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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 123 is the one hundred twenty-third issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Heart Held Hostage, Part Two

After Nack the Weasel and his bounty hunter crew kidnap Sally, Sonic and Mina set out to rescue her together. Things get dicey as danger levels get high for the two girls Sonic cares about most in life. The conclusion to last issue's story will force Sonic to choose between Mina and Sally once and for all in a tale that can't be missed.

Afterlife, Part Three

Knuckles continues to reflect upon his past and how he was groomed to become the Guardian of the Floating Island.

The Last Robian

A mystery has engulfed the entire planet of Mobius - all the Roboticized Mobians have disappeared.

Featured stories

Heart Held Hostage Part Two

Sonic arrives outside the decrepit mansion owned by Nack the Weasel and soon notices he has been followed - by Mina Mongoose. While she reflects on her feelings for the hedgehog, Sonic notices her and demands to know what she's doing there, and she explains that she just followed him using her own super speed and must have left the other Freedom Fighters behind. Sonic admits that they both took off without thinking ahead, and while Mina tries to point this out as something they have in common, Sonic is more concerned with the fact that they're now left to face Nack's gang without back-up. Regardless, they both head in to rescue the kidnapped Princess Sally.

Inside the mansion, Nack is attempting to play the piano while Sally is seated in an armchair, considering her options. She asks Nack his motive for the kidnapping, and he explains his "genius" plan; hold Sally for ransom, as her parents are the King and Queen and will therefore pay a large amount for Sally's return. With a smug smile, Sally claims to be unimpressed and surprised by the simplicity of the plan, teasingly adding "I'd heard a lot of things about you, Nack... but I guess I heard wrong." Nack, indignant, demands to know what she'd have done in this situation; Sally simply replies that they should allow her to join the gang and allow her to continually receive payments from her parents for her safety as a "hostage." The weasels are dumbfounded. Sally feigns dissatisfaction with her family, claiming that it is awful having her wealth controlled by her family. Nack approaches the princess, admitting that he is surprised by her "teenage resentment" towards her parents. As they talk, Nack lets his guard down, and Sally quickly leaps from her seat and knees him in the crotch, letting him fall to the ground as she steals his gun. She orders the other two gang members to drop their weapons as she keeps hers trained on the fallen Nack, and then flees the room.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Mina have entered the mansion and, given the sheer size of the place, Sonic suggests they split up to find Sally—but adds that should Mina find them first, he wants her to backtrack and find him before acting. Mina, meanwhile, is distracted by her close contact with Sonic, and agrees to the plan, thinking that she would do anything to prove her love for him. The other weasels, however, have chased after Sally, and Sonic and Mina both hear gunshots. Sally attempts to fight off her attackers, but she finds herself cornered at the end of a hallway and her gun out of ammo while the weasels have her at gunpoint.

However, the weasels find themselves suddenly disarmed as Sonic arrives and takes their guns in the blink of an eye. They attempt to retaliate, but Sonic knocks them both unconscious before they can do anything. Sally, overjoyed, runs to Sonic just as Mina steps into the room. Sonic and Sally embrace; Sally says "I love you" to which Sonic replies "I know." and the two kiss. In the doorway, unnoticed by the two young lovers, Mina watches in shock and is overcome by her broken heart. She staggers from the room, feeling sick, and weeps, berating herself for not realizing how Sonic felt about Sally and lamenting that she's only been fooling herself, believing that Sonic never liked her. Despite this, Mina resolves that even if Sonic will never love her like he does Sally, she will still do anything for him.

Sonic and Sally, hand in hand, walk through the mansion; Sally wonders where Nack went, but Sonic figures that the weasel likely fled and adds that they should just go find Mina. However, Nack is still present; indignant from being played by Sally, he takes aim at her from behind. Mina, trying to hide the fact that she'd been crying, steps into the room to find Sonic and Sally and finds Nack about to shoot the princess; aghast, she speeds forward, deciding that she needs to save Sally for Sonic's sake. The bullet meant for Sally catches Mina in the back, and she falls to the floor as Nack makes his escape. As she loses consciousness, Mina, disoriented, quietly tells Sonic that she loves him.

Mina later awakens in the hospital with Sonic and Sally at her bedside. Sonic says that what she did was dumb, but also "totally brave and way past cool." Mina turns to Sally and asks if she is okay, and Sally replies that she is while asking Mina the same, adding that she was "hurt pretty bad." Closing her eyes and tearing up slightly, Mina says I-I'll get over it..."

Afterlife Part Three

Knuckles relives his life experiences, viewing his younger self and Princess Sally enjoying time together on Angel Island as children. Watching the scene, the goddess Aurora teases Knuckles about having been "quite smitten" with Sally back then, to which Knuckles replies that that was long before he met Julie-Su, though he's surprised that they (his younger self and Sally) don't hear them talking. Aurora explains that they're simply going over what's essentially a repository of his life experiences; they move on to view Knuckles training with this father, which Knuckles remembers happily; Aurora implies that this ended when Locke left for the Forbidden Zone, and Knuckles admits that it was hard on him. Aurora assumes that this was because he felt pressure to take up the position of Guardian, but Knuckles says that he just didn't want his father to leave.

Then then observe Knuckles' second encounter with Vector the Crocodile, which seems to have better sewn the seeds of friendship, and Knuckles remarks that acting as Guardian was pretty simple until outside forces began arriving on the island. He talks about how Sonic and others would show up during several incidences and how, while they were often allies, they frequently got into disagreements and physical fights. He then reflects on the arrival of Archimedes, who further trained him, and the revival of the first Enerjak, who was defeated with the help of the Fire Ants as well as Locke, hidden in Haven. Knuckles then goes on to talk about his clashes with the Dark Legion, and how he met Julie-Su as a result. Aurora suggests that these battles were less difficult to deal with than the reappearance of Echidnaopolis and his reunion with his mother Lara-Le, and Knuckles admits that most of the time, he'd rather have dealt with Enerjak nearly killing him again than with his parents. Aurora asks whether their relationships were really that difficult, and Knuckles admits that it might not have been that bad - until he began to realize that there was something quite unusual about him.

The Last Robian

Sonic wakes up one morning to find that his family has disappeared, and it soon becomes apparent that all of the world's robians have gone missing. While Sonic and friends suspected Dr. Eggman to be responsible, they could not find him anywhere. The citizens of Knothole comfort each other while dealing with the loss of their roboticized loved ones, such as Isabella Mongoose and General D'Coolette.

Almost three weeks later, Sonic received word from Deerwood Forest that Muttski had been found. To Sonic's surprise, Muttski had been deroboticized. Over the course of the next few weeks, other missing robians reappeared - though now flesh and blood. None of them could remember what had occurred, but considered what had happened a miracle. Eventually, all of the former robians had been found except Jules Hedgehog. After some time he reappeared, but unlike the others he remained a robian. Uncle Chuck, with assistance from Tails and Rotor, attempted to find a way to restore Jules as well, but was unsuccessful. Over time, Jules began to feel like an outsider in his own family, unable to eat with them or sleep like them.

Sonic, angered by his father's cruel fate, confronts Eggman. He asks why Jules was the only robian that wasn't deroboticized. Eggman tells Sonic he would never deroboticize the robians and he doesn't know why they returned to normal. Back in Knothole, Sonic explains the situation to his family and says he thinks Eggman isn't responsible. Chuck insists he'll keep working to help Jules, but Jules tells his brother to give up. He explains that he doesn't want to see Chuck strain himself anymore, and he'd rather focus on the fact that everyone else has been returned to normal. Sonic agrees, reaffirming that they'll always be a family, but he silently thinks that he'll figure out who was responsible.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Knuckles aids Gabrie by placing a footstool beneath his legs and calls him "Sir". Later on, Barby and Walt give Gabrie fresh tucker from Downunda. Gabrie explains that any time there is a big issue coming up, everyone kisses up to him for a guest shot. As he says this, Bunnie appears and tells Gabrie that it is time for a massage.


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