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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 136 is the one hundred thirty-sixth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The Infiltrator

Sonic looks forward to a well-needed rest after a strenuous, nerve-racking adventure, but gets anything but rest. As he sleeps, his life is in grave danger, and his father, Jules Hedgehog, does what any father would -- at a heavy price.

Mobius: 25 Years Later - Girl Talk

The latest in a series of tales depicting "Mobius: 25 Years Later" finds Queen Sally and Julie-Su trying to figure out a way for their husbands and kids to get along during an upcoming visit. Easier said than done!


Knuckles decides to disobey the King and take matters into his own hands by freeing Angel Island on his own. Will his lack of patience be his own downfall?

Featured stories

The Infiltrator

The story starts out with Bernadette, Tails, and Jules are all at Sonic's home. Tails is studying, Bernadette is making breakfast, and Tommy walks in and greets them all. Bernadette offers Tommy some breakfast but Tommy declines and asks about Sonic's whereabouts. Jules reveals that Sonic is on a mission for the king.

Suddenly, Sonic walks in obviously tired and lethargic from an all-night mission. Bernadette puts breakfast on the table for Sonic that he quickly devours while heading for bed. Jules comments on how rude that was of Sonic not to thank his mother, but then explains that Sonic's speed makes him crash and catalyzes his fatigue—though Jules was not keen about the teenage attitude that came with it. Realizing that he is late, Tails hurries to school while Jules wishes him luck on his test.

Meanwhile, A.D.A.M. informs Dr. Robotnik that Infiltrator #127 is in his designated position and ready to attack. Eggman is pleased and urges the operation to continue. Back at Sonic's house, Bernadette notices that she left a plate of food for Jules without thinking, reminding her of Jules' condition. Jules attempts to cheer her up by saying that Uncle Charles will eventually find a means to return him back to normal. In the midst this, Tommy skulks into Sonic's room. While Sonic is sleeping, Tommy activates a drill from his hand, thus revealing that this is not the real Tommy. The drill almost makes contact with Sonic but Jules barges in the room just in time. Jules orders the infiltrator to get his drill away from Sonic and leaps toward the robot double. Sonic wakes up dazed from the commotion. Jules is then stabbed by the infiltrator's drill, leaving Jules terminated. Sonic then furiously spin dashes into the infiltrator, destroying it. Sonic worriedly picks up Jules' disabled body, desperate to find a way to repair him.

Sonic takes Jules' body to Uncle Charles for examination. Uncle Charles states that he can fix Jules' robot exterior, but he can't bring him back to life. Sonic cries along with Bernadette, but he realizes there is still time and rushes to the Lake of Rings. Luckily, it is 3:00 PM and a power ring surfaces from the Lake of Rings. Sonic comes back to Uncle Charles with that ring. Charles says it is too late and he has to accept that Jules is dead, but Sonic refuses to believe that Jules is dead—he didn't want to lose the father he just begun to know. Sonic strongly wishes upon the ring that he gathered. He then forces the ring atop Jules' body and saves his life.

During another morning in knothole, Sonic and Uncle Charles are conversing and Charles commends Sonic for not giving up and replenishing Jules' existence. While Charles is exploring the Tommy infiltrator's body, he uncovers a manufacturing chip with all the necessary data on it: the imprint, season, locating, and the factory it was manufactured in. From this information, Sonic realizes that Tommy is still alive and it is up to him to rescue him.

Mobius: 25 Years Later - Girl Talk

The story opens with Julie-Su and Abby in the kitchen and Sally on a monitor saying there is an issue. Abby and Julie-Su agree because of King Sonic's and Knuckles' differing tastes in food. Abby also claims that the children will be much trouble as well, including Lara-Su's pickiness. Sally states that Manik despises many foods as well. Julie-Su states that it is harder to plan a simple group affair than to battle Eggman, as Sonic and Knuckles hate social functions. Sally contemplates that Sonic should be used to it by now, considering that he has been king for 17 years, but she also claims that Sonic never wanted to be king in the first place. Julie-Su thinks it is the same situation about Knuckles being a guardian. Sally asks if Lara-Su can take Knuckles' job at her age, which she is and bothers Knuckles about it all the time. Sally claims that Manik is just the opposite as he doesn't want to be a prince, and Sonia only likes to dress up as a princess, but not be one as well.

While they are talking, Sally notices she has a call waiting on the monitor, turning out to be Lien-Da. Since Julie-Su hasn't spoken to Lien-Da in so long, she was wondering if they could have a three-way call. Lien-Da says yes, claiming she represents the council before the kingdom. Julie-Su states that they were talking about dinner. Lien-Da thinks that could be fun, Sally thinks so as well but unsure on some parts, like the kids and her husband. One reason is that Manik has a crush on Lara-Su, but she is much too old for him. Lara-Su, embarrassed about that, pleads Lien-da to not tell her cousin Rutan about it. Lien-Da complies while Julie-Su asks why Lara-Su is out of school so early. The recent lightning storms that have been occurring shorted out the power, and without lights class could not take place. Sally's area has been feeling it as well, the lightning and strong winds, but no rain. Sally had asked Rotor about it, but he said it was not a big deal and that it would not affect Sally and Sonic's trip to Angel island. Sally asks if Lien-Da can join, but Lien-Da says she already has plans. Lien-Da hears Dimitri calling her, so she leaves. Soon after Abby says she will be serving Escargot Souffle with Clam Pie. To Sally and Julie-Su that sounds wonderful, but Lara-Su says that it is disgusting.


The story opens with Knuckles standing atop a high cliff side gazing at Angel Island from afar. It is near a tall peak in Downunda, which Knuckles claims is a regularity for this time of year. Knuckles notices that Downunda is mostly untouched by Eggman's mechanics, musing the doctor's reasons for letting the region go free up to this point. Knuckles is fed up with how long Angel Island has been under Eggman's control and decides to fulfill his mission to liberate his home solo.

Knuckles remembers being told by the king that he should wait until the best time and resources are obtained. Knuckles realizes this makes sense, but he is still tempted by the fact that Angel Island is in close proximity, and he figures now is the perfect time to strike in spite of his lack of his powers. He feels that it is his Guardian duty to protect it. Even though he is disobeying the king, he glides and latches on to the peak nearest to Angel Island and climbs, hoping he is doing the right thing.

After his climbs to the cliff side, he runs toward the island, wondering how much damage Eggman has done. Soon, he is in hand's reach of Angel island and is about to latch and climb. Then he rethinks and decides not to, considering that his father has had faith in Angel Island, and so will he. Meanwhile, a group of Swatbots controlled by A.D.A.M. are standing on top of the island's edge in concealment. Eggman states that if Knuckles hand climbed, they would've had the chance to kill him. A.D.A.M. says to simply have patience, to which Eggman responds that he hates patience.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Sonic visits Gabrie and finds his eyes in the shape of Xs. He believes he is dead but Gabrie tells him his eyes are simply in that state because he has been watching Sonic X. He then proceeds to hit himself in the head with a mallet to make his eyes into the shape of +s to show Sonic what he thought he had seen. Sonic then says that Gabrie needs a vacation.


Jules: I'm not sure if I'm used to the teenage attitude that comes with it.
Chuck: I may be able to fix his body, Sonic, but I can't bring back the spark of life that made him a Robian.

Key Events

  • The Tommy Turtle that Sonic met last issue is revealed to be a robot created by Eggman to kill Sonic.
  • The Tommy Turtle robot fatally wounds Jules.
  • Sonic destroys the Tommy robot and revives Jules with a Power Ring.
  • Sonic learns that the real Tommy Turtle is alive and is held captive by Eggman.
  • Knuckles gets eager to head back to Angel Island, but he's reminded about patience from King Max.


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