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Sonic the Hedgehog #134 is the one hundred thirty-fourth issue of Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official Solicitation

Home: Epilogue - Say You Will

The poignant aftermath to this epic tale's climactic finale. With the present crisis abated last issue, Sonic finally has the chance to catch up to those near and dear to him, especially one Princess Sally Acorn.

Mobius 25 Years Later - In Transit

The series continues as Lord Rotor returns to the Kingdom of Knothole, while Knuckles consults with the Brotherhood of Guardians at Haven II.

Featured Stories

Home: Epilogue - Say You Will


Sonic meets Ash.

At Castle Acorn's royal infirmary, Sonic receives a checkup from Doctor Quack, who asks about the implant in his ear. Quack tells Sonic that the device has bonded with his nervous system, but it doesn't seem to be a threat and removing it would probably be far more dangerous than letting it stay. He gives Sonic a sling for his arm and some herbal salve to help him treat the burn Mecha's lasers gave him. Sonic is overwhelmed by all that's changed and asks Quack about what happened to him since they last saw each other. Assuming Sonic meant his eyepatch, Quack explains that he stepped on a land mine while on the front lines.

As Sonic exits the infirmary, Sally and his family greet him warmly. Queen Alicia enters, explaining that King Max is debriefing everyone who helped thwart Operation: Triple Threat and everyone else is preparing for Sonic's homecoming celebration. Sonic and Sally share a kiss before going their separate ways for the rest of the day. The Hedgehog family steps outside the castle and begin to chat when they are surrounded by the paparazzi. They eventually make their way home, and Sonic drifts to sleep.

Sonic is woken up by Muttski, who welcomes him home. Sonic panics, running downstairs to ask his parents how their dog is able to talk when he realizes that his translator implant is the cause of Muttski's "speech". He tells his family that, while in space, he met the Bem scientist who deroboticized the robians of Mobius: Ceneca-9009. Sonic explains that when he busted her out of prison, she told him that his father, Jules, remained roboticized because the deroboticization process would have restored the fatal wounds he had been subject to before roboticization, killing him.

Sonic finds Tails at King Fredrick airbase and asks what he's been up to. They make some small talk when Tails starts to ask about Sonic's time in space. Sonic reveals to Tails that his parents are alive on Argentium. He hands over the package from Tails' parents, which contains a holo-message of Amadeus and Rosemary telling Tails that they will always love him.

Sonic arrives at Green Hill Park, where Mina and her band, the Knothole Knuts, are performing. After Mina's band wraps up their show, King Max announces that he and Queen Alicia will be touring the planet and Sally will serve as acting ruler in the interim. Sonic happily greets Mina, who talks about her time spent singing to rally the troops and introduces her boyfriend, Ash. Alicia asks Max if it's actually okay to leave Sally to rule, seeing how hysterical she became when Sonic was hurt just hours ago. Max responds by telling his wife that he trusts Sally.

Sally is about to talk to Sonic about something when a large group of their friends interrupt, wanting to mingle. While hanging out with his friends, Sonic asks Knuckles why the Chaotix are in Knothole. Knuckles tells him that Eggman captured Angel Island and they've been stuck guarding Knothole ever since. While Knuckles tries to articulate his feelings, Sonic notices Tails doting over Fiona. He worries that Tails might end up falling for her and end up heartbroken, like when he fell for her robot double, when Rotor appears with his new invention that shoots custom fireworks. He fires it off, creating an image of Sonic and Sally embracing high in the sky. Sonic congratulates Geoffrey St. John and Hershey on their marriage and, reflecting on how beautiful love is, asks Bunnie what happened between her and Antoine. Bunnie just supposes the war must have changed him and they didn't feel the same about each other anymore. At the same time, King Max elects Antoine to join them on their tour as the commander of their elite guard.

Sally slaps Sonic.

After posing for a picture, Sally asks Sonic to share the responsibility of ruling the kingdom with her while her parents are away. Sonic is confused, and Sally reminds Sonic that he's her consort. Sonic argues that he needs to fight Eggman, but Sally argues back that there are plenty of soldiers already and pleads for him to stop risking his life. Sonic refuses, and in the heat of the moment Sally slaps Sonic. Sonic and Sally angrily shout at each other over their differences. Sally asks if defeating Eggman is more important to Sonic than her, but Sonic doesn't answer. Bawling, Sally tells Sonic that Eggman can have him and runs away.




  • In the Royal Infirmary, a monitor behind Sonic shows the name "Billy Hatcher". Billy Hatcher is a Sega character who has appeared alongisde Sonic in various crossover games, such as Sega Superstars, which was also released in 2004.
  • In the Royal Infirmary, an X-Ray on the screen resembles NiGHTS. NiGHTS also appears on the cover of a video game in Sonic's bedroom.
  • At the Royal Infirmary, Bernadette is reading a magazine called National Mobographic, a reference to National Geographic.
  • A portrait of Frederick Acorn appears in the Royal Infirmary and at Frederick's Airbase, which is presumably named after him.
  • The Chu-Chu Rocket mice and cat appear behind Sonic's bed as figurines. Chu-Chu Rocket is also a Sega game.
  • On page ten, there appears to be a carving on a tree beside Knuckles that reads "LNR + SNE". Jon Gray has stated that this stood for "Live Nude Robotnik + Sexy Nekkid Eggman".[1] This is in reference to Sonic the Hedgehog #108, "Robotnik x2 = Trouble".
  • The concert is at Green Hill Park, a reference to the Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 1.
  • This story contains several cameo appearances by characters who resemble characters from the UK publication Sonic the Comic. In particular, Tekno the Canary appears with Amy Rose at the concert, and says "Wow, Amy--Sally's in charge" after King Acorn's announcement. Amy specifically refers to her as Tekno. Shortfuse the Cybernik appears in a group of four Robians as Sonic explains about the Bem's mass-deroboticization. Several other characters appear at the concert, including:
  • As King Acorn announces that he and Alicia will leave Knothole for a while, Tails Doll can be seen next to Big the Cat. Tails Doll also appears at the top left of the crowd in the final panel of the story.
  • Tiara Boobowski has a cameo appearance on page 20, standing next to Amy in front of the stage as Sonic and Sally break up. Characters resembling Sonia and Manic from Sonic Underground can also be spotted in this scene, sitting next to Espio and above Rotor respectively.
  • In one of the panels, Sonic's ears are missing.

Bio information noting Sonic's 'Cyclops Eye'.

  • Within the Royal Infirmary, a light-blue monitor containing some biological information regarding Sonic the Hedgehog notes Sonic having a 'Cyclops eye'. This is a reference to the peculiar design of Sonic's eyeball(s) which appears to contain only one eyeball with two irises. This design is not limited to Sonic, but is common to characters of a mobian hedgehog species and some others however.

Mobius: 25 Years Later: In Transit


On an aircraft travelling back from Angel Island, Rotor records his personal log. He describes how, while meeting with Knuckles, they were interrupted by Rutan and Salma, who had been eavesdropping. Knuckles heard them and identified them with his bionic eye. Knuckles left to check Rotor's information. Rotor concludes his log by saying that he knew that Knuckles would be conferring with the Brotherhood at Haven Two.

At Haven Two, Knuckles kisses his grandfather Sabre, who is now catatonic in a wheelchair. Sojourner appears, and Knuckles asks to use the satellite monitors he cannot use his own surveillance equipment in the Chaos Chamber because he had made a promise to Julie-Su that he wouldn't ever spy on the family. Spectre assumes that Knuckles wants to spy on Lien-Da, but Knuckles says it's about Rutan. On the monitor, Lien-Da confronts Rutan and Salma about where they've been all night. Rutan says they spent the night with friends after Lara-Su's unveiling, but Salma admits that she told her parents that she was staying with Lara-Su. Knuckles says that Lara-Su has some explaining to do for covering for them, but that he is more interested in whether Rutan learned anything he shouldn't have.

From the aircraft, Rotor watches the Brotherhood's feed on a monitor. Rotor is impressed that Cobar managed to hack the system, although Cobar modestly says it was accidental. Rotor thinks that the two children are harmless, but Cobar says that the bigger threat is Lien-Da, who could muck things up. As the aircraft approaches the Kingdom of Acorn, Rotor says that the King wouldn't be surprised due to his dislike of Echidnas... especially the Guardian.




  • Rotor arrived on Angel Island in Sonic the Hedgehog #131, "Prologue". He met with Cobar in Sonic the Hedgehog #132, "The Unveiling".
  • Rotor and Knuckles met in Locke's Park in the previous issue, Sonic the Hedgehog #133, "Midnight in the Garden". Rutan overheard their conversation in the same issue.
  • Rutan and Salma say that they attended Lara-Su's unveiling, which took place in Sonic the Hedgehog #132, "The Unveiling".
  • Rutan tells Lien-Da that he and Salma spent the night with friends. He admits that they really spent the night together at Locke's Park in Sonic the Hedgehog #135, "Dealing with the Devil". He also reveals in that issue what he overhead of Knuckles and Rotor's conversation.
  • Knuckles mentions the recent bad weather. In Sonic the Hedgehog #133, "Midnight in the Garden", Rotor told Knuckles that the weather was a sign of an impending catastrophe. He had previously confirmed the data with Cobar in Sonic the Hedgehog #132, "The Unveiling". In Sonic the Hedgehog #138, "My Dinner with Sonic", Knuckles reveals that the catastrophe is that the planet will soon explode.
  • Rotor reveals that Sonic dislikes Echidnas, particularly Knuckles. The two next meet in Sonic the Hedgehog #138, "My Dinner with Sonic". They discuss the reasons for their enmity in Sonic the Hedgehog #140, "A Difference of Opinion".

Off Panel

Off Panel

Sonic shows the Gabrie a cool new magic ring he found. An old man clad in white snatches the ring, mumbling about dwarves and elves. Sonic wonders if that was who he thinks it was, but the editor tells him there's "precious" little they can do about it.

Other features

  • Sonic Checklist
  • Sonic-Grams


  • The cover of this issue is based on the famous cover of Marvel Comic's The Amazing Spider-Man #50, in which Peter Parker temporarily gives up being Spider-Man.


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