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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 12 is the twelfth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

A Timely Arrival

Robotnik builds a time machine to get rid of Sonic by transporting him to the past! Sonic enters the trap and lands ens up landing in prehistoric Mobius where he meets Sonugh the Boghog, and the caveman Ivo Robughnik and other Freedom fighter ancestors - but they're all afraid of the surface because it offers no cover!

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Rotor, while wearing pink sunglasses and listens to Sonic playing the piano, states that Sonic "skates on those eighty-eights".

A Timely Arrival!

Part One

Sonic is taking care of Robotnik's robots with ease and returning their broken parts to Robotnik in a wheelbarrow. Finished with the job, Sonic runs off to return home and leaves a mad Robotnik gripping two broken Badniks. His anger leads him to develop a new idea: a time machine. Meanwhile, Sonic returns to Knothole Village and meets up with Tails and asks where the rest of the Freedom Fighters are. Tails leads him to Sally's room, where she wants to show them something on her TV, though they enter as she sobs to a soap opera. She quickly tries to compose herself and nervously acknowledges Sonic, while switching the TV channel to Robotnik's news network. The Swatbot reporter introduces Robotnik's newest creation: a large mobile chainsaw. Robotnik demonstrates it on TV by starting to chop down the Great Forest. Sonic has seen enough, and enters into a Spin Dash to leave the village to take care of the chainsaw. The destruction of the Great Forest has made Sonic so mad that he launches himself through the roof and to the surface. He arrives at the chainsaw and Robotnik just as he finishes up another tree. Robotnik, however, can't hear Sonic's complaining, and asks him to come closer. He does so, only to reveal that the chainsaw was a lure, and activates a time teleporter that engulfs Sonic. The teleporter propels Sonic through an adventure to the past, all the way to the prehistoric age, Prehistoric Mobius, 7900 BC. Sonic lands on the ground, giving him a headache, only to be picked up by a Pterodon Mobosaur who wants Sonic for dinner. He enters a Spin Dash and causes the Pterodactyl to lose its grip and drop Sonic. As he drops, he looks down to see a T-Rex Mobosaur with an open mouth ready to eat Sonic as well.

Part Two

As Sonic drops into the mouth, he enters a Spin Dash again and destroys the dinosaur's teeth, then hops out. While running along the ground away from the dinosaur, he's stopped by somebody else. He looks on as he sees his distant relative, Sonugh the Boghog, who looks like Sonic, but with a large white beard. Sonugh offers to show Sonic around, if he can catch up, so he starts running off. Sonic catches up with no problem. Watching from behind a rock, another being notices the two hogs and thinks he's seeing double. The being is Ivo Robughnik, the prehistoric predecessor of Robotnik. Despite the two hogs, he intends to take both down and prepares a rock catapult. He launches the boulder as Sonugh tells Sonic about Robughnik. Suddenly, a shadow passes over the two. When they look up, they see the boulder heading straight for them. It hits their area with a great thud. Robughnik comes out from his cover and starts dancing for joy after having defeated Sonugh and Sonic at the same time. At the same time, in the present, Robotnik dances as well, since he has finally gotten rid of Sonic. Crabmeat, who is in the same room, tells Robotnik that he has broken his own rules. To ensure word doesn't go out about his own breaking of the rules, Robotnik destroys Crabmeat. He then goes over, with a Swatbot, to the new display he has set up for his time machine. The celebration is cut short as the Freedom Fighters storm the building in memory of Sonic. Back in the past, Sonugh and Sonic are very much alive as Sonugh had burrowed the two underground prior to the boulder hitting. He tells Sonic that he has dug them to underground caverns that he lives in, and leads him to his home to cook up an egg. At the entrance, the Prehistoric Freedom Fighters arrive by surprise. Not interested in rotten egg for dinner, Sonic asks the group if they want to go to the surface to get some food and sends the Freedom Fighters cowering in fear. Sonugh tells Sonic that they don't go to the surface and are even planning on burrowing farther underground. Sonic tries to convince them that they have to live on the surface, or else he'll turn into Sonic the Mole. Sonugh exclaims that it is to dangerous, with Robughnik and dinosaurs, but Sonic says that they'll adapt by hiding in the hedges. He takes prehistoric Sally by the hand and leads the group to the surface, showing them how to hide in hedges. The other Freedom Fighters then start playing and frolicking on the surface, making Sonugh realize they are happier there.

Out of nowhere, Sonic is engulfed in energy again propelling him back into a time warp. He faceplants on the ground as he arrives in the present. He looks up to see Knothole and the Freedom Fighters with Robotnik's time machine that they swiped in their raid. Back in the past, the Prehistoric Freedom Fighters were panting due to their new leader, Prehistoric Sally, who has them planting trees, a task that exhausts even Sonugh despite his speed.

Bold-Headed Eagle

Trying to escape from the SWATbot, Sonic falls into a nest that belongs to an elderly eagle named Cyril. Cyril thinks his flock was captured and that he was the only final eagle there. Robotnik learned from Snively that the Mobian Mountains showed many unroboticized hideouts. Both the two decided to capture the group with the Rambot. Back in the mountains, Sonic discusses that Cyril was giving up on his life. Being taught how to live, Cyril tries to fly, but faints at the practice. During his suffering, he sees his flock still alive, despite he proclaimed a lie to Sonic. Meanwhile, back at the nest, Robotnik arrives to crush Sonic, only for the once again flying Cyril to rescue him. The cliff begins collapsing underneath the weight of the Rambot and causes Robotnik's failure. Sonic soon remarked that Cyril was taken to Knothole with him.

The Lynx is a Jinx

Sonic is rescuing two more animals that the SWATbot almost captured and returns them to the Freedom Fighters. Back home, Sally then tells Sonic to go up on the tree, as an animal is stuck there. Sonic finds a lynx named Larry, who comments that he delivers bad luck to anyone he finds near him. Sonic says thats nonsense, but the tree branch the two were on breaks and falls on the Freedom Fighters, causing them injury. The Freedom Fighters comment on there bad state (as they have broken arms/legs/tails), with Sally refusing to let Larry remain in Knothole due to his misfortunate reaction which could be the end of the Freedom Fighters due to Larry, and leave Sonic and Larry.

Later, in the Creepy Caverns, Sonic and Larry saw something nine million eight hundred sixty-two times worse than they ever imagined: the SWATbots had captured the Freedom Fighters to roboticize. Sonic tells Larry that his bad luck could save them, and the blue hedgehog starts sending Larry out to the SWATbots. Larry goes out, and two SWATbots run towards him, only to be destroy via hitting each other. Sonic slid down for the gadget, but Robotnik spotted the hedgehog and drives towards Sonic to run him over with his drill vehicle. Larry uses his bad luck to cause Robotnik's vehicle to run out of control and failed his plan. Back at Knothole, Larry beat Rotor Walrus fifty times playing chess, a way Sonic had proven that Larry's bad luck streak was broken.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Paul Castiglia hands over his job, and pile of paperwork, to the book's new editor, Scott Fulop. The mountain of paperwork nearly causes Scott to lose his balance, and Sonic laughs at him.

Key Events

  • Sonic encounters the inhabitants of Prehistoric Mobius for the first and only time.
  • Sonic meets Cyril for the first time.
  • Sonic meets Larry Lynx for the first time.


  • This issue introduces both Cyril and Larry Lynx. Both characters would later join with Sally's Trainees from the Princess Sally miniseries to forge the Substitute Freedom Fighters in Sonic Live.
  • Since this comic takes place before issue #19 Night of a thousand Sonics, it is possible Robotnik could have sent Sonic into an alternate Zone by mistake, where Sonough was actually an other world version of himself, in leig of being his ancestor. This seems to be more likely since the revelation of the Xorda's Gene Bombs detonating on modern society long after Sonic would have traveled 40,000 years in the past, when animals did not possess human DNA (issue #125).
  • The creators of the comic series redesigned Sonic's spikes on his back to make it what it looked like in the early games of the saga.
  • This is the first issue edited by Scott Fulop and the first issue where Dave Manak did not do the penciling.


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