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Archie Sonic X Issue 34 is the thirty-fourth issue of the Sonic X comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Fool Party": When Chris's father holds a charity auction with the top prize being a personal pool party at Thorndyke Manor, guess what egg-shaped no-goodnik places the highest bid? Sonic and Tails make the scene to make sure Eggman doesn't steal it… or more precisely, doesn't steal one of Grandpa Chuck's special motors! Hopefully Eggman won’t find out that Sonic can't swim!

Featured stories

Fool Party!


In a flashback, Chris explains to Sonic that his father will be holding a charity drive and the person that donates the most money will be invited to the mansion for a pool party. Sonic, however, did not like the fact that he was also a part of the prize. Sonic calls Nelson to cancel the drive but accepts when he learns Doctor Eggman will win.

Doctor Eggman tells Decoe and Bocoe that he only wants to go to the Thorndyke Mansion to steal a new engine created by Chuck Thorndyke. Eggman arrives at the mansion a day later and he, Sonic, Tails and Amy exchange glares. Chuck tells Eggman hypothetically that all his inventions are kept in his workshop over the garage. Eggman pretends to get away for more sunscreen but gets distracted by Ella and becomes infatuated.

Tails notices Decoe and Bocoe's inability to have any fun at the party for their robotic structures prevented them from doing so. Tails decides to make them waterproof, though they warn him that their feil-safes may get in the way. Tails still proceeds and accidentally activates Decoe and Bocoe's fail-safes. They chase Tails without anyone else noticing.

Eggman challenges Sonic to a diving contest in an attempt to impress Ella. Eggman's large dive makes a huge splash that seemingly ruins Chuck's engine, makes Ella wet while she did not want to be and short-circuits out Decoe and Bocoe. Eggman is asked to leave thereafter.

Ella and Mr. Tanaka clean up, Tails and Chuck try to fix the engine, Chris goes to bed and Sonic expresses his joy of how great a day it had turned out for him. Back at Eggman's base, Decoe and Bocoe hope that Eggman won't be too angry with them but Bokkun assures them that he was too interested in Ella to care anyway.






  • In the cover of this issue, Tails's float resembles Bean the Dynamite.
  • In a couple of episodes of the Sonic X anime, Amy is seen barefoot and she is shown with no toes on her feet. But if looked at closely on the cover, Amy's feet actually have toes.


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