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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 111 is the one hundred eleventh issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Kids of the Spider Woman

Arachnis' offspring, a ninja clan, try to steal the Sword of Acorns from Princess Sally - even if it means murder. Can Sonic reach her before time runs out?

I'll Shoot the Sheriff!

Action and adventure are the name of the game in this rough-and-tumble story co-starring Rob o' the Hedge and General D'Coolette, the former high sheriff of Snottingham.

Trouble With Grrrls!

Sonic stars in this story with his view on girls.

Featured stories

Kids of the Spider Woman

Part One

The story starts with Amy Rose returning to Knothole with Rob O' the Hedge. Rob is careful that Amy doesn't fall from the trees, but Amy thinks that her stay in Mercia has helped her acrobatic skills. Amy misses a branch and instead of falling onto the ground, she falls into a spider web. Rob uses his rope and takes her from the spider web and they both land on the ground. Both are curious about the spider webs everywhere.

Meanwhile at Castle Acorn, Sally tells King Max, Queen Alicia Acorn, Sonic and Tails that there is going to be an attack on the castle. Sonic wonders who could be attacking them after Robotnik was toast (Previous issue). Sally tells them that the Arachne, Uma Arachnis's children, are coming and she knows this from the Sword of Acorns vision (Previous issue). She tells her father that she doesn't want anything to do with the vessel. King Max orders the guard to remove the Sword, but the Sword tells Sally that she needs it. Sally stops the guard and asks if she can hold onto the Sword, because it is her destiny. Sonic asks Tails to quickly round up a back-up team to defend.

Part Two

Within minutes, Castle Acorn and Knothole are placed under watch by the Royal Guard. Two of them think it is too quiet, and immediately they are attacked by the Spider Ninjas, who manage to stun the Guards and sneak into the Castle. The Spider Ninjas head into the throne room, where Sonic and Sally are the only ones to fight.


As Sonic fights the Spider Ninjas, Sally escorts King Max and Alicia to safety. Sally thinks that if she fights, she will be fulfilling the destiny the Sword has chosen for her. Sonic uses his whirlwind spin, but to no effect on the Spider Ninjas. Sonic is stunned by their weapons, so Sally uses the Sword's power to attack the Spider Ninjas. Sonic runs to her side, and Tails arrives with Bunnie, Antoine, Rotor, Amy and Rob. They all begin to fight them off, until Sally commands them all to stop. She says that the Sword has shown her that they possess genetic memory passed from their mother. She reveals that they want the Sword, and that is all they know. She hands the Sword to one of them and places them as its caretakers, so that she can not fulfill her destiny. Sonic comforts her and asks who she has talking to, but Sally is happy that she can not hear it anymore.

I'll Shoot the Sheriff!

  • Writer: Karl Bollers
  • Pencils: Jeff Axer
  • Inks: Nelson Ribeiro and Andrew Pepoy
  • Colors: Josh and Aimee Ray
  • Letters: Jeff Powell
  • Editor: J. F. Gabrie

While he is defending Amy, Rob aims his arrow at the High Sheriff. Amy and Antoine try to persuade Rob that the High Sheriff is no longer a threat. The High Sheriff is confused who Rob is. Bunnie explains to Rob that General D'Coolette had his free will restored. Antoine adds that his father had no memory of ever being Rob's enemy. Amy says goodbye to Bunnie, Antoine and the High Sheriff and Rob asks if he's heading back to Kingdom of Mercia. Rob decides that he will remain in Knothole and watch over his foe.

Rob begins spying on the High Sheriff; at his home, fishing with Antoine and organizing the Royal Guard. The High Sheriff begins to notice Rob, and Rob doesn't believe he's changed. The High Sheriff finally finds Rob through his reflection and confronts him. The High Sheriff proposes that instead of spying, he should keep him company.

Rob begins to enjoy his time with the High Sheriff while playing cards, listening to his stories by the campfire and being instructed in archery. Soon after, Rob thanks the High Sheriff for his time and trusts him as an ally. With his task complete, he sets off back to Mercia.

Trouble with Grrrls!

  • Writer: Karl Bollers
  • Pencils: Steven Butler
  • Inks: Aimee Ray
  • Colors: Josh and Aimee Ray
  • Letters: Jeff Powell
  • Editor: J. F. Gabrie

In Knothole, Sonic signs an autograph to an obsessed fan named Tess. Soon other girls find Sonic signing autographs and want him to sign their books. Sonic runs off with Tails and they hide from the crowd of girls. Another girl from above, who is obsessed with Sonic, thinks he's serenading her. Sonic goes to run away, into the forest.

Tails doesn't understand why Sonic is running away and wonders since the girls all like Sonic, why doesn't Sonic like them back. Sonic just tells him that there are other things to consider, while thinking about Sally and Mina. Tails asks him why he doesn't just tell a girl that he likes them. Sonic gets out a pair of sunglasses and asks that if he did that, what would happen to his way past cool image. Sonic objects to the idea of having a girlfriend by reasoning that he wouldn't have any time to himself. In his thoughts, Sonic explains to Tails that he wouldn't be able to run, because he would always have to hold her hand, and she'll always get first dibs on Chili-Dogs. Sonic tells him the most important thing, that if he had a girlfriend, he would never have time with his friends, in which he is pointing at Sally and Mina.

Off Panel

See also: Off Panel

Off Panel

J. F. Gabrie asks Tails to deliver a document to Nelson, Carlos or Paul in the Digest Department so that it could be reduced to "digest size". Tails is reluctant to do so as they are always playing pranks. When Tails arrives at the office, he and the comic are shrunk down to miniature size. This annoys the fox and he says that their I.Qs were as small as their comics.


  • Sonic: Hey! Didn't your mother tell you, never to play with sharp objects?! What am I saying, considering who your mother was...?

Key Events

  • Sally warns everyone about the Arachne.
  • The Arachne invade Knothole castle to take Sword of Acorns.
  • Sally hands the Arachne the Sword of Acorns in order to make her own path to follow.
  • Amy returns to Knothole after residing in Mercia for awhile.
  • Rob O' the Hedge makes peace with General D'Coolette after spending some time with him


  • The pose Tails does in the first panel of the third story resembles the pose in his official Sonic Adventure artwork.
  • The story Trouble with Grrrls! was going to be reprinted in the first issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog Chess Set Collection magazine. The magazine was canceled before it was distributed.


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