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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 141 is the one hundred forty-first issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Return to Angel Island (Part 4 of 4): Ultimate Hero

The thrilling conclusion to this turbulent tale could spell the final conclusion for our heroes. Will the combined might of Sonic, Knuckles and the Chaotix be enough to end the tyranny of Dr. Robotnik and keep their lives from hanging in the balance?

Mobius: 25 Years Later - Scenario

King Sonic and The Guardian Knuckles must work with Rotor and Cobar to create a plan of action to correct the time anomaly that threatens the future as they know it. Can they possibly stop what was set in motion years ago?

Featured stories

Return to Angel Island - Part Four: Ultimate Hero

Using Dr. Robotnik's technology, Hunter is teleporting the echidnas to the Egg Grapes while on his search for the Master Emerald. Hunter uses a Warp Ring to travel to the Emerald Altar, while Sonic, Knuckles, the Chaotix, Locke, Lien-Da and the Dark Legion are stuck at the Dingo headquarters. Succeeding in getting rid of General Kage and the Dingoes, Lien-Da is upset with Locke as they have left the city defenseless. Sonic and Knuckles return to the Hidden Palace before Hunter does any damage.

Meanwhile, Hunter has arrived through the Warp Ring, taking Doctor Finitevus, Saffron, Lara-Le, Remington and Wynmacher by surprise. Archimedes tells Saffron, Wynmacher and Lara-Le to get to safety while he and the others face Hunter. Trying to be the hero, Remington attacks Hunter, but is teleported to the Egg Grapes. Everyone thinks that Remington is dead and feel helpless against Hunter, until Sonic and Knuckles arrive on the scene. Hunter uses a bumper that launches Sonic back and forth. Knuckles prepares to attack, but gets hurt by the Master Emerald.

Lien-Da and the Chaotix return to the Hidden Palace with Locke, only to be overrun by Dingoes. Lien-Da gets into an argument with Julie-Su about their location being compromised. Charmy and Julie-Su make their way to the Hidden Palace to find Knuckles and to make sure Saffron is safe.

Knuckles' eyes begin to glow pink; he becomes overpowered by the Master Emerald and transforms into Super Knuckles. Julie-Su, Charmy and the others are confused. Super Knuckles attacks Hunter and flings him far away into the ocean. Terrified by Super Knuckles, the Dingo armies flee and the echidnas praise Knuckles as the Avatar. Lien-Da tries to stop them, but to no avail. Knuckles has regained his Chaos powers from being exposed to the Master Emerald.

Dr. Robotnik sends them a message that the Egg Pawns are approaching to destroy the palace, so the echidnas and the Master Emerald have to evacuate. Knuckles and Lien-Da have lost the conflict, with Remington and Dr Finitevus being casualties. Sonic and the Chaotix head back to Knothole Village. Mad at Knuckles for abandoning his guardian duties, Locke leaves with the intention of stopping Dr. Robotnik, who has kidnapped Remington and several other echidnas and is using their energies in the Egg Grapes to power his city.

Mobius 25 years later: Scenario

Sonic and Knuckles meet up with Rotor and Cobar for a discussion. Something is breaking the space/time continuum. Sonic is to blame for this on three occasions in the past: when he accessed the Cosmic Interstate with his other forms (Sonic the Hedgehog #11); when Dr. Robotnik activated the Ultimate Annihilator while engaged in a battle with him (Sonic the Hedgehog #50); and when Sonic detonated the Quantum Dial (Sonic the Hedgehog#125). Lien-Da overhears the conversation and wants to be part of Cobar's and Rotor's plan.

Off Panel

See also: Off Panel

Off Panel

Knuckles tells the editor that, since he shows up in Mobius: 25 Years Later, he has nothing to fear. The editor suggests that the story could be "an imaginary tale from a dream sequence set in a parallel universe of another dimension." Mighty asks Knuckles if he's ready to "live dangerously," but Knuckles is worried about getting a good life insurance policy.


  • Knuckles is forced to ditch his accessories (that resemble those from Sonic Adventure 2) when Sonic makes a joke of wanting to travel light.
  • A banner that hangs in the Hidden Palace reads "The Avatar will save you S3:K" which seems to refer to Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles.
  • There is a signpost that points to the locations of different zones from the games: Red Mountain from Sonic Adventure, Sky Canyon from Sonic Adventure 2 and Lava Reef Zone from Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  • The panels on Page 9 where Knuckles transformed into Hyper Knuckles was taken directly from Elpizo's first transformation via the Dark Elf. This was because Mega Man Zero 2 had just been released at the time the issue was being storyboarded, and the artist responsible for the panels thought Elpizo's transformation would have been cool to use for Knuckles. He also admitted that doing such an artwork ran the risk of entering a lawsuit with Capcom.[1]


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