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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 105 is the one hundred fifth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

You Say You Want a Revelation?

The Overlanders discover something really terrifying about Robotnik as a long-time character undergoes a most unexpected development that even Sonic can't believe.

Myth Taken Identity, Part Three

The conclusion to the Downunda saga.

Featured stories

You say you want a Revelation?

In Knothole Kingdom, Sonic, Tails and Uncle Chuck watch as the Royal Guards pack up Nate's belongings. Sonic feels that King Max got some bad news about Nate Morgan, but asks Uncle Chuck if they could do something. Uncle Chuck answers back that Nate remained in Robotropolis so they could escape, but Sonic has an idea to bring him back. Meanwhile in Robotropolis, Lady Agnes tries to persuade Colin Kintobor to listen to Hope, which he agrees. Hope tells him that she thinks that Uncle Julian created those robotic animals. Colin tells him that he refuses to believe he's responsible for them, but Dr. Robotnik enters with Snively and says that she's telling the truth.

At Castle Acorn, Sonic, Tails and Uncle Chuck if they can see Prince Elias. Elsewhere in the castle, King Max and Queen Alicia look at the portrait of Elias, King Max blaming himself for Elias running away. One of the royal guards tells King Max that Sonic, Tails and Uncle Chuck want to see him.

In Robotropolis, Dr. Robotnik announces to the Overlanders that they are all suffering from toxic waste poisoning and that they will die without treatment. Colin asks if Dr. Robotnik is affected, when it's revealed to them that Dr. Robotnik is a robot. He tells them with a simple touch, they will be roboticized and demands that they all get roboticized. Colin asks why his own son would betray him, Snively considers it revenge for his intellect being rejected. Colin punches Dr. Robotnik but is instantly roboticized. Lady Agnes tells Hope to run as Agnes is kidnapped.

Meanwhile, Uncle Chuck tells the king that Robotnik can now roboticize someone by touching them. King Max is disappointed, and believes that Nate has already been roboticized. Sonic asks if the Sword of Acorns can restore his free will. King Max believes it could, but only Sonic and Sally could wield it. Sally enters saying she can do it, but King Max rejects, fearing her safety. Sally reasons with him that if she was trusted in the first place, then perhaps Elias wouldn't have run away. King Max accepts her request, but on the condition that Sonic be her escort. Outside, Sonic congratulates Sally standing up to her father, but Sally is distracted. Sonic asks if he's done something wrong, when Mina runs to hug Sally and thanks her for freeing her mother.

Meanwhile, Hope is seen running away, when Dr. Robotnik announces on a monitor that if she surrenders, her grandmother will be spared. Lady Agnes appears on screen and tells her not to listen to him, but Hope feels she doesn't have a choice while she's in danger. Her grandma says her final goodbyes to Hope as she is roboticized. Immediately after, Shadowbots surround Hope. In the nick of time, Sonic rescues her while at the same time defeating the robots. Sally tells Hope to come with them; Sonic smashes the monitor. Dr. Robotnik watches Sally and Hope on the monitor, but can't find Sonic.

Sonic suddenly appears behind him and begins running around him. Dr. Robotnik thinks he's invincible with his roboticized touch, but Sonic runs around him so much that the floor gives in around Robotnik. Snively sneaks behind Sonic who is looking down at Robotnik, who then kicks Sonic down the hole. Sonic is shocked to find Nate roboticized along with Colin, Agnes, and an Overlander scientist. Sally and Hope are there with the rest of the Overlanders. Sally uses the sword to restore their will, but nothing happens. Dr. Robotnik says that the sword doesn't affect roboticized Overlanders the same way as "furballs". Snively enters, and Dr. Robotnik says that he's also been exposed to the toxic poisons. Snively is offered a chance to be roboticized and will be able to move if he chooses to. Instead of accepting to be with the Overlanders, he touches Dr. Robotnik and is roboticized. Dr. Robotnik offers them the chance to be roboticized, but Sonic tells them that Robotnik knew you would be poisoned. Sally also adds that if they stay, they would have no control over their lives. Sonic, Sally, and Hope exit the building; the Overlanders follow. However, Dr. Robotnik doesn't try to stop them, insisting that it would be better to watch them suffer.

Myth Taken Identity - Part Three

Guru Emu recounts the events what happened last time, as he is entering an abandoned dam, in hope to save Walt Wallabee, Duck "Bill" Platypus and Barby Koala from the Bunyip. Guru Emu finds the lab of the structure, and discovers that the dam was built to create hydroelectric power, which Crocbot used to build the weapons, robot armies and detention camps (STH: 61). He tells himself that it's typical of Crocbot building something with no regard to the environment. He realises that since the nearby rivers and lakes have been drained, besides the artificial one, that must be where the Bunyip is. Meanwhile, Walt congraduates Barby for sweet talking the Bunyip to put them into the underwater observation deck. Bill swimming besides her tells them that the Bunyip is speaking many dialects, including the primordial language. Walt asks Barby since the Bunyip has calmed down, if they can get his story out. Barby and the Bunyip begin the conversation, in which they are speaking in a prehistoric aboriginal language.

The Bunyip tells them that in the beginning it was the Dreamtime, when everything was new and the landscaped flourished with the native animals in the shadows of Mount Uluru. He goes on that when Crocbot arrived, he destroyed her aquatic way of life, and had to stay in this foul lake created by the dam. With her rage uncontrollable, she began striking out at everything, hoping for revenge against Crocbot but never did.

Barby explains to her that Crocbot's remains were turned over to King Acorn by Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails some time ago (STH: 61). The Bunyip is missing their way of life, when Guru Emu meets up with Walt and Barby. He tells them that there's a room back where he came from full of explosives. Walt sees this as a chance to restore the natural flow of the area's waterways.

The Downunda Freedom Fighters successfully destroy the dam and restore the water. The Bunyip thanks them for restoring Downunda to its proper states and swims off after thanking them. Guru Emu happy that the environment is restored, Bill wonders if they should have asked the Bunyip to become their newest member. Barby feels that the four of them managed to handle the situation themselves. Walt agrees with her that they'll leave the team just the way it is and prepare for the next challenge for the Downunda Freedom Fighters.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Sonic has been spending a lot of time with Archie artist Lou Maldonado but this results in a complete makeover for the hedgehog that resembles a famous Archie character.

Other features

  • Sega Data Files: Full page sections features brief data files compiling the following characters and subjects in the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog series:
    • Snively: Page featuring a summary of Snively's history up to the current issue and several factoids about him.
    • Dimitri: Page featuring a summary of Dimitri's history up to the current issue and several factoids about him.


  • This issue marks the final appearance of Nate Morgan. He is presumably killed when Robotropolis is destroyed five issues later, though his death has never been directly addressed in the series.
  • In "Myth Taken Identity", when Guru Emu enters an abandoned lab, a monitor displays a real life map of Australia.
  • The title of the first story is in reference to a song by The Beatles.
  • Sonic quotes a line from the song "Don't Worry, Be Happy".
  • Guru Emu exclaims "Holy Hendrix!", a reference to Jimi Hendrix.


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