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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 115 is the one hundred fifteenth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Meanie in a Bottle

Sonic and Muttski and playing out by the pond and find something at the bottom of it – a magic lamp with a genie inside. However, this genie is a meanie who gives Muttski Sonic’s speed. How will the hero manage when he can’t even outrun Antoine.

Ultimate Power – Part Two

Knuckles steps in to confront Mammoth Mogul before he destroys his ancient relative and former enemy Dimitri.

Featured stories

Meanie in a bottle

Part One

Playing with Muttski in the forest, Sonic throws a stick for him to fetch, which he does while destroying a log on the way. Sonic praises Muttski and throws the stick. He throws the stick too long and it falls into a lake with Muttski jumping in after him. Sonic hating the thought of water decides to jump in after Muttski to save him. Sonic sinks to the bottom where Muttski is and finds a dusty bottle. Sonic manages to get back to the surface with Muttski.

Part Two

Sonic removes the cord from the bottle and a genie comes out. Sonic realising it's a thinks he'll get 3 wishes, but the genie refuses to waste his powers on Muttski. Sonic thinks he should get a reward for freeing him. The genie uses his magic on Sonic and Muttski and flies away. Sonic and Muttski run back to Knothole, but Sonic finds himself out of breath and slowed down.

Part Three

Sonic gets himself examined by Doctor Quack and tells him that the genie has stripped Sonic of his super speed and given it to Muttski. With Muttski's new speed, he proves to be a helpful Freedom Fighter, catching bad guys and helping with gardening. Sonic takes Muttski to fetch, but Muttski catches the stick straight away. Sonic then finds the genie in a nearby log and commands Muttski to get him.


Sonic praises Muttski for grabbing the genie. The genie says he'll do anything to get out which Sonic makes a deal for three wishes. Sonic asks him to 1. Return his super-speed, 2. Take away Muttski's and 3. Get back in the bottle. The genie grants the wishes, ashamed that he was fooled by a "lesser being". Sonic throws the bottle back into the lake.

Ultimate Power Part Two

Lien-Da was left the hospital where Dimitri is after she had received word to return to base. Harry and his passenger in disguise Mammoth Mogul are watching from outside. Harry tells him that the Dark legion are allowed here now and are allies. Mogul gets out of the cab and asks Harry to wait while he tends to business. Dimitri in his hospital room immobile, Mogul gets in unnoiced and confronts Dimitri.

Meanwhile, Chaos Knuckles, Julie-Su, Espio and Mighty are enjoying watching Vector dancing. Knuckles explains to them all that he changed colors when he gained the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles also explains that when he's mad strange things happen, and Julie-Su asks what about the rest of the time. In response to this, Knuckles' Chaos powers make a bouquet of flowers appear for Julie-Su. Mighty asks if he could do it again, but Knuckles doesn't want to try. Vector feels Knuckles is too uptight and should get loose and partay. Knuckles thinks he should take care of something first and asks them if they want to come and see Locke with him.

Elsewhere in Echidnaopolis, Gae-Na organises the Dark Legion to set up equipment, when Lien-Da enters. Gae-Na asks for news about Dimitri, but Lien-Da reports no success. Lien-Da also reports that the High Council have yet to vote on the reunification of Echidnas. Gae-Na gives her a report of the construction when Lien-Da asks about Knuckles.

Knuckles shows Vector, Julie-Su, Espio and Mighty a storage area for the Brotherhood of Guardians are settled in. Locke, Sabre and Thunderhawk are glad to see him and were about to look for him. Knuckles asks why and Locke shows them that they got a transmission from someone called Mammoth Mogul who has captured Dimitri and wants Knuckles.


  • This issue includes the Spaz Sketchbook, showing behind the scenes art from the Sonic universe created by Spaz.
  • In Sonic Mega Collection Plus, the cover is missing the subtitles near the cover blurb of Chaos Knuckles and Julie-Su.


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