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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 151 is the one hundred fifty-first issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Chaos Emeralds Are Forever

Continued from the landmark events of SONIC# 150! When the one thing you can't do is swim and you find yourself up to your neck in water,'re in trouble! That's the mess Sonic finds himself in, and with the Freedom Fighters nowhere in sight it's going to be twice as hard to get out of it! Meanwhile, the circumstances behind Antoine's changed personality may prove to be the deadliest imaginable! All this, plus Rogue the Bat and Nack the Weasel return once more.


The superstar team behind Archie's fan favorite Manga Sabrina get an opportunity to weave their magic within the Sonicverse! Princess Sally awakens to find an intruder in her private chambers. Is this intruder a friend or foe? The answer may change Sally's life forever!

Featured stories

Chaos Emeralds Are Forever

Since Evil Sonic has replaced Sonic on Mobius, Sonic has been discovered by the evil counterparts of the Freedom Fighters. Anti Sally, Anti Tails, Anti Rotor and Anti Bunnie attack Sonic, thinking he's Evil Sonic who ditched them. Antoine trapped in Anti-Mobius having to impersonate Anti Antoine in order to get back to his Evil Sonic attacks Sonic thinking he's Evil Sonic. Anti Rotor tasers Sonic in the back, and Evil Bunnie kicks Sonic for cheating on her with Anti Sally and Anti Penelope.

Back on Mobius, Evil Sonic notices Rouge and wants her. Rouge, in an effort to steal the Master Emerald, asks Evil Sonic to show her around on Angel Island. Evil Sonic tells Rouge that he'll show her anything, even the Chaos Emeralds. Rouge, excited she's got a guy that knows his way, flies up to Angel Island to get the Master Emerald.

Meanwhile the evil counterparts have tied up Sonic and drop him into water to get killed by the Octopods. Rouge and Evil Sonic meet Locke, Rouge distracting Locke in order for Evil Sonic to get to the Master Emerald. Sonic successfully gets out of the water and is attacked by Antoine. Antoine keeping in character wanting Evil Sonic to make him back home. Sonic knocks out Antoine and throws Anti Sally and Anti Bunnie into the water. Sonic knocks out Anti Tails and destroys Anti Rotor's technology. Sonic asks Evil Rotor to send him back home, Anti Rotor realizing that he's Sonic.

Rouge pretending to kiss Locke, Evil Sonic sneaks past and finds the Master Emerald. Anti Rotor teleports Sonic back with his spare zone-link generator and confronts Evil Sonic in the Emerald alter. Sonic and Evil Sonic brawl, Sonic takes off his shoes off Evil Sonic. Locke sensing that the Master Emerald is in danger, uses a secret passage and finds Evil Sonic on Sonic with a large rock. Locke knowing that Sonic would never resort to a weapon sends Evil Sonic away. Evil Sonic managed to grab a few little emeralds and gives them to Rouge. Rouge sees Evil Sonic as a great partner and both sent off away from Angel Island. Sonic gets a lift back to Knothole with Locke, unaware of Evil Sonic's affairs with Amy and Bunnie.


Sally notices Nicole not responding to her commands late at night. She notices a figure outside her room and goes to investigate, finding out that it is Nicole. Nicole has managed to create her own form after being in Sally's body, but she can only use it for some hours. Sally realizes that Nicole was more than a computer, she was her friend.



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