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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 0 is the very first Sonic the Hedgehog comic made by Archie Comics, and the first issue in the original four-part Sonic the Hedgehog miniseries.

Featured stories

Don't Cry for Me, Mobius!

Part 1

Dr. Ivo Robotnik is chasing down Sonic the Hedgehog and trying to blast him with "mega-muck" from his Egg Mobile. Sonic teases the doctor by running and jumping away from the muck, but is abruptly stopped by Caterkiller. Robotnik thinks he has Sonic trapped and demands to know the location of Knothole Village. Sonic refuses and Robotnik shoots the mega-muck at him, but Sonic dodges Robotnik's attack again, causing Caterkiller to be hit by the mega-muck. Sonic then speeds away into the Great Forest, splashing the muck all over Robotnik as well.

Sonic shows the location of Knothole, trusting the reader won't tell anyone. He pulls a vine, jumps into a stump, goes down the Great Oak Slide, and nails the landing. Boomer, Tails, and Princess Sally welcome Sonic back. Tails, admiring Sonic, asks him if he defeated any more robots. Sonic begins to brag, but is interrupted by Sally, who argues he may have left a trail for Robotnik to track him and locate their secret hideout. Sonic assures her because of his super speed, his feet never touched the ground. Tails tries to intimidate Sonic's speed, but trips over a pebble. Antoine D'Coolette arrives to deliver an urgent message: there is a leak in Knothole, which might flood the village or even allow Robotnik to locate them.

Part 2

Meanwhile, in Robotropolis, Dr. Robotnik is sitting in his office with Buzzbomber and Crabmeat, when his spy screen reveals a group of non-robots outside the Great Forest. The group is the Freedom Fighters. Sonic tells the group spy satellites may be near by. Antoine goes to scope the area but falls into a pond. Sonic and the others discover the leak to be caused by a group of "weeping" willow trees, crying for the trees Robotnik had bulldozed in the past to locate Knothole. Just as they pull Antoine out of the pond, Robotnik arrives on the scene with Buzzbomber and began their attack.

Sonic keeps the doctor away from his friends as he runs towards a well. He frantically searches for his Power Ring to defeat Robotnik and his Buzzbomber. Once he has it, he jumps through the ring into Robotnik's wrecking ball, causing it to destroy his Egg Mobile. Sonic attempts to grab the doctor, but Robotnik escapes while holding onto the back of Buzzbomber and flies away. Afterwords, the Knothole Freedom Fighters begin to plant new tree saplings, stopping the willows from weeping.

The Royal Family Tree of Acorns

  • Writer: Michael Gallagher
  • Pencils: Scott Shaw
  • Inks: Jorge Pacheco

In this picture, Sally wanted to show Sonic the Royal Family Tree of Acorns, only to have discovered that Robotnik had chopped it down. Sonic promises to the weeping Sally that he will get Robotnik and everything will be "oak-kay".

Sonic's Six Speed Settings

It is described in seven stages how fast Sonic can truly go;

  1. Sub-Sonic
  2. Ultra-Sonic
  3. Super-Sonic
  4. Trans-Sonic
  5. Hyper-Sonic
  6. Warp-Sonic
  7. The Sonic-Spin

Robotnik's Badniks

Robotnik introduces his main badniks, including:

Oh No--Robo! No Mo' Mobo!

  • Writer: Michael Gallagher
  • Pencils: Scott Shaw!
  • Inks: Bill White
  • Colors: Barry Grossman
  • Letters: Dan Nakrosis
  • Editor Supreme: Daryl Edelman

Part 1

Sonic begins to tell a story on how Mobius ended up in it's current situation. The story begins with Sonic running up to Chuck's Chili Dogs where Uncle Chuck and his pet dog Muttski are waiting for him. Stopping right in front of Chuck and Muttski, Chuck asks how Sonic's shoes have been holding up. Sonic explains they aren't worn out, which relieves Chuck, who states he'd been spending all of his profits on Sonic's shoes. Chuck then receives an order for two hundred chili dogs, making both he and Sonic ecstatic. Nearby, a Buzzbomber puts up a notice that the area is now ruled by Robotnik and lists his rules.

Chuck loads up the chili dogs in a wheelbarrow and Sonic goes to deliver them. After he leaves, Chuck and Muttski are apprehended by a SWATbot under Robotnik's watchful eye. Sonic arrives at a smelly factory to deliver the chili dogs, where a robotic chicken answers the door. When the chicken leaves to supposedly get the money to pay for the chili dogs, he springs a trap, dropping a giant checker-colored ball. Sonic manages to avoid it in the nick of time. Realizing it was a trap, Sonic rushes back to warn his uncle. Sonic arrives back and is shocked to see Uncle Chuck's stand being destroyed by SWATbots with his uncle and dog nowhere in sight.

Part 2

Sonic grabs a SWATbot and demands to know what they did to Uncle Chuck and Muttski. Before the SWATbots can attack, Sonic spins this into pieces. He sees the robots where made by Robotnik Inc., the same place he delivered the chili dogs to. Before he can go inside the factory to face Robotnik, he is stopped by Princess Sally Acorn. She tells Sonic he father, the king, has also been kidnapped by Robotnik. Sonic starts to speed off, but Sally tackles him before the Buzzbomber patrolling the area fry him.

Sally and Sonic take a shortcut into Robotnik's factory. Sally explains the doctor takes Mobians captive and turns them into robots. Sonic watches in horror as Uncle Chuck, Muttski, and a group of captives take an orientation by Robotnik. Sonic tries to get chuck to snap out of it, but he realizes he's a robot. Robotnick grabs Sally and says he will turn her and every living on Mobius into his robots. As a group of SWATbots come closer, Sonic spins up a vortex tornado.

Sonic takes Sally with him as he runs away from the tornado. Sally tells Sonic to go into the Great Forest; she has assembled a "band of rebels" to overthrow Robotnik and return Mobius to normal. She invites Sonic to join them. Sonic agrees so he can save his uncle and dog, any other captives, and get another shot a Robotnik.

Sneaker Peek!

Sonic tells the readers that his shoes aren't destroyed when he runs because his Uncle Chuck rigged them with modifications, such as "Spat Strap" and "Ore-dynamic Design".


  • This issue, along with the rest of the Sonic Mini-Series, was reprinted in Sonic: The Beginning.
  • Some stories from this issue were reprinted in Sonic Super Special #3 (Sonic Firsts) and in the trade-paperback version of Sonic Firsts.
  • In this issue Sally is colored a reddish-brown with blonde hair. This was probably due to her design in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon having not yet been finalized. Her color scheme was changed to pink with black hair in the very next issue.
    • This was later covered up in Knuckles the Echidna #29 by Sally saying that before this issue she fell into a chemical vat on a mission and the toxins are what miscoloured her fur, and that the pink fur with black hair in later issues was due to her trying to remove the toxins from her fur. This is accompanied by an editor note saying: "And you thought we colored Sally wrong all those years ago."
  • In this and for many more comics, the quills on the back of Sonic's head have been flat instead of actually part of his head.
  • Tails looks a lot younger in this issue than the following issues.
  • Carl Lewis is mentioned in the "Sonic's Six Speed Settings" story.


Cover artwork

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