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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 145 is the one hundred forty-fifth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Shadows of Hope

Shadow returns in what is sure to be one of the most explosive Sonic epics ever! Shadow continues watching over young Hope Kintobor, who he believes is the missing piece to discovering his history. Meanwhile, a familiar Echidna lurks in the background believing Shadow is the missing piece to finding his family! When these two titans clash will anyone survive?

Training Day

Ever wonder what it's like to be a Swatbot in Dr Robotnik's employ? Here's your chance to find out: it's training day and the Doctor is in!


A loud, devastating explosion in the distance, and ever-closer tremors that rock Knothole's foundations can only mean one thing for Sonic and the Freedom Fighters: Shadow is coming! Is this just the beginning of the destruction to come?!

Featured stories

Shadows of Hope

Shadow from the bushes is watching Hope reading outside Rosie's house. Shadow is still stunned that Hope looks so much like Maria Robotnik, but isn't. Suddenly, a mysterious figure (Locke in disguise) appears behind Shadow. Locke tells that he's neither friend nor foe and needs Shadow's abilities. Hope overhears their conversation, and Shadow declines to his offer and gets caught in a rope by Locke. Shadow about to attack is teleported by him and Hope is also caught in the teleport.

Hope through the teleportation watches as Shadow fights Locke viciously. Locke flips Shadow and locks him in a chamber. The chamber Shadow is in remninds him of the chamber on the Space Colony ARK with Gerald Robotnik and Maria (STH: 98), and the Bem chamber, where he was revived (STH: 124). Now captive, Shadow demands to know what his intentions are. Locke reveals himself and asks Shadow if he knows what it's like to lose everything. Unsympathetic, Shadow snarls in return that he couldn't because he's "never had anything."

Locke tells him that he may be the key to find his family, whom everyone believes to be dead. Hope appears from the shadows and pleads that Shadow is released. Shadow watches Locke talking to Hope, and is reminded of past events. He fears Hope is going to get hurt by Locke and breaks from the chamber. Locke uses his chaos powers to throw Shadow into the wall, but Shadow uses a metal bar and stuns him. Shadow, about to deal with the final blow, is stopped by Hope who says she's more scared of him than she is of Locke.

She tells Shadow that she wants to be his friend and help him, but when Shadow realises that she's nothing like Maria, he storms out of the place, telling her that he has no friends and doesn't need her help. Locke then wakes up, and takes Hope back home.

Training Day

Dr. Eggman training his new robot army to deal with the "bad guys" of the Kingdom of Acorn.

He introduces Sonic the Hedgehog as dangerous for his super speed attacks and Tails as a prodigy with machinery and is sick with his friendship with Sonic. Dr. Eggman introduces the third on the hit list as Knuckles, the Guardian of the Master Emerald and famous for his gliding and strength. His last target is Amy Rose, who has a "schoolgirl" infatuation with Sonic and her tarot card deck and mystical Piko Piko Hammer make her "a rose with dangerous thorns". Dr. Eggman then sends out his robots to destroy those on Eggman's "hit list".


It's a quiet day in Knothole and Tails is quietly reading a book. Elsewhere, shockwaves from a massive explosion is heard. Back in Knothole, Sonic is playing darts against Ash, where Mina, Ash and Bunnie are seeing if Sonic's speed means he's accurate. Sonic aims for the dartboard (with Eggman's picture), but the dart is too fast and hits off the board. Sonic stunned utters "I wuz robbed!" Sonic mad over his loss yells to see if Ash can do better with his 'smart-mouth'. Amy, Bunnie and Mina are impressed with all of Sonic and Ash's trash talk. Ash attempts to hit the dartboard, but misses it entirely. Sonic grins in the background and Ash asks for a best two out of three.

Meanwhile, Tails discovers something in his book and flies out to Rotor and Tommy Turtle. Rotor discovers on Tails' arrival that there's been some seismic activity. Tails thinks he can go and check it out on the Tornado, but Rotor feels that it can't handle the personal and equipment they need. Rotor thinking that there's a threat there feels that at least Sonic or Bunnie should go. Tails thinking he's "Chopped liver" asks why can't they lead. Rotor tries to explain that they're the brain trust that provide logic, and uses also Sally as an example of being a princess who is neither support nor combat, but leadership.

Tails still steamed about Rotor tries to find Sonic, when he notices Ash storming off being followed by Mina. Tails runs into the game room and finds Sally and Bunnie playing pool. Sonic finds Tails and asks why he didn't answer before (Tails being too deep in his book). Tails then asks Sonic if he's got plans for the next few days.

Later, Sonic is packing sun block, nutrient tablets, bottled water and finds his A-pod to bring on his trip. Sonic heads to the hanger, where Bunnie, Tommy and Sally are waiting for him. Sally wishes Sonic goodbye and wishes that they all return safe and sound.

Meanwhile, in the place Sonic and his friends are heading, Shadow enters the base and discovers the prototype from Gerald Robotnik's encrypted data-files...

Off Panel

See also: Off Panel

Off Panel

The editor tells Sonic that this Off Panel is dedicated to celebrating two of the comic's most overlooked contributors: Jeff Powell and John Workman. He speaks with lavish, gaudy fonts before telling Sonic that they're responsible for the comic's lettering. Sonic is not surprised.

Key Events


  • Shadow was last seen during the time he met Hope, who he was drawn to (due to being similar to Maria) in Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 133.
  • Sonic brings his A-pod, being a reference to the iPod.
  • This is artist Dawn Best's last issue.
  • In one panel in the first story, Locke's eyes are mistakenly drawn connected.


Cover artwork

Interior page artwork


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