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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 154 is the one hundred fifty-fourth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Songoose, Part 2 of 2

When Mina the Moongoose is nearly assassinated, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters go into high gear to protect her. But Dr. Robotnik has two more aces up his sleeve - namely, the long-awaited return of popular Sega game characters Heavy and Bomb!

More Than Meets the Eye

The Brain Trust analyzes the capabilities of the nanities.

Featured stories

Songoose Part 2 of 2

Mina is glad that she's going to be protected by Sonic for the rest of her concert. Ash Mongoose wants to have a talk in private with Mina, but Sonic won't let him. Mina tells Sonic that she'll be safe with Ash. Ash argues with Mina about Sonic and still having feelings for him, seeing as Mina's song are revolved around him, but Mina wants Ash to still be her boyfriend. Ash not buying it and wants Mina to say that she doesn't love Sonic. Mina can't do it, so Ash walks off only wanting to be known as her manager from now on. Sonic in contact with Sally reports that Tails is looking out from above, while Fiona Fox and Bunnie are working the crowd and Amy watching from the front of the stage. Sonic will be offstage watching Mina, Sally yelling at Sonic for leaving Mina alone. Sonic heads back to Mina in her dressing room, very upset and doesn't know where to begin, just like Sonic.

Mina performs on stage with Ash watching in the crowd. Dr Eggman launches loads of bombs onto the concert, noticed by the audience who run away. Sonic runs to Mina's side to get her to safety. Ash comes on stage that he'll take Mina to safety, but Sonic says that the Freedom Fighters can handle themselves while he gets Mina to safety. Sonic wanting to know what's the problem with him being with his girlfriend, but Mina points out ex-girlfriend. Sonic and Ash getting into a brawl are interrupted by Heavy who comes through the stage. Sonic tells Ash to get Mina to safety, while he burrows underneath Heavy and both fall underground. Sonic takes a gamble and launches water through the tunnel, proving too much for Heavy. Sonic comes too after being in the water and Bunnie reports that all of the bombs are gone. Mina thanks Sonic for saving her and promises she'll take him out for a date.

Ash coming to apologize in Mina's dressing room notices Bomb still alive. Ash wanting to be the hero takes the bomb out of the room, but is caught by the blast. At the Royal Infirmary, Dr. Quack reports that Ash is still alive, so Mina and Sonic go and see him. Mina confesses to Ash that she doesn't love Sonic anymore and she loves him, leaving Sonic depressed.

Meanwhile back at Robotropolis, Dr. Eggman stops trying to kill Mina, but plans out a new plan to break Sonic once and for all...

More Than Meets The Eye

Uncle Chuck, Rotor, Tommy Turtle, Tails and newly reformed Snively run tests on the nanites but accidentally kill them. Tommy alone with them discovers that they are still alive and they get onto his shell, making his shell mechanical. Tommy discovers that the nanites of his shell can become wings and jets to enable him to fly and sees this as a benefit to technology.



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