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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 150 is the one hundred fiftieth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

From Hero to Zero In No Time At All

After just being in one of the biggest battles of his life, Sonic is now faced with an even greater challenge--one that could destroy him once and for all. With Sonic not acting like himself, is he up to the challenge? This epic tale not only kicks off one of the biggest, deadliest story arcs to date--it also features the long awaited returns of Rouge the Bat and Nack the Weasel from the Sonic games!

The Chosen One, Part 2

An ancient evil threatens the multi-verse and not even SONIC can save the day... only the "Chosen One" can! Can Tails really stand up and defeat this evil... and the old villain who comes back to make life even harder for him?!

Featured stories

Hero To Zero In No Time At All

Evil Sonic has taken the place of Sonic as Evil Sonic changed the places of Evil Antoine and Antoine. Evil Sonic, who had defeated a SWATbot to earn a free chillidog, catches the attention of Mina and Amy, causing Ash Mongoose to think that Sonic is a showoff. Evil Sonic sees this as a chance to go out with Mina.

Meanwhile in another part of Mobius, Nack the Weasel is persuading a man to take down Locke and retrieve the Master Emerald for him. The man objects, seeing as Locke might have back-up when he gets there. Rouge, having overheard the conversation, flies to Angel Island to manipulate Locke in telling her the location of the Master Emerald. When Mina realizes that she's cheating on Ash by being with Sonic, she runs away. Amy walks by Evil Sonic, who sees a chance to get another girl.

Later, Tails spots Evil Sonic making out with Bunnie. Tails becomes upset at Sonic and wonders what is going on. Bunnie wants "Sonic" to go and talk to him, but Evil Sonic doesn't listen wanting to keep kissing. A confused Bunnie goes off on her own since it was late. Evil Sonic heads back after a long night sleep, but trips over one of Knothole's security mines and is lectured by Sally.

Rouge arrives on Angel Island attempts to manipulate Locke, but is teleported to Knothole by Archimedes. Archimedes says to Locke that he has never been good with women. Rouge realizes it was pointless to manipulate Locke and decides to use someone else to distract him while she gets the Emeralds. Evil Sonic notices Rouge and wants to know where she was on his Mobius.

The Chosen One Part Two

Zonic the Zone Cop has teleported Sonic and Tails to the perpendicular zone to stop an overpowered Mammoth Mogul (Master Mogul) from destroying the multiverse. Zonic seeing Tails as the Chosen One, has teleported all of the Tails' from the multiverse. The multiverse Tails arguing who should lead them with Zonic and Sonic, Tails decides to take out Mogul by himself but is almost destroyed if not for Sonic. The multiverse Tails' attempting a move from Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #19 (The Sonic's vs Giantborg), but are overpowered. Sonic caught in one of Mogul's beams is presumed dead by Tails. Athair guiding Tails as the chosen one to lead the Tails' uses all of the multiverse Tails' to transform into Titan Tails. Titan Tails successfully sucked out all of Mogul's energy, leaving him powerless.

Back on Mobius, Tails makes Sonic believe that it was all a dream. Tails managed to restore all of the multiverse and trap Mogul. Merlin and Athair impressed by Tails' decision are hoping he will help out with future threats.


  • It appears Evil Antoine is pretending to wear an eyepatch.
    • Yet this was clear due to the fact Evil Antoine and Antoine had switched places.


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