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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 102 is the one hundred second issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Family Dysfunction

There's much cause for celebration when Sonic, Tails, Princess Sally and the Freedom Fighters return to Knothole with the roboticized mobians. So, if that's the case, why isn't the Royal Family smiling? Maybe it's because they've been betrayed by trusted allies, and are being held hostage in Castle Acorn! Can Sonic save them all? Fans won't believe how this issue ends!

Life's Realities

The thrilling conclusion to last issue's story wherein Knuckles has only two more chances to change history, hopefully resulting in a utopia where all echidnas get along and Mobius is a paradise.. but will Knuckles spot the one flaw in his plan in time to correct it?

Featured stories

Family Dysfunction

Returning to Knothole, Sonic the Hedgehog and the Freedom Fighters have reunited many families, including Sonic's, by freeing the roboticized Mobians. Sally Acorn has returned the Sword of Acorns to her family, in which the Sword has developed a bond with her. General Armand D'Coolette is taken to the king by Antoine D'Coolette to restore his free will. After a failed attempt by Elias Acorn, Sally restores the free will and the Overlanders celebrate. Doctor Eggman activates a device which allows him to control Heavy and Bomb. Geoffrey St. John along with Hershey Cat, Wombat Stu, Heavy and Bomb enter the King's chambers where King Acorn is having an argument with Elias. St John requests some time off the secret service, when Elias outbursts that he never wanted this life. Heavy & Bomb activate nanobots that were in St. John, Hershey and Stu that cause them extreme pain. Heavy & Bomb take the royal family hostage and Sonic comes to the rescue. Then Bomb multiplies into many, and Sonic destroys Heavy. The bombs were about to explode when Tails and Rotor Walrus launch an electromagnetic pulse to stop the bombs from exploding. Sonic wants to make things right with Sally, but she remembers when Mina Mongoose kissed him and leaves. St. John tells the King that they must quit the service, until they are fully cured. While Tails and the Hedgehog family are looking over the family album, Elias runs away from his.

Life's Realities

Chaos Knuckles has traveled back in time again in an attempt to restore Angel Island the way it was. He sees Edmund and Dimitri's plans to restore Angel Island to the surface which is rejected, but Knuckles changes it to accepted and it turns into a disaster. Knuckles doesn't want to listen to Dimitri about how it's pointless to change the past, but Knuckles isn't giving up until he returns his people to the surface.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Sonic tells the editor Justin Freddy Mendez-Gabrie that, because of the original Sonic miniseries, Sonic the Hedgehog #100 is actually issue 104. The Mendez-Gabrie disagrees, and Sonic starts trying to argue that the new millennium did not start until 2001, either.

Other features

  • Sega Data Files: Full page sections features brief data files compiling the following characters and subjects in the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog series:
    • Knothole Village: Page featuring a map of Knothole Village, describing its history up to the current issue, and containing several facts and pieces of trivia about the area.
    • Julie-Su: Page featuring a summary of Julie-Su's history up to the current issue and several factoids about her.


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