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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 124 is the one hundred twenty-fourth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official Solicitation

Sonic Adventure 2.5: Alpha

Don't miss the thrilling return of Shadow, the popular character from the game, Sonic Adventure 2! But that is the least of Sonic's problems as aliens, known only as the Xorda, surround the entire planet of Mobius. What they want and why will be the talk of many Sonic fans for many issues to come! This 2-part saga concludes in SONIC #125, the 10th Anniversary Issue of the Sonic comic book!

Afterlife, Part 4

The amazing conclusion to this epic tale starring Knuckles the Echidna!


Sonic Adventure 2.5: Alpha

Shadow had been transported by the Bem before he fell to Mobius. An approaching ship from the Xorda aliens came, and the Bem provided Shadow enough energy to keep being Super Shadow to battle the threat while they escaped. Shadow was no match and fell to Mobius a second time. Meanwhile Dr Robotnik attempts to kill the president of Station Square, but is rescued by Rouge the Bat. In Knothole, Sally tells the King and Queen that she wants Sonic to be her consort who would someday have her hand in marriage. Shadow plummets to Knothole, were havoc around the world is happening, even in Robotropolis. The Xorda spaceship is shown all around Mobius, on Angel Island, Downunda continent, kingdom of Mercia and the Great Canyon range. The Xorda broadcast that they want revenge for what the Overlanders did to them. The Xorda claimed that they were responsible for almost destroying all of the Overlanders and for creating Mobians. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters get the news that Knuckles is dead. Hope appears and claims that their ship was attacked by the aliens and they followed them here. Hope reminds Shadow of his long last Maria. Sally and NICOLE work together to find out about Earth and Mobius and discovers that it is the same planet.

Afterlife - Part Four

Knuckles doesn't want to accept that his life has ended, but Aurora reminds him that one only gets one life. Knuckles goes away from her, where she is confronted by Athair the Echidna who says that many have a chance to live again.


  • This issue marks the first appearance of the Xorda.
  • This issue also reveals that Mobius and Earth are the same planet.
  • The Planet Xorda in Sonic the Hedgehog #169 is revealed to have the blue Chaos Emeralds.


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