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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 142 is the one hundred forty-second issue in the Sonic the Hedgehog (comic series).

The Original Freedom Fighters Part 1

Hope Kintobor (Eggman's niece) is working on a school paper. While using the computer at the library (located in Knothole) she stumbles across the original five Freedom Fighters. After asking Sonic the Hedgehog about them, he decides to give her a history lesson.

When Robotnik Prime invaded Mobotropolis, a retired colonel known as Tig Stripe took it upon himself to get everyone to safety. After hearing the news of King Acorn's disappearance, he moved everyone else to Knothole Village. He oversaw the construction of Knothole and was one of the very first Freedom Fighters, along with Spot Long, Sir Peckers, Trey Scales and MP Bull Bones.

The Freedom Fighters soon became five thorns in Robotnik's side. For years, they raided Robotnik's factories and did everything in their power to aggravate the ex-warlord; even saving a 7-year-old Sonic's life. They became heroes and icons for Freedom Fighters everywhere.

After the story, Hope asks, "So what happened to them?" Sonic answers, "They were betrayed by one of their own".

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