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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 113 is the one hundred thirteenth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Cry of the Wolf

Last month readers said goodbye to Lupe and the Wolfpack. This month, witness how they first met and teamed up with the Freedom Fighters. Adapted from a classic episode of DIC's Saturday morning Sonic animated series, "Cry of the Wolf" is an issue-length epic which finds the classic incarnation of Sonic and his friends up against the original Dr. Robotnik and Snively, out to unleash their secret weapon.

Featured stories

From the Freedom Fighter Files: Cry of the Wolf

Part One

Sonic, Sally, and Antoine are exploring a cave when they run into a wolf. After introductions are made, the wolf says he'll lead them to the other end. He tricks them though and drops them down a trap door leading to the rest of the wolf pack.

Part Two

The wolf pack introduce themselves as the Wolfpack Freedom Fighters. Sonic gets the idea that there may be other groups of Freedom Fighters in the world, unaware of the larger groups. The Wolfpack shows Sonic and Sally their collection of equipment stolen from Robotnik that they may be able to use to contact other groups. They then discover the pack has a cannon they don't know how to use. Robotnik sends Snively out to find the Wolfpack after they escaped him. While searching, Sonic and Sally set it up and Nicole activates the cannon, hitting Snively's ship.

Part Three

The blast does no visible damage however, and Snively attacks back. Sonic uses a power ring to spin up a tornado and takes out the attack ship. The scout ship holding Snively continues the chase and captures Sally and Sonic. With them aboard, Snively quickly finds the tables turned when Sonic uses his speed to break free and tie the lackey up. The attack ship begins to attack again. Sally gives Sonic directions to lead the ship into a storm. Lightning strikes it, bringing it down once and for all. As Sonic returns, the news is given that other Freedom Fighter groups have heard their machines and are ready to talk to Sally ASAP. The gang then celebrates and Sally expresses how happy her father would be, knowing there are others seeking to defeat Robotnik and his Sub-Bosses.

Key Events

  • Flashback story of how Sonic, Sally and Antoine meet Lupe and the Wolfpack.


  • "Cry of the Wolf" is an adaption of the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series episode of the same name, written by Pat Allee.
    • The term "Doomsday pod" is the only deviation between this issue and the episode "Cry of the Wolf".
  • Like Sonic Super Special #15, Many Hands did the artwork for this issue. Both were heavily criticized for the poor and sloppy artwork.
  • Jay Oliveras, Karl Bollers, and Many Hands are not given proper credits for this issue, with the story simply being "by" them.
  • Ari, a recurring character from the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series, makes an appearance in this issue. This would be his only appearance in the comics.
  • Sally holds NICOLE upside-down throughout the issue.


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