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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 148 is the one hundred forty-eighth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The Good, the Bad and the Unknown (Part 3 of 4): Genesis

It's another action-packed chapter in the Sonic vs. Shadow vs. Metal Sonic showdown! With the odds stacked against SONIC can even the help of his friends be enough to protect the Blue Blur? As if this wasn't enough, things are about to get even hotter, as a new unknown entity lies in wait to be discovered!

Playing Around

Too much intense action and psychological hopscotch got you down? Look no further than this "just for fun" tale... it's real "comic relief"!

Destiny's Child

By popular demand, Tails once again steps into the spotlight! And what a spotlight it is, as all the unanswered questions in his life begin to unfold and a familiar face returns to lead Tails on his journey to become the "Chosen One"!

Featured stories

The Good, The Bad & The Unknown Part 3: Genesis


Dylan approaches Princess Sally, informing her that they've lost contact with the Freedom Fighters. Taken aback, she requests that Dylan bring Jules Hedgehog to Castle Acorn immediately. At the underground facility, Tommy Turtle tells Tails to man the control room while he goes to help Rotor, Bunnie, and Fiona. Meanwhile, Sonic finds himself lying on the train tracks of an underground railroad, narrowly avoiding an oncoming train. He decides to hitch a ride on the train, Shadow, Metal Sonic, and Isaac only noticing him just as he rides away.

Shadow and Metal ponder why Sonic would ride a vehicle when he could run faster. Isaac suggests riding in another traincar to catch him, but Shadow decides to pursue Sonic on foot. Isaac notes that Metal would also reach his destination faster on his own, but he explains that he prioritizes gathering information for Dr. Robotnik over catching Sonic. As they board the car, Isaac notes that Robotnik is an anagram of Kintobor.

Tommy finally finds the other Freedom Fighters and, putting on a nearby rubber glove and picking up a nearby pole, destroys the circuit box for the nearby computers. With their friends freed, Tails turns his attention back to monitoring Isaac and Metal Sonic, broadcasting their conversation to the rest of the Freedom Fighters. Isaac begins to narrate his own history, explaining that the team that created him was led by Ivan Kintobor, who appropriated Xorda technology for the project and wound up antagonizing them. Subsequently, Kintobor had Isaac place him in stasis so as enable him to survive the Xorda Gene Bombs. He was then assigned the task of monitoring the changes that befell the planet as a result of the cataclysm. The resulting volcanic eruptions caused the first of the Days of Fury.

While Isaac tells his story, Shadow attacks Sonic, only for Sonic to slam on the train's brakes and fling him off the vehicle. Issac then describes the evolution of the Mobians, and how Professor Kintobor - who occasionally left his stasis cell - told him to record historical events as well. As the Freedom Fighters continue to listen in, Isaac explains that the Chaos Emeralds were a product of the Days of Fury and reveals that he witnessed Mammoth Mogul's initial rise to power, the advancement of the Echidna civilization, and even the coronation of the Kingdom of Acorn's first monarch. Metal and Isaac reunite with Shadow, ready to resume their scuffle with Sonic. However, the confrontation is interrupted when a massive missile emerges from a silo behind Sonic.

Playing Around


The story begins with citizens of Knothole rushing to part of Knothole to find a seat in front of a large stage. There would be a play about Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends fighting for the good of the world. While Rosie asks Sally Acorn why she didn't get the part of herself, Sally giggles and reply's that "they'll just have to wait and see".

It soon shows that Sonic and Tails are reciting the introduction of the play, when a hand pulls Sonic back behind the curtains by the quill. The hand turns out to belong to Knuckles the Echinda, who's dressed up at Princes Sally. Knuckles growls at Sonic that he's lucky that he's just in the outfit for the kids, or Knuckles would clobber him, while Sonic tries his hardest not to burst out laughing at the ridiculous sight.

Soon the play begins, with Bunnie Rabbot dressed up as Geoffrey St. John informing "Princess Sally" that Doctor Eggman has attacked the Castle and is on his way to capture the Princess. "Sally" becomes alarmed, and runs to an ant dressed up as Nicole and asks her to do whatever it takes to help protect the people. However, it's too late, as Big the Cat, dressed as Dr. Eggman, and Tails, dressed as Snively, break down the door and quickly capture "Sally". Meanwhile, Uncle Chuck dressed as a robot rushes to Sonic (who plays himself) and Rotor Walrus, who is dressed as Tails. Uncle Chuck informs them that "Sally" has been captured by "Dr. Eggman" and "Snively". Meanwhile, up above the stage, Jules Hedgehog, Mighty the Armadillo, and Espio the Chameleon are struggling to hold the rope that is keeping Rotor off the ground (trying to show off Tails's ability to fly), while Sonic and "Tails" then rush off into the crime scene.

Sonic and "Tails" manage to find "Sally" and the captors and do battle. With Amy Rose holding up cards with words such as "Boom!" and "Pow!" and "Clank!" to symbolize to sound effects of the fake fight. Sonic manages to defeat "Dr. Eggman" and then tries to actually kiss the fake Sally. Knuckles hisses to Sonic that if he actually tries it, Knuckles definitely will clobber him.

Destiny's Child


Tails sits by a pond, skipping stones, thinking aloud how unfair it is that everyone else has been reunited with their parents. As he wonders if getting his parents back isn't more important than defeating Dr. Eggman, a voice calls out to him. A vision of Athair's head appears over the pond and greets Tails, explaining that he currently inhabits a Zonebeyond Tails' comprehension. Tails asks if Athair could explain anything about his designation as the Chosen One, reminiscing on their first meeting and how there would be a Great Harmony with the gathering of the Chaos Emeralds. He thinks about how Mammoth Mogul mentioned he would be a great champion and is frustrated that so many other people seem to understand his responsibilities better than he does.

Athair then revealed that Tails' uncle, Merlin Prower, knows all about his destiny. Tails is slightly flabbergasted, not knowing his uncle even existed until now. Athair then reveals that he met with Merlin personally during Tails' struggle with Chaos Knuckles, only for Mammoth Mogul to swap Tails with a doppelganger. Tails angrily asks if Athair can tell him what any of his means. Athair's visage then disappears. Tails is initially frustrated, but Athair's voice then counsels him to be patient, revealing that he will soon carry out his duties as the Chosen One.


  • The cover artwork for this issue imitates the art style used for the artwork in Sonic Battle.
  • This issue introduces several details to the history of Mobius, including very specific years and dates for certain events. Previous events and elements, such as the Days of Fury and the Xorda Attack, are explained to have been related to each other and retcons the Xorda attack as having happened over 10,000 years ago. Sonic the Hedgehog #165 later revealed that Isaac's data was primarily corrupted or erroneous. Ian Flynn explained that he did this to make Isaac's history of the Chaos Emeralds less absolute. However, Flynn stated Isaac's timeline was more accurate than the Xorda's.
  • This issue is the first of several released in 2005 and 2006 to omit the Sonic Grams section. The feature would be completely removed from the comic starting with Sonic the Hedgehog #161 before returning as a monthly column in Sonic the Hedgehog #185.
  • In one panel of The Good, The Bad, & The Unknown - Part Three, Sonic's arm is colored blue.
  • Isaac explains that he recorded the beginnings of Mobian society despite being surprised to find a non-human able to speak in the previous issue. This error may be explained by Isaac's memory being corrupted, as revealed in Sonic the Hedgehog #165.


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