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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 149 is the one hundred forty-ninth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The Good, the Bad and the Unknown (Part 4 of 4): Armageddon

The thrilling conclusion to the Sonic vs. Shadow vs. Metal Sonic showdown is guaranteed to bring the house down, literally! Will the help of his freedom fighter friends be enough to stop the onslaught?! More importantly, with the walls collapsing around him, is even Sonic fast enough to get out alive?!?!

The Chosen One, Part 1

The universe is in danger and only the "Chosen One" can save it-TAILS!!! One of the most demanded stories by Sonic fans can now be told. But when a dreaded villain from the past returns, can the "Chosen One" prevail?

Featured stories

The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown - Part Four: Armageddon

Having recently left Knothole on Sally's orders, Jules picks up his brother Sir Charles Hedgehog, who was accompanying King Max on his world tour. The two quickly depart to aid the Freedom Fighters, particularly Sonic, who finds himself cornered by Shadow, Metal Sonic, and Isaac. Dodging an attack by Isaac, who believes that Sonic knows more about the situation than he claims, Sonic starts racing up the side of the missile that had emerged from behind him with Metal Sonic in hot pursuit. As Shadow and Isaac look on, marveling at Sonic's improbable methods, Sonic tackles Metal Sonic from above, and manages to direct his course to hit Shadow as the Ultimate Lifeform leaps up to join the fray. Sonic then notices that Isaac has disappeared, while the other Freedom Fighters reunite in the control room.

Determining that the missile in the chamber Sonic is fighting in is of a nuclear nature, Rotor recommends that the group leave the facility immediately. Fiona then discovers a fire arm in an armory, while back at the battle Shadow and Sonic continue to duke it out. Rotor forbids Fiona from using the gun, while Isaac activates the bunker's outer defenses to destroy the shuttle the Freedom Fighters arrived in. Sonic and Shadow then halt their fighting, realizing that the missile is about to go off and that they could both perish if they remain in range. The Freedom Fighters set out to find Sonic, while Sonic and Shadow reach a catwalk and determine that they have one last task to perform.

The still active outer defenses begin targeting Jules and Charles' incoming shuttle, and Charles disembarks to find the Freedom Fighters while Jules remains on board. Shadow and Sonic then escape the bunker, only for Sonic to discover that his ankle is injured. Shadow then has him go into spin dash mode and throws him towards the Freedom Fighter shuttle before making his own escape. The Freedom Fighters then take off, lamenting that they learned little about what they had come to investigate, and that they couldn't have brought Isaac back for further study. Meanwhile, back at the bunker, Isaac reports to Dr. Kintobor's tank, waiting for further orders.

The Chosen One Part One

On Mobius-Seventeen, Stealth the Hedgehog and Professor Egg are locked in battle, when a gigantic hand overshadows the planet before expanding to envelop and crush the entire galaxy, erasing the zone from existence. The villain behind it looks upon it with satisfaction before departing to ensure that the rest of the zones suffer the same fate. Back on Mobius Prime, Sonic and Tails are playing hide and seek, when a bright light interrupts their game. Zonic the Zone Cop emerges to greet the pair, warning them of danger that threatens the multiverse. Sonic is quick to dismiss Tails, but Zonic then reveals that he is there to collect Tails, and that Sonic is welcome to tag along if he wishes. He then provides them with wristbands to allow them to interact with his Zone properly, and leads them to his headquarters. Explaining that he uses the multitude of screens there to monitor the various Sonics, he then explains why most of the screens are black-their zones have been destroyed.

Bringing up images of the last destroyed zone, Zonic reveals that the same being is responsible for all the destruction that has taken place thus far. Tails questions how he and Sonic can stop such a threat, and Zonic then shows them an image of the villain, remarking that it is the reason he came for Tails specifically. The pair recognize him as Mammoth Mogul, leading Zonic to go briefly through his history, up to the point when he had captured Turbo Tails. Both are confused, as they beat Mogul on that occasion, but Zonic then reveals to them details that they were unaware of: how Mogul absorbed enough power from Turbo Tails before that confrontation to enable him to go up against Chaos Knuckles. During their confrontation, Mogul was able to capture the totality of Knuckles' power, while Knuckles perished in the resulting explosion. Later, when he returned from the afterlife, the Chaos Force was destabilized, leaving Knuckles without any of his special abilities and Mogul as total master of it.

Sonic and Tails are briefly confused by Master Mogul's designs on destroying the multiverse, but Zonic deduces that he most likely thinks he'll be able to create a new one to rule over. He then explains that he thinks that Tails, as the Chosen One, is the key to Mogul's defeat, though Tails questions how he can expect to defeat Mogul when he is so powerful. Neither Hedgehog has an answer, but they then realize that all the screens have gone dark except for two, meaning that all zones except for the No Zone and Zone Prime have been destroyed. Mogul then appears on the screen for the No Zone, having come to destroy the only zone that poses a threat to him besides the Prime zone. Zonic then dispatches all the Zone Cops to attack Mogul in a desperate rush, which Mogul easily overcomes. Zonic then takes the two with him to a lower chamber, and explains that he knew of Mogul's fear of the Chosen One beforehand. Given that he was unsure which Tails would be able to stop Mogul, Zonic remarks "so I brought them all", opening the door to reveal a room full of Tails' alternate selves.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Knuckles tries again and again to get his line, "I wish I had the time", just right. Antoine enters the dressing room and informs him that he missed his entrance. Knuckles pleads for a second chance, but Antoine tells him to talk to the director. Knuckles begs the editor for a second chance, but he doesn't have the time.


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