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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 135 is the one hundred thirty-fifth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Agent of K.N.O.T.H.O.L.E.

Sonic receives a mysterious message prompting him to travel incognito to meet someone in the middle of the Eggman Empire... someone who should be dead! Can this be a trap?


Dr. Robotnik has a new enemy to contend with, and it isn't Sonic. This enemy has left a special present for Robotnik and signed it... you guessed it... "Anonymous"!

Mobius: 25 Years Later - Dealing With the Devil

The next exciting installment of our popular series of tales depicting "Mobius: 25 Years Later" continues!

Featured stories

The Tommy Trilogy Part One: Agent of K.N.O.T.H.O.L.E.

Sonic arrives in the ghost town of Gravestone, located in the Forbidden Zone, disguised in a cloak. He approaches a bar and, after passing security, spots his contact in a far corner stall. In New Megaopolis, a Robotic Snively informs Dr. Eggman that, while the first one hundred attempts failed, he's finally finished their project and is ready to deploy it at his master's command.

Back at the bar, Sonic meets up with Tommy Turtle, who chooses not to act like a secret agent despite Sonic's urging. Sonic asks how he survived the explosion and made it out of the factory where they last met. Tommy explains that he saw Sleuth Dawg throw a grenade and threw Sonic out the window to protect him. When he ducked into his shell, the blast also blew him out of the window as well, but he landed over a mile away from the factory. Sonic doesn't understand why Tommy didn't contact him, but Tommy explains that Eggman's roboticized goons, the Fearsome Foursome and Drago Wolf, captured him. Tommy tells Sonic that he's heard Eggman found a countermeasure to the Bem's mass de-roboticization, but he's very selective about who is re-roboticized.

Tommy and Sonic's chat is interrupted when the newly re-roboticized Fearsome Foursome, Sleuth Dog, and Drago Wolf attack. Sonic toys with opponents, taunting them and tricking them into attacking each other, when he notices that Sleuth and Drago have Tommy cornered. Sonic manages to knock out the Destructix, but when he turns to help Tommy he finds that Sleuth and Drago are already gone. Tommy explains that he quickly reprogrammed Sleuth Dawg and Drago Wolf to jump into the nearest lake. Sonic walks Tommy out of the bar and back to Knothole, unaware of Drago's robotic remains hidden under a nearby table.


A.D.A.M. alerts Dr. Eggman to a mysterious presence in his lab: roboticized versions of the Fearsome Foursome, Sleuth Dawg, and Drago Wolf. Eggman is perplexed: he's been unable to roboticize Mobians for a whole year, yet six new Robians are in his lab. He wonders if someone else figured out the secret to re-roboticization when A.D.A.M. explains that the Robians were found just outside of New Megaopolis by a SWATbot patrol, and that their memory banks are already in the process of being scanned.

Eggman tells A.D.A.M. to access Drago's memories. Drago speaks to the group about how great their new job is going to be, with Sleuth adding in that their new boss won't betray them. Realizing that whoever roboticized them altered their memories to conceal his identity, Eggman orders A.D.A.M. to try and decode the information. After several hours, A.D.A.M. admits his failure to restore the data. All he can offer his "father" is a split second, censored image that reveals that the culprit is as tall as Eggman and a name left in the encryption: Anonymous. Frustrated about how much time he's wasted on this, Eggman decides that Anonymous has his attention.

Mobius: 25 Years Later - Dealing With the Devil

Off Panel

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Off Panel

A guard of King Acorn's Royal Guard apprehends Gabrie and brings him before the king himself. The king brings to the editor's attention a list of areas that needed to be made "handicapped accessible" while he was in his wheelchair confinement. Though Gabrie initially states that this would be impossible he quickly changes his views after receiving a squeeze on his arm from the guard.


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