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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 112 is the one hundred twelfth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Mistaken Identity Crisis!

Sonic persuades Antoine to let him pose as a phony villain for him to defeat so he can look good in his father's eyes. But when a real villain knocks out Sonic, Antoine must put his fears behind and rise to the occasion. Will he be a hero or a zero?


Uncle Chuck feels guilty for the things he was forced to do under Dr. Robotnik's control. Can others forgive someone when one can't even forgive oneself?

Featured stories

Mistaken Identity Crisis!

One fine day in Knothole, Antoine walks with General D'Coolette, listening to his father's story during the Great War with the Overlanders. Suddenly from above, a strange light appears in the sky. General D'Coolette stares in shock as Antoine jumps behind a tree. Sonic runs to the light, recognizing it. Sonic catches a badly injured Zonic the Zone Cop from the light. General D'Coolette asks who is the hedgehog. Sonic tells him he's a cop from another zone, and rushes off to get him first aid. Antoine comes out from behind the tree as Sonic is running away. General D'Coolette is impressed by Sonic's bravery and heroism and that the father must be very proud. Antoine, looking rather disappointed, agrees with him.

After removing his helmet and gloves, Doctor Quack examines Zonic in the medical center. Examining the bump on his head, Quack feels that he's been though some physical trauma, but is more shocked that Zonic looks just like Sonic. Sonic tells him that he is him, another version of him from a perpendicular zone. Quack wonders who beat him up, and Sonic can't find out until Zonic wakes up. Soon, Antoine and his father find Anti Sonic, where General D'Coolette praises his courage. Sonic brags a bit how cool he is, but then notices that Antoine wants attention. Sonic then tells General D'Coolette a fake story that Antoine's a real hero and that they call him the Original Freedom Fighter. Antoine speaks silently to Sonic when they get away from General D'Coolette. Antoine says that everyone knows he is no hero, but Sonic says that Antoine's father doesn't. Sonic organizes a plan with Antoine to make him a hero. Antoine walks around with his father, waiting for Sonic to go forward with his plan.

Just then, Doctor Quack calls back Sonic to tell him Zonic's awake. Zonic happy to see Sonic, glad that it's not too late. Sonic asks too late for what, but Quack doesn't want him to agitate Zonic. Zonic begins to tell him that one of his worst enemies is after him and loose in this zone. During their walk, Antoine tells his father a story how used karate on Robotnik. General D'Coolette comments on the story that how was Antoine able to attack Robotnik without being Roboticized. Antoine tries to explain, when Evil Sonic appears behind them. Antoine thinking that Sonic has disguised himself as he karate chops Evil Sonic, who is stunned to the ground. Sonic and Zonic catch up with them and Zonic handcuffs Evil Sonic. Sonic congratulates Antoine for defeating Evil Sonic. Antoine realizing he just fought the real thing faints to the ground with everyone laughing, except Evil Sonic wondering what's so funny.


  • Writer: Karl Bollers
  • Pencils: Art Mawhinney
  • Inks: Nelson Ribeiro
  • Colors: Josh Ray
  • Letters: Jeff Powell
  • Editor: J. F. Gabrie

In Uncle Chuck's lab, Sonic asks if he's going to come to Lupe and her family's going away party. Uncle Chuck declines, saying that he needs to do research. Minutes later, Sonic being the party guests to Uncle Chuck. Once the party has started going, Uncle Chuck attempts to sneak out, but Lupe greets him. He steps outside, only to be followed by Lupe, who wants an answer why he's been avoiding her and her family. Uncle Chuck doesn't get it, but Lupe says since they regained their free will, he hasn't spoken to her, or the kids. Uncle Chuck can't believe she is saying that, after he roboticized them under Robotnik's control and regrets doing that as well as creating the Roboticizer. The party goers join in with Uncle Chuck that they forgive him for roboticizing Lupe and her family. Lupe tells the crowd that this party is also to honor Uncle Chuck as well as her and her family. Uncle Chuck thanks Lupe.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Gabrie receives a package from the North Sea of Mobius, the last place Rotor was seen alive. After finding fish inside, Gabrie believes that it was a code that meant "Rotor slept with the fishies". He bawls believing Rotor is dead and at that time, the walrus walks in and collects the fish he ordered before going. Gabrie then states that he has been watching "The Godfather" too much, like most guys.

Other features

  • Sega Data Files: Full page sections features brief data files compiling the following characters and subjects in the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog series:
    • Sonic the Hedgehog: Page describing Sonic's history, his relationships, and assorted trivia and stats related to him.
    • Knuckles the Echidna: Two pages describing the circumstances around Knuckles' life, his supporting cast, trivia about his family relations, and a brief description of his physical appearance and powers.
    • Tails: Page briefly summarizing Tails' role in the series, as well as trivia about him.
    • Amy Rose: Page outlining Amy's history and personal attributes.
    • Brotherhood of Guardians: Two page spread detailing the history of the Brotherhood in-depth, as well as listing every single member and the issue and date in which they first appeared.


  • Amy's Data File lists her eye color as blue, despite her eyes being green in the accompanying image.


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