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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 93 is the ninety third issue in the Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The quirky trio of detectives return in "The Case of the Pirate Princess" Part Three: Say it ain’t so – have the Chaotix gone full pirate?! Tensions run high as loyalties are tested and pasts are explored. And as the crew reaches their destination, will it be treasure they find – or something more sinister? Featuring cover art by Sonic comics extraordinaire Tracy Yardley and a "One for All" variant by super-talent Jennifer Hernandez!"

Featured stories

The Case of the Pirate Princess Part 3: Strangers On A Ship


Once again, Vector recaps previous events in the form of a professional detective, saying that he and the Chaotix managed to find Princess Undina, but in order to avoid a fight against her captors, the Pirates of the Setting Dawn, they ultimately joined them. Lieutenant Echo was taken to the brig and Vector hoped that his plan would come into fruition.

The Setting Dawn arises from the ocean and Vector goes to greet Undina and Captain Shellbreaker. Shellbreaker informs Vector that they were not yet at the island as they had to take a detour for a rough seabed was in the way. He returns to planning their approach to the island and how to go about finding the treasure while Vector notices the ignition key of the ship.

In the kitchen, Blade and Opal fight over what Dive should prepare for breakfast while paying no attention to Charmy. Enraged, Blade runs off to find Razor, knowing he would side with her. This allows Opal to threaten Dive into making what she wanted and tells him that he had to hurry up as she had to go give food to Echo.

Espio tells Vector that he spoke with Razor briefly and told him that they had a plan, though Vector was still in the process of making it. Charmy arrives and tells his teammates that Opal was going to go and bring Echo some food after breakfast. This gives Vector an idea and attempts to say what his plan is until Razor fakes a sneeze to alert the trio as Blade arrived and demanded to know what they were doing. Vector quickly lies and says that they were telling jokes. Blade asks to hear one and though Vector only begins his joke, Charmy immediately starts laughing. Vector angrily informs him of this while Blade becomes annoyed.

Undina comes over and recognizes Espio as a participant in the Chaos Emerald Championship, which Razor also realizes. Undina recounts Espio's embarrassing loss to "that silly green bird guy," but Espio denies his participation and says that they were mistaking him for someone else. Having enough of the Chaotix's antics, Blade tries to go back and prevent Opal from changing the breakfast menu until the the bell is heard, after which she realizes that she was too late. Vector then expresses relief that they were in the clear, to which Undina slyly agrees. Back in the kitchen, Shellbreaker tells the crew that they would soon arrive on the island and despite their downfalls in the past, notes that they would succeed with the newfound help of the Chaotix, Razor, Crusher and Undina. The crew excitedly celebrate while Razor softly tells Vector that he would have to hurry up with his plan.

After Opal leaves food for Echo in the brig, Espio makes himself visible and tries to explain himself. Enraged, Echo yells at the chameleon for his betrayal, but Espio manages to calm her down, stating that it was all a ploy. Espio then tells her that Undina was helping the pirates to locate treasure and Vector believed that was their best opportunity to make their move. Echo tells Espio that the keycard to open the cell was on the nearby barrel, and Espio proceeds to tell Echo their plan of action.

On the island, Shellbreaker tells Dive to watch the boat and Vector chuckles at this, thinking that the captain was afraid someone may steal it. However, Blade and Opal tell Vector that without the boat, they would not be able to get back to the Setting Dawn or off the island. Shellbreaker adds that if someone did board the ship then they would not get far. At this, Vector whispers to his team that they needed the ignition key to the ship and they pressed onwards with the pirate crew. During the journey, Razor and Charmy found out the island was a site of ruins just like the other places that the charts led the pirates to. Razor expresses a big interest in this, but Blade shoots this interest down, calling him a little kid. Mr. Bristles says that Blade was only in this mood because she misses the raids they once did.

Razor slowly agrees to missing the raids, but Blade finds treasure hunting to not be a form of winning, as there was no triumph or conflict. Razor then asks if it was only fun if she got to rob someone, and Blade retaliates saying that he should not bring up that conversation again, as it was time for the world to start owing them. Objecting, Razor asks if it had to be them against the world, to which Blade strongly agrees, and asks why he did not understand that. Bristles then takes Blade away to cool off while Vector tells Razor to ease up. The shark then lets Vector know that he will be alright for the plan, though slightly saddened that he thought things could have been different between him and his sister.

Shellbreaker finds a strange landmark and calls Undina to have a look at it. Undina reads the engraving, though finds some words lost in translation. Espio finds it to sound like an epitaph but Undina reads the final part which shockingly says "untold destructive power." Realizing that it was actually a warning, Undina tells Shellbreaker that the treasure they were looking for may actually be a weapon. This only intrigues Shellbreaker as no enemies would oppose them and he could potentially take down Abyss, even extending to the entire Eggman Empire. He also thought of taking over the wealth of nations like the Kingdom of Acorn and Meropis. This slightly alarms Undina, as Meropis was her home, but Opal says that they could always surrender and reminds Undina that she was the one who left them in order to have the freedom to travel. Now determined more than ever, Shellbreaker presses onwards while Razor asks if Vector has been leaving a trail, which the crocodile confirms.

Meanwhile, Dive is busy enjoying the view of the ocean when he is suddenly attacked by a figure that jumps out at him. Hoping for Echo to be nearby, Vector looks back and quickly fibs to Opal that he was checking out the ruins. They finally find the entrance to where the treasure was supposed to be located, and Shellbreaker, ignoring the door's warning, orders Undina to open the door with her Mystic Melody. Undina reluctantly does so and the crew prepares to step inside.



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  • Charmy wanting "honey nut" for breakfast is in reference to the cereal Honey Nut Cheerios, where an anthropomorphic bee called Buzz Bee is depicted as the the cereal's mascot.
  • Vector's joke that he tried to tell Blade began as "A spy, a robot and a grumpy science experiment..." which is a small nod to the members of Team Dark.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Captain Shellbreaker is worried that his appearance is not enough for a pirate, and considers donning a snazzy hat. Charmy suggests wearing two eyepatches, though Shellbreaker does not believe that to be wise, and instead contemplates chopping off his hand and getting a hook in its place, since it would not be as painful as having to put up with Charmy's behavior.



Races and species:


Blade: Apple-cinnamon!
Charmy: Ooh! Honey-nut!
Opal: Nuh-Uh! Maple sugar!
Espio: ...You do have a plan now, right?
Vector: Uh... It's a work in progress. You know me. I'm adaptable.
Espio: Vector!
Echo: We spent an entire car trip together and did research and ran into that scoundrel and his ill-mannered Chao and then got dragged onto this forsaken vessel and I was held at knifepoint and betrayed by everyone and the very person I set out to rescue wants to ransom me and now I'm trapped in this cold cell being fed gruel that smells like it's ninety-percent sugar and now you have the gall to just--to just drop in here and--and--



Cover artwork

Preview pages




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