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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 142 is the one hundred forty-second issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The Original Freedom Fighters, Part 1

Not only does the tyranny of Dr. Robotnik go back as far as anyone on Mobius can remember... but there have always been heroes to fight that evil. This is the story of those heroes... Sonic's heroes... who gave rise to Sonic and the Freedom Fighters as we know them today.

I Wanna Be A Freedom Fighter

After her recent heroics, everybody's favorite pink hedgehog, Amy, makes her case to be a Freedom Fighter. But will it happen?

Mobius: 25 Years Later - Moment of Truth

Cobar and Rotor, the greatest scientific minds of the future, present King Sonic and The Guardian Knuckles their solution to save Mobius: they must return to the past! There's a catch, however: in order for Mobius to be saved, there's no guarantee that the lives they have led will unfold the same as before.

Featured stories

The Original Freedom Fighters Part 1

Hope Kintobor (Doctor Eggman's niece) is working on a school paper. While using the computer at the library (located in Knothole) she stumbles across the original five Freedom Fighters. After asking Sonic the Hedgehog about them, he decides to give her a history lesson.

When Robotnik invaded Mobotropolis, a retired colonel known as Tig Stripe took it upon himself to get everyone to safety. After hearing the news of King Acorn's disappearance, he moved everyone else to Knothole Village. He oversaw the construction of Knothole and was one of the very first Freedom Fighters, along with Spot Long, Sir Peckers, Trey Scales and MP Bull Bones.

The Freedom Fighters soon became five thorns in Robotnik's side. For years, they raided Robotnik's factories and did everything in their power to aggravate the ex-warlord; even saving a seven-year-old Sonic's life. They became heroes and icons for Freedom Fighters everywhere.

After the story, Hope asks, "So what happened to them?" Sonic answers, "They were betrayed by one of their own".

I Wanna Be A Freedom Fighter!

Amy Rose appears in her young form and original clothes arguing against Sally with why she wants to be a Freedom Fighter. However, she is obviously shot down with the usual responses of being a: too young, and b: inexperienced). However, she just thinks that those are just excuses for Princess Sally to keep Sonic for herself.

However, this was just a flashback Sally has given to the audience in one of her speeches, where she is addressing a formal and official entry of the Freedom Fighters to the now older looking Amy Rose with her new clothes. Amy Rose, visibly embarrassed by her past, still appreciates Sally's thanks, as well as her reasoning.

Sally still continues her speech with a motivation of why the efforts given by the Freedom Fighters still aren't enough, and how they must continue to seek more help, and hurt the evil empire with greater impact and efficiency. Finally, she awards Amy with a Medal of Honor for her help with the defense against Robotnik's offensive, as well as keep out radioactive fallout.

The two shake hands, and the crowd cheers for Amy Rose.

Mobius: 25 Years Later: Moment of Truth

After getting a night's sleep and absorbing the recent events, Knuckles awakens to find that everyone else is already outside having breakfast. On his way down he is intercepted by Lara-Su, who begins pressing him once again about starting her Guardian training. Knuckles once again rebuffs her efforts, refusing to agree to her request. Meanwhile, Rotor and Cobar discuss their deteriorating situation, and Rotor proposes the radical idea of sending someone back in time. Back at Knuckles', Sonic discusses the pressure he is feeling over his station as king with Sally, citing her as the true authority over the kingdom. He and Knuckles then go to a video conference with the two scientists, where the two propose the idea of going back in time using the Tachyon Chamber, a device created by Dr. Robotnik. Despite the uncertainty involved, Sonic decides that it is their best option, and asks the two to meet him and Knuckles at the shuttle-port. He and Knuckles then briefly part ways to take care of separate business, and Knuckles overhears Lara-Su and Sonia bemoaning their fates: Sonia's doomed dreams of becoming queen, and Lara-Su's fading hopes of becoming a Guardian.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Sonic looks over the editor's monkey memorabilia. The editor claims that he does not let his fascination with monkeys affect his work. He then tells Sonic that he will be kidnapped by a giant gorilla in the next issue. Sonic tells him that Peter Jackson is already working on that movie.


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