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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 109 is the one hundred ninth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

I Herd it Through the Pipeline!

The Freedom Fighters take on their most dangerous mission yet as they travel to the Frozen North Sea to free Rotor's herd from Robotnik's control. They plan on using Sally's mystical Sword of Acorns for the task - but can they make it past the Robo-Eels and Ice-Bots alive?

...The Crush!

Sally and Mina have it out about Sonic.

Reunification the Conclusion

The thrilling saga comes to its conclusion.

Featured stories

I Herd It Through The Pipeline

Part One

Sonic notices Rotor bummed out as he is looking at a picture of his family. Rotor misses his family, saying that its been twelve years since his family sent him to Mobotropolis to get an education. Sonic asks why does that make him sad, which Rotor answers is because his mom, Skeeter and his entire herd has fallen under Dr. Robotnik's hypnotic control. Sonic gets an idea, which is then explained by Sally that they could use the Sword of Acorns to reverse the effects of Robotnik's neutron bomb.

Minutes later inside Castle Acorn, Sally takes the sword, which speaks to her, happy to see her. Sally asks if anyone else heard that, but neither Sonic or Rotor heard anything. Bunnie also overhears their conversation and asks to join, which Sonic agrees.

Part Two

Arriving in the Tundra, via submarine Sonic starts to feel seasick. Rotor about to surface notices that there's a pipeline under the ice. Meanwhile in Robotropolis, Dr. Eggman and Snively spot the Freedom Fighter's submarine on the monitor. Dr. Eggman throws a wretch at the monitor and orders Snively "Sea" Crete weapon.

Sonic, Bunnie, Sally and Rotor are soon electrocuted by a robot eel. Rotor activates emergency escape pods which send them to the surface of the ocean, leaving their submarine destroyed by the robot.

Part Three

The Freedom Fighters find Rotor's herd being controlled by Dr. Eggman, who is gloating about Sonic not being able to stop him. Sonic, Bunnie, Sally and Rotor attack the surrounding Shadow-Bots, when Sonic and Bunnie tell Sally and Rotor to take care of the herd. Sally takes care of the herd, while Rotor handles the well. Sally restores the herd's free will, and gets them to safety. Rotor sets up explosives to the well, which explodes the doctor's operations.


Rotor hugs his mon and Skeeter and promises that he'll never let anyone hurt them again. Rotor introduces them to his friends and thanks Sonic for his help.

Meanwhile, on the destroyed monitor, Dr. Eggman yells "I hate that hedgehog!"

...The Crush!

  • Writer: Karl Bollers
  • Pencils: Jeff Axer
  • Inks: Andrew Pepoy and Pam Eklund
  • Coloring: Josh and Aimee Ray
  • Letters: Jeff Powell
  • Editor: J. F. Gabrie

Mina watches Sonic running away in the distance. Mina trips over a stone as she is about to run after him, but is yanked back by Sally. Sally warns Mina that keeping up with Sonic is hard. Mina sulks that she can't get Sonic's attention. Sally asks what's wrong, and Mina says that when she kissed him, Sonic seemed more surprised than pleased (Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 99). Sally thinks about when Mina kissed Sonic and realises that they weren't dating. Mina objects to them dating, saying that she can't keep up with his speed or his rude-boy attitude. She then asks Sally what makes Sonic tick.

Sally tells her that Sonic tries to maintain a certain level of "cool", but he's a lovable good person who loves his family and friends. She goes on that you can always count on Sonic to come through in a tight spot. He's all for speaking his mind and standing up for what he believes in, and he really cares.

Sally still doesn't understand Sonic, but she never stops trying. Mina curtsies, thanking the Princess but Sally doesn't want to be addressed like that and says Mina can call her Sally. Mina runs off saying goodbye as Sally smiles.

Reunification - The Conclusion

A member of the High Council attempts to blast Dimitri with a gun. Chaos Knuckles pushes Dimitri out of the way of the blast and takes the shot himself. At the same time Constable Remington tries to shoot the Councillor and Jani-Ca, thinking that Remington is trying to shoot Knuckles, pushes him aside. Remington snaps at her, asking her what she thinks she's doing. Jani-Ca stares at Knuckles lying on the floor, realizing that she failed to save her father. She thinks out loud, wondering what she got wrong if the Constable didn't kill Knuckles. Remington tells her that she's going to have a lot of explaining to do after he finishes his job.

Lien-Da examines Knuckles and finds that while he's unharmed his heart isn't beating. Dimitri tells the Mitre that it should've been him lying on the floor, and the Mitre is shocked to see that one of his own Councillors would do something so extreme. A Councillor proposes that the creation of a committee to facilitate the transition to more advanced technology in Echidnaopolis. Meanwhile, Lien-Da sneaks out, hoping to stop the council member she hired from revealing her plot to Remington.

Jani-Ca tearfully wonders why her mother told her that Remington killed her father when she sees Julie-Su pass by her into the building. She then notices Lien-Da on her headset asking an echidna named Syntar if he's in position. Syntar gets ready to shoot the hired High Councillor when Julie-Su gets in the way of his shot. Lien-Da sees it as a great opportunity and asks him to shoot both of them. Suddenly, Jani-Ca knocks him out and realizes that maybe she wasn't supposed to save her father. Just then, a ball of light surrounds her and she is teleported back into the future against her will.

In the High Council building, Julie-Su is happy to see Knuckles is still alive. Knuckles reveals he was pretending to be dead to win Dimitri's trust and make negotiations go smoothly. Knuckles then tells them that there is also a traitor in the Dark Legion, but he's not sure who it is.

Arriving back in her own time, Lara-Su finds her mother, Julie-Su. Lara-Su cries to her that she went back in time and failed to save her father. Julie-Su comforts her, telling her that it must have been an alternate reality because Knuckles is still alive. She explains that Knuckles went berserk upon absorbing so much Chaos Energy, and that he is currently leading the Dark Legion to conquer the planet. She felt that Lara-Su should be shielded from the truth and let her believe he was dead. Feeling her daughter is finally old enough to handle the truth, Julie-Su and Lara-Su head out to defeat Knuckles and save the Floating Island.

Other features

&quot;Complete&quot; Knuckles Family Tree

"Complete" Knuckles Family Tree.


  • The title of story one is a spoof on the famous Motown song "I heard it through the grapvine".
  • In Sally's flashbacks in the story "...The Crush!", Sonic is seen reading a comic book called "Knux" to Tails which is a nickname for Knuckles the Echidna. It is also a nod to the cancelled Knuckles the Echidna comic series that was published by Archie Comics.


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