Riders Part 2 of 2

A battered Sonic enters Freedom HQ and startles Knuckles and Tails, who are both surprised by his condition. Knuckles is immediately angry and eager to go after the guilty party, whom Sonic reveals are Robotnik's latest minions, the Babylon Rogues. Knuckles is then amused as Sonic admits that their boards gave them incredible speed, and promises to help even the odds, though Sonic is at a loss as to how they can accomplish this. Tails then reveals that he has been constructing his own air boards to help the Freedom Fighters keep up with Sonic in the field. Sonic compliments his work, and Tails points out that though the boards are prototypes they are all functional. Sonic then reveals that the Babylon Rogues will be attacking Knothole the following day.

As the Rogues fly towards Knothole, Storm questions if Jet thinks Sonic will appear to stop them. Jet is confident that the three of them hurt Sonic enough so that he won't be able to interfere, but all three are then surprised by blurs of speed. Sonic and his two friends then park their air boards and cockily confront their enemies, and an infuriated Jet promises to wreck Knothole for their imitation. The six Mobians begin racing through the Great Forest, and Knuckles and Storm begin grappling and realize that they have nearly equal strength. Wave then confronts Tails and admits to being impressed by his flying ability, but then angers him by insulting his boards. Jet and Sonic continue to confront each other, and Sonic tells Jet that if he wants to trash Knothole, he'll have to beat them there.


Sir Connery: I am Sir Connery! Paladin of the Ancient Walkers! Bringer of the Light and enemy of the Darkness!
Mammoth Mogul: And the chastise me for my verbosity...
Sir Connery: By the power invested in me by the highest of powers...
Sonic: C'mon, Sir Connery. Show him how it's done old-school!
Sir Connery: I smite thee!
Dr. Eggman: Too slow Sonic! You're too tired to be worth my effort.



The three-part image.

  • This issue's cover is the final part of a three-part image.
  • "Sonic Rider - Part Two" was originally slated to be reprinted in Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Villains, as noted by a footnote in Sonic Universe Volume 5: The Tails Adventure. The story does not appear in the final version of the book. However, the story was reprinted in Sonic Super Digest #8.
  • Damocles the Elder was spelled "Domoleces" in this issue.
  • In the "Special Thanks" credits, "Sonic Team" is written as "Team Sonic".
  • The title for "Sonic Riders - Part Two" is completely absent.


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