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Archie Sonic X Issue 16 is the sixteenth issue of the Sonic X comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Valentine's Fray": Love is in the air, not to mention other factors that could give Amy a big chance to finally win Sonic's heart. What is the evil threat that could force Sonic to go on a date with lovesick Amy? Could the evil Eggman be behind this scene? And will Knuckles and Tails ever stop laughing at Sonic's misfortune? It's romantic comedy as only Sonic can deliver it – with plenty of action and intrigue to rub shoulders with!

Featured stories

Valentine's Fray


It's Valentine's Day and Sonic decides to take Amy out on a date, because he lost a bet with Knuckles. Clueless of what to do for Amy's date, Sonic goes to get help from Chaotix. Bokkun, spying on Sonic and the Chaotix, reports back to Doctor Eggman, who is very surprised to hear of Sonic's date with Amy. Dr. Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun plan out Operation Heartbreak to ruin their happiness.

Sonic takes the advice of Vector to sweep Amy off her feet and give her a night on the town. Sonic takes Amy for a run over the city, while Dr. Eggman and Bokkun are hitting them with missiles and bombs, but cancel each other out. Amy, who is not suspecting Dr. Eggman's attacks thinks that the explosions are fireworks.

Sonic then listens to Espio about going to a traditional Japanese restaurant where Decoe and Bocoe are planning to fry them. Practicing before Sonic and Amy arrive, they accidentally burn themselves. Sonic and Amy arrive unaware of Decoe and Bocoe. Amy isn't having much of a good time because this is what they do everyday and Ella always makes delicious meals. Sonic then decides to go with Charmy and go to Twinkle Park, in which Amy loves the idea. After enjoying the night out, Amy wants to go into the haunted house in which she gets scared by Bokkun and Sonic protects Amy from Dr. Eggman's laser blasts. After one more roller coaster ride, Sonic and Amy meet up with Mr. Tanaka who escorts them to a limo. Sonic goes back to see Dr. Eggman and his robots defeated and says that it would've been boring without them.







  • The Chaotix return in this issue, after mysteriously disappearing back to Sonic's world in Sonic X #10. When and how they returned to Station Square would eventually be explained in Sonic X #33.
  • On the date, Sonic decides to go to Twinkle Park with Amy which is based on a level of Sonic Adventure. Amy also mentions that 'cute couples get in free' which is what she says in the cutscene before Twinkle Park in Sonic and Amy's story.
  • On the date in Twinkle Park, Amy is shown with a giant balloon with a star on it, which is her mission objectives are in Sonic Adventure, to evade ZERO and get the Balloon.
  • Knuckles appears on the cover, even though he is only mentioned in the actual story.


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