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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 125 is the one hundred twenty-fifth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Sonic Adventure 2.5: Omega

Special 10-year anniversary issue featuring an all-star artist jam. The celebration of Sonic's 10th Anniversary in comics might also be the beginning of the end for the blue blur, his friends and their enemies as well. The action picks up from the previous issue; Shadow returned to help in the fight against the alien Xorda who want nothing more than the destruction of Mobius. After reasoning and bargaining fail, the denizens of the planet must band together for their very survival! In the end, a hero will fall and the future of Mobius will be changed forever.

Featured stories

Sonic Adventure 2.5: Omega


Chapter 1

In Castle Acorn, Sally begins to explain her cryptic statement to everyone present, as to how Earth and Mobius are the same planet. The correlation between the dates that the Xorda claimed to have wiped out Earth’s civilizations, and the Days of Fury on Mobius match, meaning that they are the exact same event. The results have also been verified by the Brotherhood of Guardians. The Kingdom of Knothole then tries to contact the Xorda by using one of Rotor's inventions. King Acorn decides that he should be the one to contact the Xorda but Sally intervenes, believing that she can make a more convincing argument to the Xorda than her father.

She then makes contact with them, but her findings and pleas fall on deaf ears. The Xorda were already aware of this new species that had evolved on Mobius, but didn't care, since a sizable amount of Mobian DNA is still human, and they state that they still intend to destroy the world before cutting Sally's transmission off. Sally then reports the results of her meeting to her father. Locke doesn’t take the news well, however before he could suggest a plan, Dr. Eggman cuts through Locke's transmission, wanting to speak with King Acorn.

Chapter 2

Eggman makes a proposal to stop the Xorda. He has invented a device, Giga-Bot Prime, which may be capable of destroying the Xorda’s ship, however there's a catch: only Sonic has the ability to power it using his speed. Sonic agrees to work with Eggman, but before he can do so, King Acorn adds a price for Sonic’s help. King Acorn wants Eggman to turn over 50% of his Empire's territory to the Kingdom of Acorn in exchange for Sonic's aid. Eggman reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, in a higher plain of existence, Knuckles leaves the Chaos Force after sensing a grave danger to Mobius. He asks Aurora point blank if he can go back, to which she doesn't answer.

Chapter 3

Sally informs the population about the plan and the deal with Eggman. They are to be considered on standby should Eggman’s plan fail. After Locke regains communication with King Acorn, he is stunned to hear that Eggman actually agreed to his terms. Locke then proceeds to inform King Max about the alliance between the Dingoes, the EST, and the Dark Legion. Before Sonic heads out, Sally stops him for a moment, to ask if she could come along, yet before she could even finish, Sonic takes off with her in tow. The pair arrive at Megapolis and quickly board Giga-Bot Prime, with Sonic piloting the mech. As they head for the Xorda, the Xorda notice the oncoming bot, and attempt to stop it, but are defeated with a single powerful punch from the mech and forced into retreat.

Chapter 4

Sonic and Sally are just beginning to celebrate victory, when a pair of shackles suddnely bind Sonic’s legs. Eggman then appears on the intercom, revealing that he had no intention of keeping his bargain with King Max and that he now plans to proceed to use Giga-Bot Prime to conquer the rest of the world. His celebration is cut short however, when a new telepathic transmission from the Xorda is broadcasted.

The Xorda explain that they have fired their most powerful weapon, the Quantum Dial. Once activated, the dial will produce an artificial black hole which will destroy the entire solar system. Eggman believes that the Xorda’s weapon is meaningless compared to the power of his Giga-Bot Prime and sends the mech (with Sonic and Sally still in it) to the Southern Tundra, where the dial has landed. In Knothole, King Max gives the order for everyone to leave at once to face this threat.

Back on the higher dimensional plain, Knuckles reveals to Aurora that he is aware she lied about him having a second chance at life. Athair appears to confirm this statement and tells his great grandson that he is more than worthy of this honor. Despite Aurora's misgivings and Athair's warning that there might be complications involved with his return, Knuckles leaves the afterlife to return to his friends and loved ones.

Chapter 5

Station Square launches three nuclear missiles at the Quantum Dial, which fall apart before they even reach the weapon. Meanwhile, every single hero and villain on the planet have gathered at the Southern Tundra for one last stand for the fate of their planet. The Dial's arm starts to move and the entire armed forces of Mobius charge at the dial.

However, an automated defense grid prepared by the Xorda activates, slowing the progress of the combined army. Sonic and Sally then arrive at the scene in Giga-Bot Prime, but as they approach the dial, Giga-Bot Prime falls apart. Sonic and Sally manage to survive falling out of the mech, and are now inside the defense perimeter. Sally has Nicole scan the dial for any weaknesses and NICOLE states that if a counter force is created, it will cause the dial to reverse and the gears will be destroyed. Sonic states that he can create that force, but NICOLE tells him there is a catch: the dial's destruction will cause it to implode, as well as anything within its immediate vicinity. Sonic is still willing to take that chance, because everyone else will be safe.

Nicole then states that a secondary defensive system has been activated within the dial. In 3.5 seconds it will destroy everything within a 100 mile radius. As Sonic is about to say something to Sally, the defense system suddenly disappears. Meanwhile, on the battlefield, the laser defense system grid is destroyed as well. Just then, a bright light shines on the battlefield and Knuckles appears on the ground, having been responsible for the destruction of the grid. He and Julie-Su have a brief reunion before Knuckles tries to head off to help Sonic. As he attempts to fly, he instead falls on the ground, realizing that his powers are now gone, and that it was up to Sonic now.

Chapter 6

Sonic and Sally say their farewells and share one last kiss before he runs to the dial. He then runs around it, creating the necessary force needed to stop the gears. Just then, the Quantum Dial implodes in a blaze of bright light, leaving nothing but a smoldering crater. Through the snowy landscape Sally makes her way to her friends, and only says sadly: “He’s gone.”

It is a rainy day on Mobius, the day of Sonic’s funeral. Thousands attend the ceremony in honor of their fallen friend. In their shared grief, the world comes together once more. Only Eggman takes any pleasure from these turn of events. A statue is erected as a monument to Sonic's bravery and courage. As the ceremony ends, the world begins to mourn the loss of its hero.


Halfway across the universe on a barren and distant rock, a something blue hits the surface of the rock. As the dust fades, it reveals an unconscious Sonic, who seems very much alive.



Races and species:







  • This is the comic series' fifth milestone.
  • This issue features a number of different artists for every two or three pages.


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