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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 104 is the one-hundred fourth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy, Part Two

The tribute to the Guardians of the Galaxy continues. Sonic's troubles in the alternate future version of Mobius go from bad to worse, as the harbinger of doom arrives - and his name is Silver Snively. That can only mean on thing: his master, the incarnation of doom itself, can't be far behind - none other than Robolactus. Can Sonic and the future Freedom Fighters stop this menace before he has a chance to erase them from the history books.

Myth Taken Identity, Part Two

A continuation of the confrontation begun last issue, as the Downunda Freedom Fighters square off against Bunyip in a classic-style Sonic tale.

Featured stories

Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy - Part Two

The Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy fight Silver Snively, but each are easily dispatched until Sonik the Hedgehog claims victory with a high-velocity tornado. Before they can do anything with the disorientated man, Hawkhawk with "the nose that knows" senses something and flies off, leaving the others in his dust. Twan-Du teleports them into their ship, the "Updock", where Rotor-27 discovers that Hawkhawk is aiming for the edge of the solar system. Twan-Du wonders why Silver Snively appeared, but the man himself is shown outside the ship, back to full health and listening in.

Saleta shows Sonik and Tailon a video about Robolactus and his planet-eating ways. Sonik sees a screen and says they've seen that part before but Tailon realizes it's a live feed—Robolactus has his hands on the planet Bluto, Saleta's home. Under Sonik's instructions, Saleta, Bunni, and Rotor-27 don suits and enter space to help Hawkhawk fight Robolactus while he, Tailon, and Twan-Du use the ship against him. Silver Snively has also arrived, but wants to investigate something before joining the battle himself.

Robolactus attacks Hawkhawk and then swats the others. Sonik realizes that he is too big to fight directly and tells them to disable his planet juicer. Rotor-27 tries to pry is apart but it flicked into space. Sonik wants to save him but can't breathe in space. Tailon uses the crimson and clover bands of Charm-O-Rack to give him space-breathing abilities and Sonik is able to save him. As they float back to the ship they are stopped by Silver Snively.

Salet and Bunni are attempting to break the juicer when Robolactus declares he will destroy the galaxy for their actions. Silver Snively somehow grows to Robolactus' size and tells him no. When Robolactus questions the blasphemy, Snively says that the planets aren't very nutritious and shows him a better, bigger planet: the one the Shark live on. Robolactus drools at the sight of it while Rotor-27 eggs him on to do away with it. The Galactic Freedom Fighters return to the ship and celebrate.

Myth Taken Identity - Part Two

Searching the mythical Bunyip that assaulted some talentless people, the Downunda Freedom Fighters take a rest to learn of the beast. Guru Emu goes into a trance, telling the tale. When Duck "Bill" Platypus approaches the nearby water, a stone creature breaks out and grabs him. Guru remains in his state while the others rush in to rescue him. The beast drags Bill under, resurfaces, and grabs Barby Koala. Walt Wallabee saves her with his boomerang. Barby gets away but the creature gets Walt instead. The shouting wakes up Guru. Barby tries to rescue Walt but is again grabbed. Guru takes chase but is unable to save his partners. He runs along side the water and finds a dam.

Other features

  • Name-the-Sonic Activity Page: An activity page with illustrations of Evil Sonic, Solar Sonic, Metal Sonic, Cyborg Sonic, and Zonic. Readers are tasked with correctly guessing the names of each alternate Sonic and the issue they debuted in. Art by Ken Penders.
  • Sonic Coloring Page: Pinup illustration of Sonic pointing. Presented in black-and-white as a coloring page. Tails' floating head suggests the image can be cut out to "make it 3D". Art by Ken Penders.



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