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Archie Sonic X Issue 10 is the tenth issue of the Sonic X comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"No Thanks for the Memories Part 1 of 2": Sonic's 15th anniversary is turning out to be a raucous one, and this issue raises the bar for sheer Sonic mayhem! That's because the evil Eggman has trapped Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy and forced them to battle for their lives against Sonic¹s most dangerous adversaries from his early video game adventures! At least the Chaotix (Vector, Charmy and Espio) finally make a Sonic X appearance, but if they don't throw down soon, it could be game over for Sonic and his friends! The perfect 'jump-on' issue for new readers, and an exciting ride for long-time fans.

Featured stories

No Thanks for the Memories! Part One: Celebrating 15 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog!


Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Chris, and Chuck greet Vector, Charmy, Espio, and Vanilla, who are stuck on Earth. The Chaotix have succeeded in their detective task of uniting Cream with Vanilla. Vector invites Sonic, Tails, and Amy into their detective agency, but they decline. Sonic and his friends walk away, watching as the Chaotix teleport back to their world.

At GUN headquarters, Captain Westwood yells at Topaz and Rouge for disobeying his orders in Paris and failing to save the space shuttle which Doctor Eggman used to reach Space Colony ARK (as shown in Sonic X). Topaz argues with Westwood that many citizens would have died if it hadn't been for her and Rouge. According to Westwood, the president of France had personally thanked the President. He yells at Topaz, knowing that her partner is not a human, but as she exits the office, Topaz notices that Rouge has disappeared.

Meanwhile, at Station Square, Danny, Frances, and Chris' team have won the soccer match, although Chris is still upset that Sonic and the others didn't attend to watch. Chris heads back home to find them, but he begins to suspect that they might have returned to their world. Sonic arrives in Green Hill Zone, wondering where he is. He grabs two Rings, but does not feel any power emanating from them. Sonic is then damaged by a Moto Bug, causing him to lose his Rings. Sonic jumps onto it, destroying the robot and releasing the animal inside.

Onboard his Egg Carrier over the South Pole, Dr. Eggman was inspired by his grandfather to build the machine that Sonic and his friends are trapped in. Sonic, still inside the game, destroys two Buzz Bombers, feeling a retro vibe from it all. He breaks an Item Box and creates a Shield around himself before proceeding to the end of the level. However, he is blocked by a force field. Dr. Robotnik, in his classic style, enters from above with his wrecking ball and removes Sonic's Shield. Sonic attacks what he thinks is Eggman, but gets hit by the wrecking ball again, losing all of his Rings. Sonic eventually succeeds in defeating Robotnik and chases after him, breaking open a capsule and freeing the animals inside it.

Sonic is then transported to the Marble Zone. He makes his way through, avoiding lava and spikes. Along the way, he takes down a Caterkiller and three Batbrains. He then heads towards a pit of lava, only to find Amy tied up on a platform in the middle of it. Sonic and Amy approach a wall, where spikes are about to strike them from above. Amy tries to bring out her hammer, but can no longer feel it. Sonic soon manages to escape the area with Amy, who grabs two Rings, even though she knows they don't have an effect. At the end of the zone, Sonic and Amy go up against Dr. Robotnik again. Amy succeeds in destroying him, but she falls into a lava pit. Amy doesn't get burned, however and Sonic explains that her Rings protected her from dying. Amy realizes that Sonic really does care about her. Shortly after, the two are transported to the Spring Yard Zone.

Chris and Chuck arrive at the Altar of Emerald in the X-Tornado. Upon arrival, they discover that the Master Emerald is missing. Chuck begins to work on a device that will help in tracking it down. Back in the game, Sonic and Amy are now being chased by giant Crabmeats with no Rings to protect them. They grab some Rings, but quickly lose them to a spinning spike ball. Sonic and Amy spin at the right time to avoid it, but Knuckles gets in the way and the three of them fall off the cliffside.



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  • The word "guess" on page 1 is misspelled "guess'f".





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