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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 127 is the one hundred twenty-seventh issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Tossed In Space, Part 3: Evo-Solution

Sonic's space odyssey continues as he crash-lands on a strange planet... a planet that evolves faster than Sonic can even run. What can Sonic do while whole civilizations rise and fall around him? More importantly, what do the inhabitants of the planet think of our trespassing hedgehog? It's sci-fi with a Sonic spin.

Agent Sonic Vs. Agent Knuckles

It's humor in a jugular vein that will drive you mad with laughter as we skewer one of our favorite cartoon strips (Spy vs. Spy parody).

Featured stories

Tossed in Space - Part Three: Evo-solution

Sonic speaks with the D'Novulans on the Magesteron, explaining that the Blodex said he would be provided a translator chip. The captain hands Sonic the chip and Sonic installs it in his ear. With Sonic able to understand alien languages, Captain Oe introduces himself and his crew. Sonic introduces himself and Oe explains that his crew is headed for Mezzo Jillion, a galactic trading hub where Sonic may find a way back to Mobius. As Sonic offers to repay the crew for their generosity, Helmsman Lu draws the crew's attention as they watch the nearby planet, Cemerant-16, explode. Some of the planet's smaller fragments collide with the Magesteron, critically damaging it. Oe instructs his men to flee to the bio pods, which will lead them to inhabitable planets. With only one pod left, Sonic begins to plead for Oe to take the pod himself. Instead, Oe uses his stinger to paralyze Sonic and force him into the pod, remaining on his ship as it explodes.

Sonic slowly begins to recover from his paralysis as his pod arrives on a cloudy planet, covered in mud and blanketed in a dense layer of clouds. Noting that he hates rain and heeding the warning from the pod's computer that the atmosphere is currently inhospitable, Sonic decides to munch on some of the pod's rations. After a long rest, Sonic wakes up to find the that the storm has passed, the pod computer telling him that the atmosphere is now habitable. He walks out into the muddy wasteland to find puddles of pink water all around him. Sonic watches in wonder as microbes busily move around the water's surface, a giant tree sprouts out of nowhere, the seasons change in mere seconds, and creatures emerge from the pink puddles. Realizing that the planet is moving and changing at super speed, Sonic rushes back into his pod to wait until things seem a bit more safe.

Sonic takes another nap, waking up to find an entire civilization advancing technologically by centuries as he watches. Once the small village that surrounded him becomes a futuristic metropolis, time slows down to what seems "normal" for Mobius. Thinking things might be more manageable now, Sonic exits the pod once more and ponders the blue, hedgehog shaped symbols incorporated into the city's architecture. A group of aliens greet Sonic, calling him the "blue-spined immortal", and introduce themselves. Professor Parg and his colleagues explain that they are the dominant species of the planet, the Azurites, and his group created a device to slow down time and interact with Sonic.

Overwhelmed by the situation, Sonic demands an explanation, and Parg offers the history of his people. The early Azurites saw Sonic within his pod and, unable to understand what he was, worshiped him. Due to the relatively slow speed at which Sonic moved, the people thought he was simply an inanimate object, since no Azurite lived long enough to see a change in his position inside the pod. In the modern age, scientists discovered that Sonic was, to them, essentially a living god, and wars were waged over the decision to let Sonic out of his pod. After coming to a general consensus to release Sonic, the Azurites found themselves unable to open the pod and devised a plan to slow time in order to let Sonic exit the pod himself. Prompted to speak to the people, Sonic explains that he's just a hedgehog who's looking for a way back home. The Azurites propose building a space ship for him, but Sonic's worried about how long that would take. The Azurites simply turn off the decelerator and build the ship around him in moments. With his ship complete, Sonic heads off in search of Mobius.

Agent Sonic vs Agent Knuckles

Agent Sonic and Agent Knuckles engage each other in slapstick spy antics. Agent Sonic is seen planting a tree as Agent Knuckles takes out his sniper rifle. As Knuckles takes aim, Sonic presses a button, revealing the tree to be a rocket that explodes in Knuckles' face.

Agent Knuckles buys a newspaper at the stands, only for it to erupt in flames as the salesman reveals himself to be Agent Sonic. Knuckles' hands burn off, being revealed to be fake, as the money he handed to Sonic explodes in his face.

Agents Sonic and Knuckles get into a fight at the carnival, pausing when they notice they're in front of the entrance to "Ivo's Whacks Museum". Dr. Eggman bursts out of the building, whacking both of them with checkerboard wrecking balls. As Eggman flees to the "Shadow Zone", Agents Sonic and Knuckles decide to team up, grabbing Eggman and throwing him out of his Egg Mobile. Eggman is revealed to be a phony, as Agent Shadow appears and zaps them both.


  • The second story is a homage to the Mad Magazine's Spy vs. Spy full page comic strips. Both Mike Gallagher and Dave Manak worked on some of the Spy vs. Spy strips at one point.
  • The second story was made in memory of Spy vs. Spy creator, Antonios Prohias.
  • This issue includes an evolution chart of the Azurites.
  • The new spaceship (that looks like Sonic) that the Azurites design for Sonic is used also in STH: 128 and STH: 129.

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