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Archie Sonic X Issue 35 is the thirty-fifth issue of the Sonic X comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Cracking the Eggman": The city is being ransacked in a series of robberies perpetrated by cowboys, astronauts, pirates, ninja, knights and more- all who mysteriously look like Eggman! Is it really the work of Sonic's #1 nemesis, or is someone actually foolish enough to frame the infamous foe? Can Sonic and his friends stop this costumed crime-wave before the town is looted dry?!

Featured stories

Cracking the Eggman!


A crime wave is rocking Station Square, with all of the crimes perpetrated by Dr. Eggman in some kind of crazy costume. Though the Chaotix have their own outlandish theories, Sonic sets out to stop the mayhem.

Sonic's chase takes him through all of Station Square, with every encounter featuring Eggman in a more outlandish costume than the next. Eventually, Sonic chases Eggman to his beachfront hideout and tires him out by making him run in and out of the hideout to constantly change costumes. Eventually, Eggman collapses in an uncoordinated heap.

As Eggman finally calms down, Sonic learns the reason behind the madness: Bokkun had accidentally filled Eggman's breakfast with sugar, causing the doctor to go on a sugar rush. After getting chastised for his poor nutrition habits, Eggman returns to his hideout and cooks up a proper healthy breakfast, seeking to conquer all four food groups by lunchtime.



Races and species:



  • Most of Eggman's costumes in this issue are references to previous issues of the comic:



Cover artwork

Preview pages



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