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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 11 is the eleventh issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The Good, the Bad, and the Hedgehog

Meet The Anti-Sonic! The Freedom Fighters witness Robotnik dumping toxic waste into a river. Sonic tries taking a "short cut" via the Cosmic Interstate to get there, but winds up on an alternate Mobius where Robotnik is a benevolent doctor and Sonic is a part of a gang!

Beat the Clock

Tired of being second banana and coveting a top slot on Robotnik's Top Ten Badnicks List, Coconuts does the unthinkable and captures the Freedom Fighters. Will his monkey business lead to a slip up, or will Coconuts be a great ape?

Food for Thought or You Are What You Eat

After scarfing down a ton of chili dogs as a midnight snack, Sonic dreams that everyone has turned into fast food: Sonic the chili dog, Sally is an ice cream cone, Tails is an order of fries, and the all confront Chef Ivo Robo-Burger. Will our heroes put evil on a diet or will they be deep fried?!

Featured stories

Cover Corner Box

Tails is stated to have gone undercover while he is being seen crawling under the cover of a Sonic comic.

The Good, the Bad, and the Hedgehog!

Part One

The Knothole Freedom Fighters discover Dr. Robotnik spreading some of his Mega Muck into a river. Needing Sonic's help, Sally contacts him via her "Super Secret Sonic Signal Watch". This happened just when Sonic was finished fighting Scratch and Grounder. Getting the heads up from Sally, Sonic begins his run to the scene and takes the Cosmic Interstate as a shortcut. However, in his rush, he misses the turn off and backtracks. When he gets off, Sonic arrives in a world that looks very similar to Mobius, but something is different. He makes his way to Freedom HQ, only to find a Veterinary clinic. When Sonic goes inside, he finds Robotnik with some animals. The doc recognizes the hedgehog and orders the animals to get him. Sonic escapes via an open window, but runs into another Sonic in leather boots and a leather jacket.

Part Two

As the two Sonics ask each other for an explanation, Sonic mentions he got lost on the Cosmic Interstate. The other Sonic explains he's in a Reverse Universe, where the Freedom Fighter fight against freedom, and Robotnik cleans up any trouble they cause. Sonic tries to make a break for it, but Anti-Sonic trips him and challenges him to a race. Anti-Sonic keeps right on his tail as they run across the planet, Realizing he can't get away from Anti-Sonic by running away, Sonic hatches a plan. Sonic lures his counterpart into Anti-Robotnik's tower, who is captured by the Doctor's animals. Sonic explains his situation to Anti-Robotnik, who helps him return to his Mobius. He arrives to help the Freedom Fighters get rid of Robotnik's sludge with one of Anti-Robotnik's inventions. An explosion destroys the Mega Muck maker, but Robotnik is able to get away. Sally thanks Sonic, saying he's one of a kind.

Beat The Clock

The Freedom Fighters, minus Sonic, are tied up and surrounded by timed explosives by Coconuts and a SWATbot. Coconuts is confident his trap will destroy Sonic, but Sally has her doubts. She knows Robotnik has never succeded in destroying them, but Coconuts tells him this plan was made by him to go to the top of Robotnik's Top Ten, since he's at the very bottom. Coconuts explains how the top three made it to the list: Scratch kept his own with Sonic for sixteen seconds, Grounder for seventeen seconds, and Bat Brain at thirty-seven seconds. Although Sally is confident Sonic will save them in time, Coconuts thinks otherwise, because he has set up a maze for Sonic that will slow him down.

Sally notes Sonic has never been this late to saving them before. With time not on their side, Rotor asks Sally where they place on her top ten list. She tells them Sonic takes all ten spots in her list. Suddenly, from the window of the room, Sonic hops in with a Sonic Spin (with three seconds to spare) and frees the Freedom Fighters with Coconuts watching in shock. Coconuts panics as his plan goes to ruins, then looks over at the pile of explosives when the clock strikes zero. Sonic and the rest of the team run off back home before the room explodes.

Food for Thought or You Are What You Eat!

  • Writer: Mike Kanterovich and Ken Penders
  • Pencils & Inks: Art Mawhinney

Sonic makes a tray of chili dogs as a birthday midnight snack and gets a stomach ache. He struggles back to bed and falls asleep, dreaming up a food related nightmare in which almost everything has been became fast food on Mobius. He himself is Sonic the chili dog, who returned to his ground beef Knothole to see Princess Sally A-Cone, who gives him a tape from the pizza delivery guy. The tape plays the dairy news that Cheeseburger Robotnik has captured a Tails the French Fry. Seeing his starchy friend's goose is cooked, Sonic decides to ketchup with his flame broiled sidekick, but he had made a mis-steak and slips on a banana peal. Sonic is in a pickle as he is about to be broiled. Sonic awakes from his deep-fried nightmare, with Sally Acorn and Tails waking him up to a birthday surprise: a plate of Chili Dogs! Sonic initially refuses, saying hes going on a diet, but eats them anyway saying what "A chili dog is a dog-gone thing to waste."

Other features

  • Sonic-Grams
  • An In-Story Maze: An interchangeable labyrinth in the story "Beat the Clock" for the readers to solve.


Anti-Sonic: You've got an attitude - - but mine's badder!
Sally: My hero! You're one of a kind!
Sonic: Princess - - only if you knew...


  • This issue marks the first appearance of the Anti Freedom Fighters. However, only Anti Sonic gets any lines of dialogue, the others are only seen in one panel. The entire group would return in Sonic the Hedgehog #24
  • Anti-Robotnik in his first appearance looked exactly like his Mobius Prime Double and shared his name. The Character was retconned in Sonic Super Special #10.
  • This is the debut story for writer Ken Penders.
  • This is the first issue to feature the Sonic-grams section in the middle of the comic, rather than the end.
  • A Green Hill Zone/Emerald Hill loop (complete with monitor) appears in The Good, The Bad and the Hedgehog.
  • The yellow submarine in the Cosmic Interstate references the song Yellow Submarine by The Beatles.
  • Sonic would later find out that it was Zonic the Zone Cop from the No-Zone who willed Sonic to travel to Moebius and take down Anti-Sonic in Sonic Super Special #8
  • The credits for Beat the Clock are missing. This is rectified in Sonic the Hedgehog #13's Sonic Grams, where credit is given.


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