For issue #1 of the Sonic miniseries, see Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 1 (miniseries).

Sonic the Hedgehog

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 1 is the first issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

When one of Robotnik's SWATbots develops a mechanical plant called "Krudzu," a malevolent robot-like plant with an affinity to water, he decides to modify a Burrobot to plant its seeds within The Great Forest! Meanwhile in Knothole Antoine, depressed because Sally only pays attention to Sonic, decides to get her a bouquet of flowers. Unfortunately he also ends up getting as well! Can sonic get there in time to save him and the forest as well?

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Cover Corner Box

Sonic poses in his famous wagging finger pose.

Meet Me at the Corner of Hedgehog & Vine!

Part I

The evil Doctor Robotnik is seen fed up with his greatest enemy Sonic the Hedgehog, and is busy busting up pinatas resembling him, until one of his SWATbots (Research and Development SWATbot #693-47892) brings him a special plant. The plant is not organic, but is in fact mechanical. The so-called "Krudzu" grows very quickly and ties up anything near it. After the SWATbot explains how a Burrobot can dig a trench while sowing Krudzu seeds behind him, Robotnik claims the plan as his own and sends out the Burrobot.

Over in the secret underground village of Knothole, Antoine D'Coolette becomes jealous of Sonic the Hedgehog, who is discussing matters with Sally Acorn. Antoine goes out to pick a bouquet for the princess, unaware he is being watched by Burrobot. Suddenly, Antoine find himself captured by the freshly-planted Krudzu. Sonic and Sally hear Antoine's cries for help, and rush aboveground to rescue him.

Part II

Sonic and Sally bring Antoine underground to Boomer, who helps them free Antoine of the plant. All the cuttings of the Krudzu are thrown into a bucket as Sonic and Sally help Antoine to his feet. Tails appears, unaware of what has happened, and wanders over to water the plant. The team panics, expecting the plant to grow, but it short-circuits instead, revealing that Krudzu is a machine. Sonic begins to consider how he can destroy the Krudzu, but Tails reads the weather forecast for the day: cloudy with a 95% chance of severe thunderstorms. Soon the thunderstorms roll in, and the Krudzu are destroyed. Afterwards, Robotnik proceeds to destroy his Burrobot.

You Bet My Life!

  • Writer: Michael Gallagher
  • Pencils: Dave Manak
  • Inks: Bill White
  • Colors: Lyrad Namlede
  • Letters: Bill Yoshida
  • Editor: Daryl Edelman
  • Editor-in-Chief: Richard Goldwater

Part I

When the Knothole Freedom Fighters discover that Robotnik is going to make a speech at Casino Night Zone, Sonic decides to infiltrate Robotnik's robo-casino there, "Renobotnik". In the auditorium, Sonic takes a seat and watches as Robotnik begins his speech. Robotnik notices Sonic, however, and the speech turns in his favor when he reveals his latest Badnik: "Orbinaut". Robotnik then demonstrates Orbinaut on Sonic, who is knocked unconscious.

Part II

Sonic is captured in his unconscious state and placed inside a glass ball, which is loaded into Robotnik's giant pinball machine. As Sonic begins to regain consciousness, he is shot up into the machine by Robotnik and beaten up by the constant obstacles. When the first round is finished, Robotnik begins to load Sonic up again, but a SWATbot informs him that someone in the casino won. Robotnik goes off to smash the person with a hammer (according to his casino rules), which gives Sonic time to come up with a plan Sonic uses his spines to cut the glass so that he can escape once he is shot up into the machine again. Robotnik returns to do so, but as soon as he launches Sonic into the machine, Sonic breaks free and destroys the machine with a Sonic Spin. Orbinaut tries to attack, but Sonic deflects the spiked projectiles and proceeds to blow up the casino. He returns back to Knothole victorious with the bomb blowing up behind him. Sonic returns home to find Antoine struggling with a jar that has a child-proof cap.

I'd Like to Thank...

Boomer and Sally are giving out the first annual "Acorn Awards", honoring the best Freedom Fighters on Planet Mobius. The first award is for "Outstanding Resourcefulness Against Robotnik's SWATbots". Sonic wins, taking the award from Boomer by running by him at quick speed, sending him into a twirl. The second award is for "Best Performance Disguised as a Robot", with Sonic taking the award as well, sending Sally into a twirl. The last award, 'Best All Around Freedom Fighter', is also awarded to Sonic, who dashes past the stage again, sending both Boomer and Sally into a twirl.

Keep Looking Up!

Sonic reads a letter from a fan, which asks at what speed Sonic's feet disappear and turn into "blurry, spinning wheels". To answer the question, Sonic takes off at ultra-sonic speed, but his feet remain visible. He moves to super-sonic speed, but his feet are still visible. He jumps to trans-sonic speed, at which point his feet blur. However, Sonic has taken his focus off the road, and slams into a low tree branch.

Fast Food!

Sonic teaches the reader how to make his Chili Dog A La Sonic, providing a recipe. As Sonic notes the lack of comedy in this story, Sally enter the kitchen, take a coconut cream pie out of the fridge, and throw it at Sonic's face.

Key Events

  • Krudzu nearly consumes the Great Forest, but is destroyed by rainfall.
  • Renobotnik is destroyed.

Other features

  • Sonic Bumper Stickers page one
  • Sonic Bumper Stickers page two
  • Sonic Bumper Stickers: A two-page special features four Sonic-themed bumper stickers.



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