Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day

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Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day 2007 is the first Free Comic Book Day issue for the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.

Official solicitation

"Unburying the Hatchet": What could be better than Dr. Eggman's killer robot, Metal Sonic? How about the real thing! What has turned Sonic against his friends in Knothole, and who among our heroes has to power to stop the true blue hero-gone-bad? SCRIPT: Ian Flynn ART: Tracy Yardley! (pencils) and Jim Amash (inks). Fiercely free cover by Spaz!

Featured stories

Unburying the Hatchet

Doctor Eggman has managed to capture Sonic the Hedgehog with the help of Metal Sonic. Doctor Eggman stands with a device in his hand and asks if Sonic disapproves of him using a robot, since he'll use the real thing on his enemies.

In Knothole, Sally Acorn organizes the Freedom Fighters to bust Sonic out of New Megaopolis. Rotor Walrus and Nicole to monitor, Antoine D'Coolette and Bunnie Rabbot for offensive support and Tails and Sally breaking Sonic out. But to their surprise, Sonic returns with the device stuck in his ear. Being controlled by Dr. Eggman, Sonic attacks Bunnie along with the rest of the Freedom Fighters. Sonic not fully being under Eggman's control tells Sally that his next target is the king. Sally uses Nicole to call the one person that can take Sonic down. Communicating with Eggman, Eggman becomes mad at Sonic for telling them his plans and Sonic says that Eggman may control his body, but not his mind.

Sonic is stopped in front of Castle Acorn by Vector, Espio, Mighty, Ray, Charmy, Saffron and Julie-Su. Sonic overpowers the Chaotix, defeats them all, and runs to the castle.

Dr. Eggman brags that no one can stop him now, until Sonic is punched by Knuckles the Echidna. Sonic says that only Knuckles can stop him, Knuckles answers was he expecting Shadow the Hedgehog. Both being evenly matched, Sonic tells Knuckles that Dr. Eggman has put some kind of neuro-controller in his ear. Sonic informs Knuckles that he has no control over his body, Knuckles sees this as a chance to provide Sonic enough blunt force to the head to destroy the controller. Knuckles smiles and says that he'll do it for Sonic, but crashes into the castle by Sonic's whirlwind spin.

At Dr Eggman's base, Dr. Eggman sits with a controller being watched by Snively. Snively seeing this as not going well, Eggman points out that the controls are horrendous and he should have spent more time developing it. Snively walks away and states that everything in the city is programmed to watch him to prove his loyalty. Eggman sends Snively to organize the Egg Fleet, while he and Metal Sonic head to Knothole (Sonic being on auto-brawl). Sonic begins to reject Knuckles' offer of punching him in the head and takes the fight into Castle Acorn. Knuckles shouts at him to stop being such a baby, while Sonic avoids his attempts. Tails enters from above and stuns Sonic, apologizing on the impact. Knuckles charges up his fist launches it at Sonic. The Freedom Fighters and Chaotix enter the castle and Sally yells at Knuckles that it nearly took his head off. Sonic, still dizzy, shoves his ear and the remains of the device fall out. Sonic thanks Knuckles, but Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are confronted by Dr. Eggman in his Egg Mobile with Metal Sonic. Dr. Eggman thinks that they are all tired out sends Metal Sonic to capture them and to use their bodies to control. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles easily take down Metal Sonic, Eggman in rage points a gun at Sonic. Sonic points out where he is, surrounded by the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix, Eggman flees.

Sonic thanks everyone for their help that he can always count on his friends and the Chaotix to back him up. Sonic saying that Knuckles seemed to like punching him in the ear, Knuckles innocently saying that Sonic was probably just imagining it. Back at Dr Eggman's base, Eggman has decided that it's time to settle the score and orders Snively to finish the Egg Fleet while he prepares the Ultimate Weapon.



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