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Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day 2011 is the fifth Free Comic Book Day issue for the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.

Official solicitation

“The Rematch”: Join the excitement with an ALL NEW “Free Comic Book Day” battle royal! Sonic goes to pay his respects for a fallen friend in the Southern Tundra and stumbles upon Ixis Naugus! How has the evil wizard managed to return? How can Sonic beat this magical master of the elements? All this plus exclusive new data files to tell you just who’s who!

Featured Stories

The Rematch

As the Death Egg Mark 2 rises in the horizon, Sonic reflects on recent events, stating that his life has been very busy lately. Sonic begins to think about Ixis Naugus, remembering the last time he saw his "ugly mug". The story now shifts over to the past, showing Sonic running across the Southern Tundra to visit the grave of Eddy the Yeti. He approaches the ruins of Nate Morgan's castle and slides to a halt. After offering his condolences to Eddy, he lays down some flowers, which hadn't frosted up due to Sonic's speed.

Suddenly, the ground shakes and Sonic falls through a gap in the snow. After recovering from his fall, Sonic sees a bright yellow light coming from another room in the ruins. Full of curiosity, Sonic peers through a hole and finds a large pile of Power Rings, and Ixis Naugus standing close by. Sonic attempts to attack Ixis, but is stopped by his coat, which catches on a large chunk of rock. Ixis uses his elemental powers to freeze Sonic's feet before he can recover. Ixis gloats over Sonic and explains how he escaped the Zone of Silence, revealing that he intends to take over Mobotropolis.

Having heard enough, Sonic Spin Dashes the ice from his feet and proceeds to attack Ixis, who fights back by chasing Sonic around with a giant ball of ice. Sonic eventually tricks the ice ball into colliding with Ixis Naugus, freezing him instantly. Sonic taunts Ixis Naugus until he explodes in a burst of flames.

The battle continues until Sonic goes for the stash of Power Rings. Ixis demonstrates his power by sending an avalanche of rocks on Sonic's head. However, Sonic is unharmed and uses the Rings to transform into Ultra Sonic once more. Sonic utilizes the powers of his Super transformation (though with less finesse) and uses his powered-up speed to create a portal to the Zone of Silence. Ixis is sucked into the Zone, yet he vows to return. Sonic closes the portal and leaves the ruins.

The plot then shifts back to the present day. Sonic tells Ixis that he was right; he did return. He says that the same goes for Eggman.

Other features


Bonus pin-up


  • This is the second Sonic FCBD issue to only show Sonic the Hedgehog on the cover.
  • Although it is an all-new story, it is actually Sonic remembering the events of SSS #15.
  • This is the first FCBD penciled by Steven Butler, aside from his archive drawings present in FCBD #3.
  • The cover shows Sonic running in the Green Hill Zone. This is probably a foreshadowing of the Genesis Saga, or a reference to the teaser trailer of Sonic Generations.
  • Sonic tells Naugus that they "just got Mobotropolis back from Dr. Robotnik" meaning that this issue takes place before Dr. Eggman reclaimed the city in Issue #76. Since Sonic is also in his current design, it must take place after Issue #71. Since Issue #73 states that Issue #72 happened the previous night and Issue #73 goes uninterrupted until Dr. Eggman's takeover of the city, the only place for this story is between Issues #71 and #72.
  • At the end of the issue, there are biographies of Sonic, classic and current Freedom Fighters, Ixis Naugus, Eggman, and the Death Egg. These bios have been hinted to be related to pages from the delayed encyclopedia.
  • This issue contains an exclusive poster drawn by Evan Stanley.


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