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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 13 is the thirteenth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

This Island Hedgehog

In an adaption of Sonic The Hedgehog 3 for Genesis, Sonic and Tails meet Knuckles The Echidna! Knuckles has been tricked by Robotnik into thinking Sonic and Tails are after the islands Chaos Emeralds. And while he's busy interrogating the heroes, Robotnik's up to his old dirty tricks...

Space in your Face

Robotnik plans to launch a space-based weapon, RoboStorm. This device will not only turn living beings into robots, it will also jam all regular television broadcasts and replace them with infomercials. The freedom fighters learn of this and enter the ship. Robotnik appears, however, before they can do any damage to the systems, so they blast off with Robotnik in pursuit.

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Sally says that she is the "pit crew" while eating a watermelon and spitting out its seeds.

This Island Hedgehog

Part One

Sonic and Tails are flying in Sonic's biplane and looking for Robotnik's hovercraft when they see an island floating in the sky. Curious about what keeps the island afloat, they decide to land on the island to check it out. However, a mysterious figure with a spiked glove shoots a rocket at them, and the pair is forced to bail. Tails saves Sonic using his flying ability and they land on the island unharmed. They instantly suspecting Robotnik to be the one who launched the rocket. Sonic decides to ask for directions to home from the natives of the island, since their plane is wrecked, but the mysterious figure is determined to prevent them from going anywhere. An Assaulting Batter Blimp attacks them, and Sonic finds an energy shield. He does not know how long the effects will last, so he and Tails jump into the water. Sonic's shield fizzles out, and the pair discover an underwater maze filled with spikes and traps.


Sonic and Tails being attacked by a Assaulting Batter Blimp.

As they make their way through, they are gradually sucked into a giant drain. Sonic and Tails fall unconscious and are sucked inside. They wake up to find themselves bound by ropes in a dark room. A voice greets them, and Sonic comments that the voice does not belong to Robotnik, the obvious person who would have captured them. The voice, and the mysterious figure, is revealed to be Knuckles the Echidna, the last guardian of the Chaos Emerald, which keeps the island afloat. Knuckles says his "pal" Robotnik informed him that Sonic and Tails would steal the Chaos Emerald, and this is why he has captured them.

Part Two

Robotnik and Snively are watching all of this from hidden cameras. It is revealed that Robotnik tricked Knuckles into capturing Sonic and Tails, so that he could steal the Chaos Emerald while Knuckles' back is turned. He plans on using its energies to recharge his hovercraft, which has crashed. Meanwhile, Knuckles becomes even more certain that Sonic and Tails were trying to steal the Chaos Emerald since they knew about it. Sonic reminds him he just told them it floats the island. He offers them a deal: Sonic and Tails have ten minutes to get off his island before he uses force to remove them himself. Sonic and Tails instantly make a run for it. Robotnik contacts Knuckles and tells him to catch them now instead of let them steal the Chaos Emerald. Knuckles tells him to wait and he has a handle on things. Robotnik, after ending the transmission with Knuckles, moves up the countdown for his ship to blast off.

While Knuckles has been preoccupied with the heroes, Crabmeat has stolen the Chaos Emerald and brought it to Robotnik. Sonic and Tails continue to run around the island and avoid Knuckles, but they have no intention of actually leaving; they couldn't anyway, since their plane is wrecked. Tails wonders how they will prove their innocence, and Sonic replies Robotnik will do it for them. The pair are unaware that they are headed straight for the place where the Chaos Emerald is kept, and Knuckles, having watched them the whole time, decides to intercept them. He races through a secret passageway, but gets there to find the Chaos Emerald gone from its stone. Sonic and Tails arrive seconds later, and Knuckles concludes that Robotnik double-crossed him. He orders Sonic and Tails to lead him to Robotnik.

Robotnik, Crabmeat, and a SWATbot are aboard Robotnik's hovercraft, heading for Robotropolis. The Chaos Emerald has recharged it well, so Robotnik decides to keep the Chaos Emerald for further use. All of a sudden, Sonic zips by and takes the emerald from Robotnik. Knuckles is with him, and says he and Sonic have come to an agreement that he is the bad guy. Robotnik sends SWATbots after them, and they battle, with Sonic and Knuckles coming out on top. However, Robotnik escapes with the hovercraft.

Now that Robotnik is gone, Sonic and Tails face the issue of how to get home. Knuckles comments that while Sonic and Tails were unconscious, he had picked up the pieces of their biplane. Sonic puts the plane back together in a flash. As they leave, Knuckles says to himself he probably hasn't seen the last of them.

Space in yo' Face!

Part One

Tails and Bunnie are watching Sonic use his Sonic Spin to carve a statue of Antoine, when suddenly Sally and Rotor come running up with alarming news from a reconnaissance mission outside of Robotropolis. This startles Sonic and makes him ruin the statue. Sally informs them she heard Robotnik bragging about a space weapon called Robostorm, capable of firing rays at Mobius with the ability to roboticize everything within a hundred-mile radius. The Freedom Fighters instantly decide to try and stop Robotnik, though they will have to get past a team of SWATbots first.

The Freedom Fighters travel to Robotropolis, where they instantly see Robostorm, which looks like Robotnik's face. Sonic confuses the SWATbots by running so fast they see multiple images of him, and diverts attention away from the Freedom Fighters, who enter Robostorm. Once joined by Sonic, the Freedom Fighters begin sabotaging the main circuits. Unfortunately, Dr. Robotnik and Snively walk up to Robostorm and attempt to enter. Snively makes a comment about how the SWATbots once guarding Robostorm are gone, and that the door is open. Robotnik is infuriated, but the Freedom Fighters escape by blasting off into space.

In space, Sonic wonders how they will sabotage Robostorm while they are in it, and Sally tell him they can't; they will have to land in Knothole and then sabotage it. Robotnik and Snively are pursuing Robostorm in his personal ship. Snively blasts Robostorm with a de-energizer, but not before Robotnik shields his eyes. He does not like to see an image of himself blasted. The Freedom Fighters are unharmed, but dazed. Robotnik sends them a message: either allow him to take them back to Mobius to be Roboticized, or be left to drift in space forever.

Part Two

There is still some auxiliary power left in Robostorm, so Sonic and Sally decide to land on one of Mobius' one hundred moons. They blast themselves to the nearest moon, landing roughly, and the villains pursue. The heroes soon find the moon is made almost entirely of muck, and that escaping will be difficult. Robotnik and Snively, too, are also stuck in the mud, but their ship is a transformer, and the giant walker can traverse the gunk easily.

The transformer kicks Robostorm, again while Robotnik is shielding his eyes. However, it becomes apparent that the Freedom Fighters were not in the ship when the transformer kicked it. Infuriated, Robotnik orders Snively to "get them!" and the devious pair chase the Freedom Fighters in a tank that comes out of the transformer's toe. Sonic wonders how to stop Robotnik and escape, and calls on something that Bunnie said earlier, that everything Robotnik builds looks like him. Sonic gets an idea, goes into a super sonic spin, and carves a giant statue of Robotnik out of muck. Robotnik, unable to resist, gets out of the tank and walks over to have a closer look. But the statue is unstable, and falls on Robotnik. Snively abandons the tank to dig Robotnik out (though all he has is a spoon) and while his back is turned, the Freedom Fighters steal the transformer and return to Knothole.

The next morning, Rotor makes a special breakfast to celebrate the defeat of Robotnik, though no one wants to eat it—it's Mobian Mush.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

The former and current editors, Paul Castiglia and Scott Fulop, fight over who forgot to include the credits for "Beat the Clock" in Sonic the Hedgehog #11 while Knuckles encourages them to fight.


Tails: Sonic, you were right! It is a Chaos Emerald that keeps this island afloat!
Knuckles: That proves it! Robotnik was right! How else would you guys know about the emerald?
Sonic: You just told us on the last page of part 1!
Tails: Yeah, like, duh!


  • The early version of this issue's cover depicted Sonic in a different running pose, along with several different color changes in the background.
    • Additionally, the final pose looks more akin to Sonic's Japanese design than his western design.
    • The cover has a reference to IMS, the Robotroplis Motor Speedway. (This is because of the 1994 Brickyard race).
  • This issue features a comic tie-in to the video game Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
  • Knuckles the Echidna makes his debut in this issue. Due to his rising popularity in the series, Knuckles would be the feature of numerous backstories, have his own three-issue miniseries and his own spinoff series staring him.
  • Despite being shown in later issues of the Island falling without the power of the emerald keeping it aloft, the island does not plummet an inch after Robotnik took it, and the Emerald was on an outdoor shrine of stones instead of in the crystalline chamber that would be seen for the first time in the game Sonic and Knuckles.
  • Though unnamed, the Winged Victory appears for the first time in the series.
  • Outside of Knuckles' cave, a sign states 'Gotham City 14 Miles', referencing the primary setting of the Batman series.
  • A line in Sonic Grams makes note of a Sonic air hockey game under development by Sega at the time of writing.
  • When in Hydrocity Zone, Sonic says "There's never really a plumber around when you need one" in reference to Mario.


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