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{{Issue order
{{Issue order
| series = Sonic the Hedgehog (comic series){{!}}Sonic the Hedgehog
| series = Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comic series){{!}}Sonic the Hedgehog
| current = #153
| current = #153
| previous = Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 152
| previous = Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 152

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 153 is the one hundred fifty-third issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Songoose, Part 1 of 2

Sonic's day is about to go from dizzying to deadly when he faces off against one of the deadliest assassins on the planet: Nack the Weasel! Can even the combined might of the entire Freedom Fighters stop the Nack attack?! As if that weren't enough, Sonic must race to save his old girlfriend, Mina the Mongoose... but will her new boyfriend's jealousy put Mina and Sonic in even greater danger?! All this, plus Robotnik, too!

Fairy Tale (or the Adventures of Pirate Sally)

Rosie tells a story to the sick Snaggle, Sasha, & Rory.

Featured stories

Songoose Part 1 of 2

Doctor Eggman has hired Nack the Weasel to enter the Kingdom of Acorn and assassinate Mina Mongoose during her concert at Sunset Hill. In Knothole, Sonic, Knuckles, the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix have organized a practice to reinforce team work. Sally comforts General D'Coolette whose health is in steady decline. Soon they are interrupted by King Max Acorn and Queen Alicia Acorn on an adjacent monitor. It is revealed that King Max Acorn is in dire straits, as well. They inform Sally and General D'Coolette that plan to cut their tour short unless the king recuperates from his own ailments. Unfortunately, time is very short for General D'Coolette. Before the conference call can wrap up, the general collapses onto the floor as he succumbs to his sickness.

Later, Tails nervously asks Fiona to the concert. However, to prevent Tails from potentially humiliating himself. Sonic decides to organize it so that everyone attends the concert together, Sonic tells Fiona that Tails has nothing but the utmost respect for her, but Fiona scornfully reminds Sonic that he left her in prison when he rescued Mighty and Ray. She divulges to him that her internal animosity towards the blue hedgehog has diminished once she has come to know him as truly heroic in the recent past. However, she still reminds him that he can still be selfish at times. Mina appears and is happy to see Sonic again. In an expected turn of events, this undoubtedly ignites jealously from Ash Mongoose. Nack makes his move and attempts to shoot Mina from deep within the throngs of attendees. Luckily for the Songoose, his plasma bolt hits a nearby tree instead. Bunnie kicks the tree into the lake to stop the fire from spreading and Sonic knocks out Nack before he escapes. Sally and Sonic force Nack to confess by threatening to have him united with Karl, Jeff, and Konor (his former gang) if he were to remain silent about his employer. Nack begins to tell them about how Dr. Eggman accidentally listened to Mina on the radio and was mortified to realize that this one particular song was the worst song he had ever heard. He thus had all Mina Mongoose memorabilia destroyed and jammed the airwaves in his territories to prevents his subjects from listening to her. Although, this did not work as expected. Dr. Eggman still couldn't get that one song out of his head. So he hired Nack to assassinate her live in concert. Sally assigns Sonic and the Freedom Fighters as personal bodyguard to Mina Mongoose to prevent another attempt. Doctor Eggman recognizes that Mina is still alive and switches to his contingency, namely Heavy and Bomb.

Fairy Tale or the adventures of Pirate Sally

Snaggle, Sasha and Rory are sick, so they want Rosie to tell them a story. Rosie tells the story of Sonic, Tails, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine vs Dr Eggman, Snively, Ixis Naugus, Mammoth Mogul and Rouge all based in a fantasy world. In which Tails magic tail is stolen by Dr Eggman and the heroes journey defeating many villains to retrieve it and Sonic and Sally's characters fall in love. The kids confused at the story leave Rosie thinking that everyone's a critic.


  • Dr. Eggman in Rosie's story is wearing a robe and hat that Mickey Mouse wore as the sorcerer's apprentice in Fantasia.


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