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Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day

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Worlds Unite

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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day 2015 is the ninth Free Comic Book Day issue for the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. It serves as the prelude to the "Worlds Unite" comic cross-over.

Official solicitation

"Worlds Unite: PRELUDE" - It's TWO free comic books in ONE! Just in time for the start of the ALL-NEW epic Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man crossover event, "Worlds Unite," comes a primer issue exclusively for Free Comic Book Day! The road to "Unite" began in the history-making "Worlds Collide" storyline, continued in 2013's "DAWN OF X" storyline, and once again our heroes must meet-Mega Man's journey chronicled on one side, and Sonic the Hedgehog's on the other! This is the must-have primer for the biggest comic book event of 2015-as two video game icons must come together... or risk dying alone! Featuring art from both Sonic and Mega Man comic book fame!

Featured stories

Sonic Comic Origins: Into the Unknown

The story opens with Eggman chasing Sonic in the Blue Coast Zone. Eggman has a bunch of Egg Swats attacking Sonic as he chases him while Eggman goes on a rant about how Sonic is interrupting his attempts at world domination. Suddenly, a Genesis Portal opens up and the Ifrit pops out, attacking Sonic and Eggman. The Ifrit attacks Eggman, and destroys his Egg SWATs, causing him to retreat. Sonic makes mention of how Tails is currently elsewhere and Sonic jokes about how he has the Ifrit all to himself.

Sonic attacks but the attack does barely anything as the Ifrit counter attacks with flame breath. Suddenly, Silver appears and attacks the Ifrit. Sonic at first is surprised to Silver and begins to make a bunch of time travel puns to Silver's annoyance, with Silver threatening to feed Sonic to the Ifrit if he does not cut it out.

After their attacks do barely anything, they notice the still open Genesis portal. Silver and Sonic come up with a plan to lure it back through the portal and Silver launches Sonic into the Genesis Portal, luring the Ifrit back in, Sonic then uses the Ifrit's head to bounce back into his own dimension, with Silver closing the Genesis Portal only to forget that Sonic's currently falling to the ground. Silver catches him and explains that he and Professor Von Schlemmer discovered the Genesis Portals, along with the events of that led to their creation, the portals having formed when the multiverse collapsed.

The Sonic portion ends with Sonic and Silver discussing what they need to do, with Sonic fixing his world and Silver closing the portals. We then see that Eggman has hidden a robot behind the two and overheard the conversation, foreshadowing the events of Worlds Unite by planning to use the portals as an "Enterprising Genius" to dominate a world or two.

The World of Payne

The Mega Man side of the comic begins with Mega Man speaking about Xander Payne and flashing back to various stories featuring Payne.

Firstly, he flashes back to two guards watching Payne carve images into a wall. When asked if they should take away the toothbrush blade he's using to carve the images, the other guard replies only if Payne uses it to hurt himself. We then cut to Payne who's carving an image of Dr. Wily into the wall and claiming that worlds will collide again.

We then flashback to when Xander and his brother were soldiers during Mega Man #2. Here, Elec Man attacks Payne, costing him his eye and forcing him to get a robotic implant. He then covers it with an eyepatch out of shame. Xander then joins up with the Emerald Spears, a group of anti-technology extremists, but after the leader refuses to kill creators of robots and wants to re-educate them, Xander knocks out the leader and takes over, with Mega Man claiming that Xander was too much for the Emerald Spears.

We then cut to Xander planting a bomb at a robotics convention being attended by Mega Man, and Dr. Light as Xander tells them to make peace and proceeds to blow the convention up, with Roll seeing it from outside. We then see Mega Man and Rush fight Xander inside the convention hall as Rush guards him, only for Xander to shoot Rush, and escape with his brother Theo and another Emerald Spears agent.

We then see Xander planting a bomb on the new years ball while one of his Emerald Spears agents has his doubts about doing this as innocent people will be harmed. Mega Man then cuts in and fights Xander, destroying the bomb and enraging Xander further.

Xander then attempts to use a time machine to travel back in time and stop robots from being created in the first place, only for it to send him to the future (witnessing the events of "Rock of Ages" in Mega Man #20 and Sonic and Mega Man fighting Tails Man in Mega Man #23). We see Xander land in Mega Man X's time and he mistakes X for Mega Man, believing he is leading a robot revolution.

The Mega Man portion of the comic ends with Xander arriving back in 20XX and being arrested, and showing him carving more images into the wall, including Mega Man's helmet, Sonic, and the outline of Silver's head.


  • Although "Into the Unknown" is billed as a Worlds Unite prequel, it is followed chronologically by Sonic the Hedgehog #272 and Sonic Universe #75 before the actual crossover begins.
  • This is the third issue in a row time in the Sonic Free Comic Book Day special series that is a tie-in with the Mega Man comics.
  • Unlike the previous Sonic Comic Origins stories, "Into the Unknown" is ten pages long instead of five.
  • The Mega Man story is made up of reprinted panels and pages from various Mega Man issues. The reprints included, in order:
  • If one looks very closely, Sally and Ice Man can be seen in the background of the Mega Man cover.


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