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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 114 is the one hundred fourteenth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Twice Told Tails!

Mammoth Mogul is back and he's badder than ever in two tales. In round one, Mammoth tackles Sonic, who is desperate for the answer behind Tails' mysterious affliction. The only problem is, Mammoth won't tell.

Ultimate Power, Part 1

Knuckles has been trying to reintegrate the Dimitri and the Dark Legion to the rest of echidna society, but that's not easy when Mammoth Mogul pays a visit. Why does current politics in Echidnaopolis interest Mogul?

Young at Heart

Now that things are back to normal at Knothole, everyone has to go to school, including Amy Rose. See how the young heroine deals with the pressures of teachers - and a smart aleck named Tails sitting right next to her.

Featured stories

Twice Told Tails!

Part One

In his dreams, Tails stumbles into a cave on a stormy night and is scared by a pair of red glowing eyes.

Tails wakes up screaming and also wakes up Sonic. Sonic calms him down by saying that Tails was just having a bad dream. Jules and Bernie wake up to see if everything is okay, but Sonic tells them it happened again. Uncle Chuck joins them when they all realize it's the same nightmare as every day for the last week. Sonic asks if it is the same one with the cave and the storm, and Tails agrees with him also including the creepy glowing eyes. Bernie feels that they should see Dr. Quack tomorrow to check out the problem. Tails gets scared of the thought of needles. The Robians leave them for some rest. As they are going back to bed, Sonic tells him that no matter what happens, he's got his back. Tails sees the dream like it's something he's seen before, but Sonic quickly falls back to sleep.

Ten minutes later, Sonic wakes up and find Tails missing from his bed. Sonic runs out and sees Tails taking off in the Tornado. Sonic follows Tails and finds him at the entrance of the cave in his dream. Tails notices Sonic and tells him it's the cave from his dream. Tails wants to go inside, but is scared and Sonic says he's with Tails all the way. Sonic and Tails are shocked to find Turbo Tails in a shield of energy.

Part Two

As Sonic and Tails are shocked that it is him, Mammoth Mogul reveals himself from the shadows. Sonic wonders what his plan is, because last time they saw him, he was trapped inside the Floating Island's Master Emerald.

Mammoth Mogul tells them he was liberated and with the energy of multiple Power Rings, he manage to stay before dispersing. He then saw Athair with Tails and intercepted the transportation by creating a duplicate in Tails' place. The Real Tails as the "Chosen One" has been his captive for months, supplying him with energy to bring him back to his ultimate form.

Sonic attacks Mogul for doing what he did, as Tails stares at himself, realizing he's the fake. Mogul uses his Chaos Emerald in his chest and blasts Sonic. The fake Tails doesn't want to accept he's a fake and since his memories and feelings are real to him, he flies and stuns Mogul. Sonic then takes to beating up Mogul by spinning around and punching him. With Mogul losing his concentration, the shield around Turbo Tails disappears. Mogul disappears with Turbo Tails no longer his prisoners.

Sonic congratulates Tails, but Tails cries that he's just a phony. Sonic doesn't believe that and says that he'll always be his best bud. The fake Tails thanks Sonic and disappears as the real Tails wakes up. Sonic is happy that Tails is back.

Ultimate Power Part One

In Echidnaopolis, Chaos Knuckles is helping Julie-Su, Simon and Floren-Ca move into a new apartment. Julie-Su is shocked at how beautiful the apartment is, and Knuckles tells her that he's got connections to pay for it. Knuckles shows her to the balcony, where Lara-Le thought they would enjoy the view. Julie-Su amazed by the view of the city while Knuckles says it's a better view than from the Battle Cruiser. Julie-Su shows Simon and Floren-Ca the view, whereas Simon thanks Knuckles for doing this for them, even though they could have stayed on the Battle Cruiser. Knuckles doesn't think they should do that, wondering how long the Dark Legion will last now that Dimitri is dying.

Meanwhile on the Battle Cruiser, Lien-Da asks Dimitri about his mental condition. She tells him that even his bionic enhancements aren't enough to save him. Dimitri wants her to stop coming up with a plan. Lien-Da objects to her own plan and sees that Knuckles isn't one of them. Dimitri wants Knuckles to return to his basic instincts. Lien-Da tells him if he doesn't Dimitri will die, but Dimitri is ready to accept it. Dimitri names Lien-Da that she'll be his heir if he does die. Lien-Da promises that she'll complete the path he has set for the Dark Legion.

Back in the city, Mammoth Mogul in disguise bribes Harry with a gem if he can take him to the Dark Legion. Harry agrees, only if after he does, forget he even existed. At the park, Knuckles and Julie-Su meet up with Vector, Mighty and Espio. Mighty tells them that they saw some medics take Dimitri away a short time ago. Vector doesn't seem to care what happened to that "Slime bot", but Knuckles and Julie-Su think they should care. Julie-Su begins an argument with Vector and Julie-Su ends it by knocking him out. Julie-Su wants to help Dimitri, or else Lien-Da would take command, and then that'll be bad news.

Young At Heart

  • Writer: Karl Bollers
  • Pencils: Jeff Axer
  • Inks & Letters: Conor Tomas
  • Colors: Josh and Aimee Ray
  • Editor: J. F. Gabrie

In Knothole; Sonic, Tails, Sally, Amy, Bunnie, Antoine and Rotor are heading to school. Amy begins to question whose idea was it for them to go to school. Sonic pulls a face that it was Geoffrey St. John, a personal friend of Sally. Amy doesn't see why they have to go if they didn't before. Sally comments that Geoffrey is a personal friend of King Max, and says that with Robotnik in action their focus was rebuilding the Kingdom and now that he's gone, it's on building the future. Amy still doesn't get it, and asks why the Freedom Fighters have to go. Sally explains that they never know when they'll get called on an important mission, but they still study and train in their spare time. They arrive at Knothole High School as Tails is about to argue that he's also a Freedom Fighter with other issues, but Sally sends him off to class.

Amy in her thoughts of Rob O' the Hedge and Mercia heads with the kids her age, but instead is taken by a teacher to Tails' class. Amy is disappointed that she's stuck with "babies" when she should be with older kids. Tails correctly answers "Megaopolis" to the teacher, and then sticks his tongue out at Amy. The teacher asks who ruled before King Maximilian Acorn, in which Amy quickly answers "King Frederick". Amy then pulls a silly face at Tails. Tails repeats with another silly face. Amy pulls one back, but the teacher notices her, The teacher wants to see her after class. The rest of the students leave as Amy now hates school, Tails is called back and they both stay back for detention and clean the blackboard.

Off Panel


Off Panel

Gabrie introduces the next antagonistic clone of Sonic: Aluminum Sonic. After a swift defeat by Sonic, Aluminum Sonic exclaims "Curses! Foiled again!", with Gabrie knowing that he would say that.


  • The comic cover is a parody/homage to the theatrical poster of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.
  • One of the names on the blackboard in "Young At Heart" is Jon Gray.
  • In one panel, Sonic's left arm is miscolored blue.


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