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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 129 is the one hundred twenty-ninth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official Solicitation

Tossed in Space, Part 6: Space Gamble

Move over, Nascar pros - Sonic is putting the pedal to the metal by entering a racing competition! Not the best thing to do with a damaged ship, but he can always use the prize money to fix it. Winning won't be that easy of course-he's only up against fastest beings of the universe! Will Sonic be able to cross the finish line first?

Tossed in Space, Part 7: Welcome To The Wheelworld

The new world Sonic finds himself in offers the best opportunity for to get back home to his family and friends. Too bad he's landed there right in the middle of the trial of the Bem scientist last seen in #118. Why is this trial so important and what does it have to do with Mobius? This must must-read tale features several surprises, including of Tails' parents!


Tossed in Space - Part Six: Space Gamble

Sonic enters a race for the title of fastest thing in the universe to get the parts he needs to fix his ship. Coming in second, Sonic wins when it is revealed that the winner/first placer cheated and Sonic wins.

Tossed in Space - Part Seven: Welcome to Wheelworld

Sonic arrives in Argentium and claims to attend the trial of Ceneca-9009 to gain access. Ceneca-10050 is pressing charges for her to roboticize all of the Mobians, in which she did the opposite. They bring on the case of Amadeus Prower and Rosemary Prower who have been living in Argentium the entire time. Sonic sees the Prowers in the trial and claims that Mobians aren't meant to be roboticized. The Bem created their own version of the roboticizer and tested who was better with the test from Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #118. Sonic ship impounded by the forces of the planet, the Prowers and Sonic are stranded and Ceneca-9009 is going to be put to death. Ceneca-10050 tells Sonic of a wormhole that can teleport anyone anywhere in the galaxy. Sonic frees Ceneca-9009 and takes her to a secret spaceship. Sonic goes into the spaceship only big enough for one in disguise as Ceneca-9009 and goes through the wormhole back to Mobius. The Prowers remain stranded hoping that someday they can go back and see Tails.


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